The Perils of Smog

While I was sitting in my lounge yesterday and watching TV. The news started running on it. Apart from a few political and current Pakistan latest news and yes some of the international news, the major highlight of the news bulletin was the climate hazard of smog in Lahore.

The alarming situation of Smog in the city of Lahore

Lahore is the capital city of the province of Punjab. Which is the largest province of Pakistan in terms of population. Hence, it is one of the densely populated cities of Pakistan and comes second after Karachi in the list of highly populated cities. Lahore has been witnessing the phenomena of smog for a few years. Every year at this time, when the city welcomes the winter season with open arms, the smog also hugs Lahore uninvited.

This is the time of the year when it doesn’t rain, and this lack of necessary rain is greatly responsible for the phenomena of smog. This year, the situation has gotten slightly out of hand. Therefore a number of people are affected by this of every age group and gender and Pakistan latest news running on TV also referred to it as an alarming situation. Let’s understand smog!

What is smog?

The word “smog” was coined for the first time in the 20th century. The word is the fusion of two words, smoke and fog, which precisely define the phenomena of smog. Smog occurs when pollutants are dispersed in the environment. These tiny particles of pollution when mixed up with fog, form a denser and darker substance, which is not fog or smoke but smog. The smog not only affects the health of humans but everything in the environment from plants to animals. 

How to protect yourself from the harmful effects of smog?

The only way to secure oneself from the harmful effects of smog is by prevention. We should cover our faces with anti-smog masks to stop inhaling the polluted air. During the peak hours of smog, we should try our best not to go out so we could avoid breathing in smoggy air. One should make sure to not do any activity like exercise or playing some game because if you do some physical activity in smog, you would inhale more of the smog and that would damage your lungs.

Smog also affects the eyes hence covering your eyes along with your mouth and nose will prevent your eyes from coming in contact directly with smog, otherwise, you might feel irritation in the eyes followed by redness. Keeping the doors and windows of your house closed while smog would also greatly help in stopping it from entering your house. These are a few of the measures which would allow you to avoid inhaling smoggy air. 

What effects smog could have on human health?

Smog is the biggest environmental hazard. It pollutes the air and as mentioned earlier, eyes to nose to the throat to lungs. In severe scenarios, it may also cause lung damage and lung cancer. In Pakistan latest news bulletin which I was watching, they said that the air quality of Lahore is so bad that a person breathing here is inhaling 19 cigarettes in a day. On the international news platforms, the same thing is also reported about the worsening air quality of Lahore. 

Reasons for massive air pollution in Lahore

One of the reasons for massive air pollution in Lahore is, of course, ample carbon waste. More the cars and factories there are, the more smoke is produced which pollutes the air and hence smog is witnessed. The other terrible thing which triggers smog is the cutting of trees. On the way of development, we have cut a number of trees, which earlier used to purify the environment. But now their absence triggers the phenomena of smog and the whole nation is now suffering from it.

Apart from these problems made by our own selves. Pakistan’s neighboring country also plays a crucial part in smog in Lahore. Yes! According to a report, the burning of residues of the crops after harvesting produces massive carbon waste and smoke. As the boundary of Lahore touches the Wagah border, the border of India and Pakistan. All that carbon waste and smoke affect one of the largest cities of Pakistan. Climate change is a universal problem and the whole world is suffering from adverse climate conditions. We should collectively do something about it.

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