The Long-Standing Upcoming Era of Electric Cars

Why Electric Cars Are Replacing Traditional Cars

Electric cars are gradually increasing every year, especially in Europe, which has caused a disruption in France in the form of Yellow Vest Protests in 2018. This protest’s root cause was a hike in fuel prices to discourage old vehicles and introduce electric ones. But these steps are necessary to save the climate against global warming. Since Pakistan is a third-world country, it has some concerns regarding electricity shortage and cost, which we experience when we check our MEPCO online bill every month.

 Few ways can help us combat not just electricity bill problems, but also stay ahead of others. We all are aware of electric cars and their revolutionary effects on the environment. Tesla Inc. is the most prominent name in the world of automobiles with the best features of an electric car. You can read about it and its founder Elon Musk in detail on the web. Yes, there is a substantial initial cost but it is a long-term investment that can help you in the future. Here is why,


No petrol/gas

Since there is no combustion process in your electric engine like the conventional one, you will not have to worry about liquid and gas fuel like petrol, diesel, and compressed natural gas. Just charge your car with electricity and start driving. There will be no more waiting in the queues at fuel stations, no more stress about a hike in oil prices. 


Free of carbon emission

Since there is no combustion fuel is in it, there will be

almost no carbon emission. You will finally play a vital role in saving your environment against global warming. Future generations will be grateful to you for it. You have no idea how powerful this global warming is and how it is deteriorating the glaciers and increasing climatic issues.


Cost-effective/Low maintenance

Its machinery is slightly different from the traditional vehicle since it runs through an electric battery. Because of that, its maintenance cost is lower than conventional cars. When it comes to long-term usage, an electric car’s maintenance cost is almost 30 % less than the conventional one. Electric car’s consumption cost is around 25% lower than the other one.


Less Noise

It helps decrease not just air pollution but also noise pollution. Because of its different machinery, it is quiet and serene. Now, You don’t need to worry about coming home late at night. It is a game-changer. Your neighbors will also thank you because of this feature.

Solar Power Support

If you have enough finances, you can have a solar power system, which can help you generate very cheap and almost free electricity for your electric car. It is the ultimate solution for a sustainable energy solution. Not only will you be able to save on travelling costs, also electricity bills will be cut to almost half with the help of solar power. You will not have to be stressed out after checking your MEPCO online bill. 

If you can afford a solar power system, you are on your way to a perpetual cost-effective journey. 


Since it is not common in Pakistan, electric cars will take some time to get fully introduced. If you have enough investment, you need to buy an electric car to have an early advantage over others. Magnates in Pakistan might eye on the import of these cars once they pass out the basic tests in Pakistan.

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