The Working Principle of Combination Weighers

The combination weigher is primarily made out of a feeder container. A material photoelectric recognition switch, a principal vibration plate (fundamental vibration machine), a line vibration plate (straight vibration machine), a capacity container, a gauging container, a drive gadget (venturing engine), a release chute. Gathering container, engine drive board, and A/D module. Here is a point-by-point prologue to the functioning standard of the combination weigher.

1. The material vibrates through the principal vibration plate in the feeder container. With the goal that the material appropriate for the cone-shaped pipe to the direct vibration plate.

2. At the point when there is no or lacking material in the line vibrating plate. It will distinguish by the material gauging module, which will convey taking care of message to the principal load up as of now, and afterward. Convey taking care of message to the material transport through the primary board to take care of material until the material is identified.

3. The vibration of the line vibration machine drives the line vibration plate to vibrate, changing the proper sufficiency and vibration time to send a material load inside a specific reach to every capacity container.

4. The driving gadget is a venturing engine

opening the entryway of the stockpiling container and sending the material to the gauging hopper, when there is no material in the gauging container beneath or when there isn’t sufficient material in the gauging container, the capacity container will naturally make the way for put the materials in the gauging container.

5. The material in the gauging container creates a weight signal through the sensor, and afterward sends it to the principal leading body of the control gadget through the lead wire, the CPU on the primary board peruses and records the heaviness of each gauging container, and afterward select the combination gauging container which is the nearest to the objective load through the estimation. ঢxamination, and combination.

While getting the releasing solicitation signal sent by the bundling machine

the CPU conveys a message to begin the gauging container engine driver to open the chosen gauging container and empty the item into the release chute. Then, at that point, the item goes into the bundling machine. On the off chance that there is a gathering container. The gauging container is collected. Straightforwardly released to the gathering container, likewise, when there is a releasing solicitation signal. Straightforwardly released to the gathering container, likewise, when there is a releasing solicitation signal. The gathering container engine is begun to remove the material from the bundling machine.

6. While the gauging container wraps up releasing the materials. The combination weigher will convey a message that the materials release to the bundling machine. And the bundling machine will begin to seal and cut the sack subsequent to getting the sign. While the bundling component has finished a pack. It will convey a releasing solicitation message to the combination weigher to release the material and makes a big difference for the cycle.


Triangle combination weigher is a profoundly precise, space-saving arrangement that is great for an extensive variety of food bundling applications. Whether your business is produce bundling.  or poultry bundling. Oat bundling, frozen food bundling, or difficult-to-deal with items. য়e’ve seen them all. Triangle’s gauging and food bundling arrangements offer the accompanying elements and advantages: 


Non-exclusive controls are easy to use and simple to keep up with. Accessible with, which permits us to offer both the bagger and scale with one control box – an industry first! Dependable and expandable, we offer high-level diagnostics and simple organization information procurement. Then, at that point, the item goes into the bundling machine.


Smart Weigh offer 3 different taking care of strategies relying upon your item attributes: vibratory plate, container. Or exceptional belt-feed framework for new items. This guarantees ideal item circulation and weight precision. All plans highlight speedy, hand removable elements for simple openness and sterilization. What’s more, the split plate configuration offers numerous item mixing choices. Accessible in smooth or Rigid-tex finish to guarantee smooth item stream.


Join a VFFS pack machine with one of our combination weighers for a total, single-source incorporated framework. Item stream is a vital part to the progress of your food bundling line. And our capacity to control that item stream and eventually get your item into a sack is unparalleled. Match a Triangle bagger and combination weigher for the business’ most dependable incorporated framework.

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