Time And Attendance Tracking Software: A Step By Step Guide

When it comes to tracking time at work, most of us are still tracking time manually in an Excel spreadsheet or some other similar program. While this is certainly better than not tracking time at all, it’s far from the most efficient way to track time and employee attendance! Using time and attendance software can help with everything from reducing payroll costs to improving your staff’s morale by letting them clock in whenever they arrive at work instead of forcing them to wait in line before clocking in on the computer.

Have you ever wanted to know how much time your employees spend on the clock and how many hours they work? Well, if so, then you should consider using time and attendance tracking software. This technology enables you to easily track when your employees start work and when they leave. As well as how many hours they are clocked in each day. Time and attendance tracking software even helps you keep track of employee holidays and vacation days so that payroll processing goes smoothly.

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn everything you need to know about using time and attendance tracking software at your company.

What is Time and Attendance Tracking Software?

Time and Attendance Tracking Software is a type of computer software that is used to track the time, attendance and location of employees. The software records when an employee arrives, leaves and takes breaks. It also records the amount of time they spent at each task or project. Time and Attendance Tracking Software can be utilized in many different industries such as manufacturing, retail, education and transportation.

Time and attendance tracking software is a type of software designed to track the hours employees work and the amount they are paid. It typically allows managers or supervisors to log in at any time. And see what their employees are working on, how many hours they have worked. When they clock in and out, how long breaks are, and more.

Why is Time and Attendance Tracking Important?

Time and attendance tracking is important because it is the best way to see what your employees are doing. How much time they spend on different tasks and where time is being wasted. This information can be used to make better decisions about staffing levels and workflow.

The number one reason that time and attendance tracking is important is for the sake of recordkeeping and compliance. The majority of businesses need to keep detailed records of when their employees are in and out, in order to comply with a variety of laws. Such as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Time-tracking also provides an opportunity for companies to save money on payroll costs by using top tips to develop time and attendance tracking software.

Key Features of Time and Attendance Software

The key features of time and attendance software include a variety of different modules that can be used together or separately. These modules are as follows: Attendance, Time Clock, Scheduling, Payroll and Reporting. The most commonly used module is the Attendance module which is an employee’s time sheet.

Time In and Out

Time and attendance tracking software, such as clocking in and out, helps make sure that employees are paid for their time. This type of software also makes it easy to monitor when employees are not at work. Managers can even use this software to create schedules and send them to their employees’ phones or email addresses.

Example of a sub title within your post:- Turn on alerts that inform you when employees arrive at or leave work.- Set a specific number of hours they can work. Any employee exceeding that limit will automatically set off an alarm.- Monitor productivity. Some time and attendance software even lets managers track how long it takes their employees to do certain tasks. They can then use that information to help cut down on unnecessary meetings or processes while getting things done faster.

Flexible Time Scheduling

Flexible scheduling is one of the most common benefits offered by time. And attendance tracking software, which can help your organization to reduce costs and increase productivity. With a flexible schedule, employees are able to set their own hours each week based on what is needed for their job.

It’s important to note that flexible scheduling isn’t just about whether or not employees can work from home a couple of days per week. Instead, you want to create a system that gives employees the flexibility to set their own schedules each week. Which includes being able to make necessary changes up until a certain time each day.

Attendance Management

It is important to know who is at work and when they are at work to ensure compliance with labor laws, prevent fraud, and create a better employee experience. This can be accomplished by implementing an attendance management system.

An attendance management system is usually a software program that requires employees to sign in and out of work at regular intervals throughout each day. This helps track not only who is coming to work. But also how long each employee worked and when he or she left for breaks. This information can then be used by managers to determine if people are working their assigned hours and if workers need additional training.

Integration with HR Solution

Integrating time and attendance software with your HR solution can give you a more holistic view of your workforce. You’ll be able to see all the information in one place. Which will make it easier to manage staffing levels, payroll issues and other HR problems.

Regulation with Compliance

There are several things you should keep in mind when considering time and attendance tracking software. First, there are different types of time and attendance tracking software, which vary in features and pricing. Second, you need to consider the regulations with compliance that apply to your business. Third, it is important that employees understand how the software works so they can use it efficiently.

Mobile Friendly

You will want to ensure your software is mobile friendly. This will enable employees to track their time and attendance from anywhere on a smartphone or tablet. Keep in mind that some systems are more expensive for the mobility features. So make sure you know what you need before choosing a program.

Eliminate Double Entries

Eliminating double entries is a huge pain. But with the help of time and attendance software it can be a breeze. With the help of an automated system, you are able to track all your employee’s time, leave and absence information. When new employees join or current employees change their hours. There is no need to adjust everything manually as this will automatically update.

Policy Configuration

The first step is to go into the Settings tab. And configure the policies that will be applied to all staff members. To create a new policy, click on the + button under Policies. Select Labor from the list of fields on the right side of the screen. This will open a new window with three tabs: General, Hours & Breaks, and Absences.


Reports are a great way to see how your employees are spending their time. These reports can be used for anything from payroll to project management. And understanding where your employees are spending their time will help you better understand what they’re doing and how it’s going.

Some of these reports are useful for payroll. If you don’t have a dedicated person handling payroll, it’s often necessary to look at individual timesheets to compile your employee’s paychecks.


In conclusion, time and attendance tracking system is a great way to control the time and attendance of your employees. It can help you reduce time theft and increase productivity. We hope that this guide has been helpful in helping you get started with finding the right software for your business needs.

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