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The use of grow room vinyl panels in hydroponics farming

Hydroponics farming is a highly popular technique used in indoor grow rooms to optimize plant growth. This farming methodology involves suspending the plant roots in a nutrient rich oxygenated water solution. The roots receive a high amount of oxygen for faster growth, and there is absolutely no need for soil. Hydroponics farming relies on a controlled environment to ensure plants’ faster and better yield. 

The only concern is the expenses involved in this farming technique. To improve yield and production, one needs to ensure optimal cleanliness, the right temperature, pH levels, lighting, and controlled humidity. Grow rooms have almost 70% moisture which is great for plant growth but not for the walls. The key fundamental strategy is to opt for a durable and waterproof covering for the grow room walls. While there are many options to choose from, the high end Duramax grow room wall panels are ideal. The 100% virgin PVC grow room vinyl panels give a tough competition other wall and ceiling panel coverings.

Vinyl panels are long-lasting

The grow room vinyl panels are long-lasting and recyclable materials. Ideally, the PVC panels last for 45 to 50 years post-installation and are not vulnerable to callbacks for repairing or repainting. The PVC panels are 7x times recyclable compared to FRP Panels and have the longest lifespan of 140 years. FRP Panels delaminate and peel off within a few years especially if it comes in contact with humidity. 

Vinyl panels are low maintenance

The grow room wall panels from Duramax are low maintenance. They don’t warp, break, crack or develop scratches. The vinyl panels have a smooth surface that does not attract dirt, impurities and dust particles. Bacteria and microorganisms cannot survive beneath the PVC surface. The PVC panels never rot, mold, stain, or fade. Cleaning the PVC panels is easy with soap and a damp mop. Unlike other alternative wall materials, the grow room PVC panels are resistant to chemicals and don’t rust. The white PVC panels easily retain the shine and luster with minimal care and don’t turn yellow. You can wash the panels without worrying about moisture seeping into the panels. We recommend not to use abrasives or harsh bleaching agents. 

Vinyl panels are strong and water-resistant

Installing strong and impact resistant panels to protect the grow room walls is essentially important. The PVC panels have ½ inch thickness and have advanced trusscore technology. The truss technology ensures a strong and durable build. The PVC panels offer good thermal and acoustic insulation. The high end PVC panels are resistant to fire with a Class A 1-hour fire rated resistivity. The panels are 100% water resistant and have an anti mold covering. The white and bright PVC panels have high light reflectivity and can significantly reduce the dependency on artificial LED lights by distributing the reflected lights at all corners. The light reflective, well insulated wall panels ensure energy efficiency and reduce utility bills inside the grow rooms. The FDA-compliant, ASTM certified and CFIA certified Duramax panels are ideal for hydroponics farming.

Affordable vinyl panel installation compared to its alternatives

Vinyl panels are initially costly, but they are a one-time investment that lasts for almost more than 40 years without repair callbacks. The installation is quick, hassle free, and low cost. The DIY PVC panel kits arrive within 2 weeks with a user friendly installation manual. The panels are attached to the studs directly with hidden fasteners. You can reuse the panels again which is a big advantage. The panels have interlocking grooves that makes the installation airtight, easier and quick. The PVC panels require no expert laborers or extra materials for the installation. A single local contractor can install the panels inside a commercial setup within 7 to 8 hours.

The total cost post installation increases to a huge extent and the cost of maintenance is higher. Even this does not ensure long life of the panels. If you compare, PVC panels are affordable because FRP Panels require frequent repairs and maintenance that involves recurring expenditure. Although the FRP panels are initially less expensive compared to PVC panels, do not be overwhelmed. FRP panels have OSB backers that absorb moisture into the walls.  Installing PVC saves 40% on material cost and 50% on labor expenditure. 

Final Thoughts

While more and more people are leaning towards organic foods, hydroponics farming is gaining momentum in contemporary times.  If you want to start a profitable hydroponics facility, have your setup ready. Vinyl panels have replaced the use of other traditional wall coverings. Duramax panels are shipped within 2 weeks direct from the factory. The PVC panels have a limited lifetime warranty. Duramax PVC panels make a world of difference by saving costs and controlling the humidity inside the facility. Request a quote now. Additionally Book a free consultation today. Moreover Avail of the complimentary PVC sample.


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