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The Top Social Media Marketing Course in India [Top Institutes]

If you’re interested in learning more about the top social media campaigns in India, you should check out this site because I have a few lists to provide. I’ve selected a few well-known and recent social media marketing strategies that you can apply by using it as inspiration.

It goes without saying that companies today require social media to advertise their goods and services. When done correctly, social media campaigns can generate a lot of engagement for your brand and spread the message like wildfire.

More than 78% of organisations use social media agencies to carry out their marketing strategy for this reason.

Not all social media marketing course, meanwhile, are successful or generate as much traffic as they could.

This is due to the fact that many businesses neglect to create a strategic social media marketing for their goods. Nowadays, social media campaigns focus more on spreading the appropriate message than just selling.

It all comes down to finding that memorable, emotionally charged tale that will get people talking, thrilled, and most importantly, remembering you.

The goal of social media marketing at Academy of Digital Marketing is to create interest among the target audience through the synthesis of creativity and value.


Here are 6 social media marketing strategies from Academy of Digital Marketing that motivated us to do more while also earning us accolades and prizes.


The Top 26 Indian Social Media Campaigns are listed here.


Urban Tree Infrastructures Pvt Ltd’s Don’t Shut Up


Urban Tree has never shied away from speaking out for social causes that take place not only in its hometown but across the country.

The timely actions of the brand have always had a direct impact on the company’s status as a socially responsible brand.

Levista Coffee’s CoffeeComa


Another incredible social media campaign by Academy of Digital Marketing for the Levista Coffee brand is named CoffeeComa. Famous proverbs were updated and given a unique twist using a coffee link. The targeted group of coffee aficionados responded positively to the advertising on Facebook and Instagram.


South India Shelters’ ILoveThathaPaati


This campaign emphasised the affection that grandparents have for their grandkids in all of its simplicity. The brand successfully connected emotionally with both the older and middle-aged audiences using a creative strategy, which led to strong engagement. A contest encouraging participants to submit their finest photo with their grandparents marked the campaign’s conclusion and it attracted a lot of participation.


The South India Shelters song, NotHotter Than Trichy


During the summer, when the city was at its hottest, this advertising was run. This campaign compared items that were almost as hot as Trichy, but it came to the conclusion that Trichy was the hottest. This ad specifically targeted Trichy residents, and it was very successful with them.


Eden Park’s NoOneCanReplaceHer by Pragnya


This campaign emphasised a mother’s contribution to a family and helped people understand her true value by using relatable, everyday experiences with their own mothers.


ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes’ WearASmile


This campaign focused on connecting with parents all around the world to generate the most interest in something as straightforward and ordinary as a child’s grin. The company established a relationship with parents, particularly moms, through the creatives. The artists discussed a variety of topics relating to a child’s grin and how it is the most wonderful thing for parents to witness. Contests throughout the campaign attracted a lot of participation.


Some social media efforts just catch our attention because they push the edge and demonstrate important marketing lessons that digital marketers need to take note of. These initiatives happen every year. Following are 20 incredible and motivational social media marketing efforts from India.


NGO Project Nanhi Kali’s PowerlessQueen


The campaign focuses on how this once-powerful queen became weak, raped, and undervalued in India in the twenty-first century.

The campaign portrays Tania Sachdev, an Indian chess player with numerous master titles, arguing how India has failed to empower women in the twenty-first century. On their microsite, she challenges users to play a game of digital chess in which the first player’s queen is “powerless” (does not move) and the second player has full control. The campaign was able to gather 40,000 hours of donations for education and 32k games played in just a few days.


Shorty Awards: Silver Distinction in Influencer & Celebrity, Multi-platform Campaign, Gold Distinction in Twitter, and Winner in Call to Action.

Grand Prize at the “The Principal of Game” category of the Prague International Advertising Festival (PIAF).

The United Colors of Benetton app UnitedByVote


United Colors of Benetton created the #UnitedByVote social media campaign as India’s multi-phase National Elections got underway this year. This powerful ad is an effort to celebrate democracy and demonstrates the influence that every individual has thanks to their right to vote. The campaign convened a panel discussion with Saif Ali Khan, Bhumi Pednakar, Siddhanth Chaturvedi, and Sundeep Kumar Chugh, CEO & MD of Benetton India.


