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The Ultimate Guide to Help You Smart Fue Hair Transplant in Palm Desert

Since the strip surgical hair transplant era, most people have dreaded hair restoration procedures. But several techniques have evolved that are less invasive and don’t take long such as the Smart FUE hair transplant. While this sounds like an exciting procedure, what can you expect as a patient?

In this article, we’ll explain everything so you’re not in the dark about this trendy hair restoration in Los Angeles. 

Hair Transplant

Before we get to innovative graft procedures, they are two popular hair restoration techniques used by surgeons. One is a follicular unit transplant, where a hair medical expert cuts a strip of hair follicles from the rear and transfers them to the area affected with baldness or has less hair. It’s an ideal treatment for those looking to fill a large extent, such as a beard or receding hair. However, this might give the patient a linear scar from the hair-harvested site. 

Hair transplant patients prefer follicular unit extraction (FUE) since it’s less invasive and doesn’t leave a linear scar like the FUT procedure. But the implanting strategy is similar for both hair transplants. Instead of cutting a hair strip, a surgeon extracts individual hairs using a punch device, which is less painful. 

If FUE is not good enough, there is an advanced technique known as Smart FUE hair transplant. So, it’s similar to how the FUE technique works, but the doctor doesn’t use any scalpel here. It’s the majority’s favorite, and we’re about to find out why. 

Smart FUE Hair Transplant

SmartGraft is the most advanced procedure that uses a hand-held device. Smart FUE hair transplant in Palm Desert is minimally invasive, as it allows individual extraction of follicular unit grafts from the donor site without leaving a linear scar. 

So, this device works like a microsurgical extension of the human hand. It’s an ergonomic handpiece designed to separate, extract, and act as a storage system for FUE grafts during hair transplantation. And this helps in taking a few steps and quick transfer of grafts during the FUE procedure. 

SmartGraft comes with a storage system and complete microprocessor-controlled graft extraction. 

It reduces or eliminates the risk of damage to fragile FUE grafts.

Shorter time in this process means fewer risks of graft failure and better growth quality.

Why FUE SmartGraft?

For starters, choosing a hair transplant for your hair loss solution is the only way to achieve your hair regrowth goals. Whether you want to fix a receding hairline or thinning hair parts, this will be the best treatment option.

Hair loss issues may impact people socially and professionally, but a Smart FUE hair transplant helps restore your hair. And it can dramatically improve your self-image and self-confidence, feeling great on the inside and outside. 

Benefits of Fue Hair Transplant

So, what are the other advantages of having this hair loss treatment over the rest? 

  • So, this is an ideal hair transplant option for men and women seeking a permanent hair loss solution that’s safer than all other procedures.
  • Instead of using the regular scalpel in hair restoration procedures, a surgeon uses precision craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology to perform SmartGraft functions. So, you don’t expect any scarring after the procedure. 
  • Though the procedure requires more precision, it takes the shortest time than the usual FUE methods. 
  • In addition, it doesn’t require much downtime as no scalpel is involved in the procedure. So, the patient can comfortably resume work within a day or two, feeling fantastic as if nothing has happened. 
  • SmartGraft procedure can solve hair loss problems in areas other than the scalp. A surgeon can use it to restore eyebrows, body, and facial hair such as a beard or mustache. 
  • After nine months, patients can appreciate full-grown natural hair.  

After separating the hair follicles from the surrounding tissue, the suction removes the graft gently from the scalp. And transfers each harvested hair graft into a specialized storage system that helps maintain the best environment for graft preservation. Since this procedure doesn’t use manual handling, it reduces trauma and potential damage to the harvested follicles as they get stored in a safe area.

In Conclusion

If you choose to get a permanent hair loss solution, a Smart FUE hair transplant Palm Desert is one to consider. By using this advanced procedure of FUE, the patient benefits a lot from getting a quicker process, less invasive, no scarring, and fantastic results. In essence, you get your desired results. And you’ll find friendly, experienced surgeons that will provide the best treatment you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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