The Definitive Guide to Microsoft Certifications and Exams

As a technological behemoth, Microsoft has successfully leveraged the potential of the boom of digitization and technology through the Microsoft cloud. It has been seen that more than 85% of all fortune 500 companies used a product of Microsoft to run their operations.

However, whether it’s pivot tables on Microsoft Excel or simple animations on Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, there are several Microsoft certifications that you can now avail, to increase your knowledge. However, a question that some individuals often wonder is, does certification help? (since most schools and colleges anyways teach the basics of Microsoft office & cloud).

Why is a Certification Necessary?

 An argument can be made regarding the necessity of certification since individuals (these days) often have first-hand knowledge of using such software regularly. However, there are multiple reasons why individuals should consider getting certifications. These include – 

– 9 out of 10 technology professionals say that acquiring specific Microsoft certifications makes them more credible. 

– Moreover, most professional leaders and high network individuals often argue that the addition of a credible Microsoft certification makes a candidate’s application (in the IT industry) more valuable and their opinions more valid. 

– Moreover, most individuals who take Microsoft certifications also think that a majority of the information that they learn does have practical applications that they did not know earlier. 

Microsoft Certifications: Types and Their Definitions

Amongst the enormous umbrella of Microsoft certifications, there are numerous different Microsoft courses that an individual can take to specialize. These include –

    1. Microsoft technology associate (MTA) – is an entry-level certification that certifies individuals who have a basic understanding of all Microsoft products. Individuals pursuing an MTA certification have several exams specializing across forums like input processing, databases, development, and IT. 
    2. Microsoft certified solutions associate (MCSA) – Different MCSA certifications are now available, prerequisites for individuals seeking higher-level certifications. 
    3. Microsoft certified solutions expert (MCSE) – The MCSE examination and certification certifies that you as an individual can convert your company to the cloud without losing too much data. 
    4. Microsoft solutions developer – A certification designed for individuals seeking to develop apps and software, this course enables individuals to utilize the benefits of Windows 10 in developing systems. Although there are two prerequisite exams for this course, developers would benefit from this Microsoft certification due to its increasing credibility in the IT industry.
    5. Microsoft Office specialist – One of the most widely renowned certifications, the Microsoft office specialist demands an individual to achieve proficiency across all office platforms, including and not limited to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, etc. 
    6. Microsoft Power BI – Microsoft’s business analytics platform enables data analysts and scientists to drill down into data sets to gain critical insights quickly. Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate, supported by Exam DA100: Data Analysis with Microsoft Power BI certification, shows that the holder can create and scale data models, clean up data sets, and implement an analytical methodology that provides meaningful information about the data. The standard Microsoft Power BI certification cost starts from USD 165.

Therefore, through various platforms available online, individuals can seek to complete any of the above certifications with the appropriate Microsoft courses to become better developers or programmers or increase their knowledge about Microsoft cloud.

Well, Microsoft certifications can be retaken after 24 hours. So, suppose that an individual does not receive the passing grade to achieve a specific Microsoft certification; in that case, an individual can apply for the test after 24 hours. However, after your second attempt, one must wait 14 days to be eligible to retake the exam for the third time. The process continues a maximum of 5 times, post which an individual needs to wait for another year (from the date on which they took the first exam) before reapplying to give their examination.

If you want to further your career and make a prospective future in the IT industry, getting a Microsoft certification, especially a Microsoft Power BI certification, should be your go-to task.

Moreover, with global dependence on technology increasing, professionals have also raised the legitimacy of ideas like – remote working as potential breakthroughs in the worldwide technology sphere, thus showing a massive opportunity for individuals relying on such certifications to boost their career trajectory. 

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