The Benefits Of Microsoft Office 365 Consultancy For Businesses

Microsoft’s Office 365 is the most flexible way to licence your desktop software. Office 365 includes the tools you need to run a successful office. It also lets you access those tools from any device, and in any location. Office 365 is also constantly updated with new security enhancements and even entirely new apps like Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Office 365 has become the standard for modern businesses. That said, many organisations are still not using Microsoft Office 365 to its full potential. 365 is far more than just cloud-based versions of Word, Excel, OneDrive for Business and Outlook. It also features a wealth of additional services and features not previously seen in single licence editions of Microsoft Office.

Cloud services like Microsoft Office 365 have made small business IT support easier. They have also made it more affordable and more efficient. If your business is moving to Microsoft Office 365, you should use professional Microsoft Office 365 consultancy services. You can get these services from a managed IT services provider near you.

Professional consultancy services help you maximise the utility and value of Office 365.


How Microsoft Office 365 Services Help

With so many different programmes and tools at their disposal, it’s clear why Office 365 confuses some people. Professional Office 365 consultancy from an experienced managed IT services provider helps your business make the most out of its software.

Microsoft Office 365 consultancy is normally part of a wider managed IT services package. Here are just a few of the things a managed IT solutions company helps you achieve:


Office 365 Advice & Consultancy

Your ideal provider should be an IT company near you. They will have previously worked with a variety of different businesses. They will have gained a great deal of knowledge about managing Office 365 and the different ways you could use it in your business. Also, they will build a roadmap for you. The roadmap will detail how each part of your network should be moved onto Microsoft Office 365. They can also give you advice about which processes could be performed more efficiently in the cloud.

Office 365 Migration

It can be difficult to move your data to the cloud. Your managed service provider’s cloud specialists help you eliminate risk from the migration process. They manage the entire migration process from start to finish. They will ensure your data is moved from your on-premises server to a cloud environment securely and with minimal downtime and distraction.

Automate Tasks In Your Business

Office 365 is ready to use immediately. However, you can customise functions like PowerApps. An Office 365 specialist sets up and customises the elements of Microsoft Office 365 apps to meet your individual needs.

Automation will boosts your business’s efficiency even further. You can automate day-to-day repetitive activities to free up your employees’ time.

Employee Training

Microsoft software is used by many businesses in some form or another. This is why employees must be educated on how to use it safely and efficiently. A professional Office 365 consultant teaches your employees how to make the best use of Office 365’s tools. They also teach them shortcuts so they can use Microsoft’s applications to their fullest.

Ongoing 365 Support

Your managed services provider supplies you with ongoing IT support. This will include support for your Microsoft 365 accounts. As 365 is cloud-based, it is easier for your IT support provider to troubleshoot it remotely. They can adjust settings and provide IT solutions via web-based portals rather than having to visit your site in person.

Microsoft 365 Security

Moving something to the cloud doesn’t eliminate the risk of cyberthreats. Your IT support provider takes charge of your Microsoft 365 systems and data security. While having remote access to your intellectual property is convenient, you don’t want to give it to the wrong people.

Implementing access control lets you choose who can access which documents. You will set specific copying, forwarding and sharing limits for sensitive material.

Microsoft 365 Solutions

Your chosen IT experts assist you in leveraging Microsoft Office 365’s features. This includes the use of Teams, SharePoint, Planner and more. This helps to improve your daily office processes and increase your overall productivity.


Hopefully you understand what Microsoft Office 365 consultancy services brings to your business.  Office 365 is the most popular business software in the world. Therefore, all managed IT services providers are familiar with it. However, it’s best to partner with a service provider who is proactive. A proactive MSP partner looks for new ways to make your business more efficient.

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