Taproot Dentsu came up with the idea for the social media campaign, which implores people to vote and stand as one to defend our constitutional principles. It concludes with the command to “show them who has the power” and the hashtag #UnitedByVote. The election campaign emphasises that voters own the authority and determine who should lead and serve the country.


MP Birla Cement’s FlagWithoutColours


We Indians are incredibly proud to fly our national flag. MP Birla Cement developed the idea of “Flag without Colors” to help people understand the meaning of the national flag. A flag constructed of cement has Braille markings that explain the flag’s colour and significance.

This is a tiny effort on our part to make Republic Day celebrations more inclusive and spread the message of the National Flag to a wider cross-section of our young citizens, according to Sandip Ghose from MP Birla Cement.


Prega News’ GoodNewsIsGenderFree


On this International Mother’s Day, Prega News, the most reputable provider of HCG Pregnancy Detection Kits, has launched a wonderful social media promotion called #GoodNewsIsGenderFree. The campaign’s main goal is to abolish gender inequality, a pressing problem on a global scale. In India, where choosing to have a boy over a girl is impeding the development of the country, the problem is far more complicated.


This campaign, which ADK Fortune conceptualised, aims to alter people’s perspectives. The promotion exhorts people to hope for a healthy child regardless of the gender of the child.


Don’t let dreams wait 


A social media campaign with the hashtag #Don’tLetDreamsWait has been created by P&G Shiksha, a CRS Program of P&G India, and it highlights Bittu, a 75-year-old man who enrols in the school to pursue his educational aspiration. P&G Shikha demonstrates that learning knows no age restrictions with the tale of Bittu. P&G has been assisting poor children with their education for more than ten years. 1800 schools and 1.4 million kids nationwide have benefited from the brand’s support as of late. Bittu’s tale is a straightforward but moving illustration of the goals achieved by P&G Shiksha through its interventions.


HotStar’s KoiYaarNahiFar


Hotstar, the top video streaming service in India, this year launched a VIVO IPL 2019 campaign with the hashtag #KoiYaarNahiFar. The twins want to enjoy the VIVO IPL 2019 together, but they are unable to do so. Hotstar offers a social cricket-watching experience that enables these twins to watch live IPL cricket together on a single platform.In a different movie, a superhero invites his fellow superhero pals to the IPL. But his friends are occupied with housework. Finally, Hotstar brings these superheroes together on a single platform and enables them to interact while watching the games.


This campaign’s simple goal was to get as many people as possible to watch VIVO IPL 2019 together, no matter where they were in the world. Viewers can use the platform to invite friends and family, watch cricket, and take part in the Watch ‘N Play game. Both TVCs were released across all of Hotstar’s social media networks in the three languages of Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. The TVC received 730k views alone on YouTube. It was a huge success across all channels.


8 Elephants were given out in the cinema and film craft categories.

India Gate’s IndiaDegaAashirvad

Every year, more than 5 million couples get married in India, and as is customary, Indians bless and wish the newlyweds well by dousing them with rice. That amounts to 110 million pounds of wasted rice annually. The #IndiaDegaAashirvad project was developed by India Gate, the largest rice manufacturer in India, and the digital firm The Classic Partnership – VMLY&R as a contemporary take on this age-old custom.


Every grain of rice can have a higher purpose, according to the brand. Instead of showering guests with rice, this promotion invites them to buy special rice bags created by the business, which they may then touch to send blessings. Couples can donate as much rice as they like in exchange for these bags. is the website.


Samsonite’s KeralaIsOpen


After this year’s monsoon floods, God’s own country Kerala experienced a significant decline in tourists. The tourism industry experienced a dramatic fall as a result, which had an impact on the lives of many whose livelihoods depended on Kerala tourism. Samsonite, a leading brand in the travel industry, launched the #KeralaIsOpen social media campaign to boost tourism in Kerala. The campaign’s main goal is to rehabilitate the state’s economy and boost tourism.



The commercial video, which was conceptualised by Autumn Mumbai, displays the enthusiasm with which workers in the tourism industry, such as taxi drivers, hotel managers, cooks, and others, are looking forward to welcoming visitors to their stunning locale. “Through this campaign, we hope that more and more people visit to Kerala,” said Anushree Tainwala, executive director of marketing for Samsonite South Asia. We want everyone to understand that Neelakurinji is only surpassed in uniqueness by the hearts of the people of Kerala. In light of the hashtag “KeralaIsOpen,” let’s travel there and appreciate the spirit of the locals. On YouTube, the campaign video earned 3.1 million views.


