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Free games online are more and more known because of their popularity. Although the game’s graphics are very simple, they can be played for free without downloading. Want to relieve stress after working hours? Don’t worry, I’ll introduce you to easy-to-play games. You can play to relieve stress or play in your spare

Top 6 good and popular free games online that you need to pay attention to

1, is a unique free games online. You have a black hole, you need to move that black hole around the area you select on the map. The black hole will collect all the objects it passes through be it trees, houses, vehicles, etc. Although the black hole is small at first when it sucks up objects in the area its size. will be larger than the original. There will also be other black holes competing for the same region. Big black holes can also eat small black holes. So you need to eat the objects on the way to get bigger if you don’t get eaten quickly.

Gameplay is very simple. Just control the mouse to let the black hole go in the direction you want. Playtime is 2 minutes. You need to increase the volume of the black hole as fast as you can to win in the allotted time

2, is free games online. There are more than 20 skins to choose from and several weapons. When playing the game you are a fish with a weapon on the head other fish will be your victims.

Players just need to move the mouse in the direction they want to control the fish. Click and hold the left mouse button to increase speed. You need to go stab other fish to eat their meat. Your score increases, weapons will lengthen as the score increases. Of course, you also need to avoid being stabbed if you don’t want to become food for other fish.

3, 2048. io


2048 io is a puzzle game that requires the player’s thinking. 2048 plays on a 4×4 grid of squares. You will use the arrow keys to slide the squares. Each turn will have a square with number 4 or number 2 appear. The player’s task is to combine squares with the same

number to form a square with a value equal to the sum of those two squares. This can be understood as a game about addition. For easy identification, squares with different numbers will have different colors. When the squares with different numbers appear on the screen, the player cannot match them together, the game will end. This is also one of the selection of free games online that you should pay attention to.


This is a multiplayer action io game. This game is also a great choice when you want to play action games without downloading. Players will control a tank and shoot bullets at squares, triangles, circles, or can shoot at other tanks to level up. Of course, you have to try to move to avoid being destroyed by the opponent. After reaching a certain level, the player can upgrade the attributes and types of his tank. To move the tank you need to press the arrow keys and left click to launch bullets and navigate.

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Above are the best and most popular free games online today. I hope this article will help you to know many good games. The games that I share will help you not be bored in your free time or relieve stress after work.

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