Two Gold Abby Awards in the Direct Category are the prizes.


CuttingPani from RadioCity

The biggest water crisis in recorded history is now occurring in Chennai. In reality, groundwater will run out in 21 Indian cities by 2020, including Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Delhi. To raise awareness about conserving water, RadioCity, a well-known radio station, produced a creative social media campaign video with the hashtag #CuttingPani. Globally, there is an urgent need to stop water waste, and our campaign is a little step in the right direction.


The movie exhorts viewers to ask for a cutting pani, or a half-glass of water rather than a full one. Because most individuals only drink half a glass of water and discard the rest. Popular actors like Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan, and Raveena Tandon beg the audience to seek reducing paani in the video. Within 24 hours of the campaign’s introduction, it gained significant traction on social media. Remember to only order cutting paani the next time you go to a restaurant, and only if you are thirsty.


ActionAid India’s JoinTheDots


ActionAid’s #JoinTheDots campaign against child sexual abuse was conceptualised by “The Altar Project”, WAT Consult, and is focused on public service campaigns. Since 1972, ActionAid India has worked with vulnerable communities, and this initiative to raise awareness of child sexual abuse is a positive step.


The campaign’s goal is to reduce the likelihood of child abuse, and it exhorts people to pay attention to the signs and connect the dots to recognise such behaviour.


Through many joyful and genuine moments, this social media campaign video demonstrates the close relationship between a mother and a son.


In addition, a kid may exhibit a rapid change in behaviour, which parents may accidentally overlook at first because they perceive it as normal. The movie clearly identifies behavioural indicators of a sexually abused youngster, which adults must recognise and handle right away.


On, there is a “Conversation Starter Tool” that highlights the behaviours, emotions, and experiences of a child who may be mistreated in the marketing film. Every 15 minutes, a child in India is sexually abused, most often by someone they know. Unattended child abuse instances frequently result in the victim remaining silent for the rest of their lives out of embarrassment and a fear of speaking up.


WhatsApp: Share Joy, Not Rumors


There are currently 200 million Indian users among WhatsApp’s 1.6 billion monthly active users. Unfortunately, a lot of users spread falsehoods and false information that can lead to social violence, racial prejudice, and other issues.


Whatsapp, Taproot Dentsu, and the filmmaker “Shirsha Guha Thakurta” have produced a TVC to put an end to it, urging people to spread joy rather than misinformation.

The TVC urges people to quit falling for swindles and spam, as well as to refrain from spreading rumours

The TVCs highlight how rumours are spreading on WhatsApp in three different real-world scenarios and how this must stop.

Given that 200 million individuals in India use WhatsApp, it has the capacity to shape public opinion. In order to urge others to do the same, users must spread joy rather than misinformation. The campaign received 284k views on YouTube alone, making it a huge success.

Volvo Auto India’s BreathFree

 According to statistics, indoor air pollution alone claims the lives of 1 million people each year. Through their #BreathFree Campaign, Volvo Auto India has accepted the challenge to dramatically reduce emissions and our carbon impact. Despite having “Clean Zone Technology” in their vehicles, Volvo intended to make breathable air accessible to everyone with this campaign.

 The researchers and the students developed low-cost, do-it-yourself air purifiers that can give the poor access to clean air during India’s most polluted months.

The company also shown how even a small move toward plantation can have a big impact on the environment. According to Volvo, “it’s the small actions that millions of us take that will result in genuine and long-lasting change. And asking for it is not unreasonable.

Dynamic India’s YouThePower


Dynamic India created the effective social media campaign #YouThePower during the general elections in India. The goal of Vatitude’s concept was to use the power of voting in India’s 2019 general election to save farmers, empower villages, and knockdown defaulters.

 Additionally, you have the ability to influence the future by exercising your right to vote.

Should Art Kill? According to The WildLife Conservation Trust

Did you know that the largest consumer of animal byproducts is the paintbrush industry? To raise awareness among its target audience, The Wild Life Conservation Trust started a social media campaign.

Evidently, the message is spread that artistic expression is not worth dying for. The Wild Life Conservation Trust is urging everyone to use synthetic bristle brushes instead of fur brushes in order to conserve these creatures through its social media campaign.

Awards: Bronze Abby for Computer Generated Imagery at Goafest and a Gold Abby for Best Use of Public Service, Appeals, and Charity.


AMFI’s Mutual Funds Sahi Hai


In order to raise awareness about mutual funds across TV, print, radio, social media, and other platforms, “The Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) started a campaign named #MutualFundsSahiHai in 2017.


Every year, AMFI came up with new real-life stories to illustrate the benefits of mutual funds. The commercial video describes how investing in liquid funds can produce strong returns and full redemption flexibility in one narrative.


The company has released a number of advertisements that will grab your attention due to their straightforward and honest counsel. Since March 31, 2009, the Indian mutual fund business has expanded 51 and a half times.


Honors –


  • 2018 Marquees Special Category Winner
  • Bronze winner for Product & Services – Financial Services in the AME 2018
  • 2018 Effies interactive Marketing category bronze winner
  • Silver Winner for “Best Use of Sports Channel” at Prime Time Awards
  • Gold recipient of the Digital Crest Awards in the category of digital strategy
  • IAMAI Awards of Display Campaign bronze winner.


Chennis’ Shape Yourself


This social media campaign, which BSRM Studio did a beautiful job of conceptualising, goes beyond the typical glamour photos and suggestive stances to advertise women’s undergarments.

The company Chennis is driving the shift, and this commercial demonstrates how its luxury women’s innerwear is a true enabler of individual style and body flare.

Beautiful women will be moving over the area with ease and self-assurance, creating stunning flowers with their movements. The campaign’s main goal is to give women fashion necessities so they can appreciate being who they are.

Awards – Silver MADDYS Award.


Gleneagles Global Hospitals’ “One More Good Habit”


A Parkway Pantai Enterprise, Gleneagles Global Hospitals is a network of multi-super specialty hospitals that provides top-notch hospitals across Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and other cities.

This network of hospitals has always found innovative ways to raise public awareness of fatal illnesses and their causes.

The hospital is advising women to make self-examination a habit to detect breast cancer through its “One More Good Habit” social media campaign.

Every campaign Gleneagles Global Hospital does adheres to its purpose to raise awareness, promote early detection, and provide support.


Jimmy Nelson’s Blink & They’re Gone

Jimmy Nelson, a well-known photographer, uses the cultural identities of the last indigenous people to warn the world that we are in danger of losing our collective cultural heritage.


The “Blink And They’re Gone” campaign, which was created by WT India and J. Walter Amsterdam in collaboration with Nelson, aims to conserve the cultural richness of our planet.

 Jimmy Nelson captured 36 of the last remaining indigenous settlements on earth in 1500+ previously unpublished shots.


According to Nelson, “If we allow the indigenous people’s cultural identity to disintegrate today, it will last forever, and this must not happen.” Literally, all of a sudden, they vanish. This year, the team’s social media effort to increase understanding of indigenous cultures will grow in scope.


Honors –


  • Non-Fiction Film Up to 5 Minutes Shortlist Winner at the 2019 D&AD Awards.
  • The Jimmy Nelson Companion App won a Webby Award.
  • 5 times at Cannes Lions, Bronze Award.
  • 25. Chai Kings’ For the Spirit of Motivation
  • One of Chennai’s top attractions for chai drinkers is Chai Kings.
  • The team frequently produces amusing yet sane creatives for their brand on social media.

The future event is proudly sponsored by Chai Kings. The goal of this event is to make life more inclusive for people with intellectual disability.

Through this social media campaign, Chai Kings increases society’s awareness of the abilities and capabilities of people while bringing joy to athletes.

Gleneagles Global Hospitals will restore it


A Parkway Pantai Enterprise, Gleneagles Global Hospital, created a 360-degree campaign as part of its “It Will Grow Back” liver transplant awareness project. This extensive public awareness campaign emphasises the lesser-known details of liver transplantation.

Many people are unaware that living donors may do liver transplants. One of the least common causes of death in India is liver illness.

Even the cadaveric donors are insufficient in terms of quantity. According to statistics, less than 10% of adults and less than 8% of children in our nation require a liver transplant.


The “It Will Grow Back” campaign implores more individuals to consider living liver transplantation. In India, living donors account for 85% of liver transplant recipients, and the procedure is secure.


Donating a liver is virtually risk-free. By donating a portion of your liver, which can recover to almost normal size from as little as 25%, you can save the life of a loved one. Don’t be reluctant to assist if you or a loved one needs a liver transplant.


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