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Tips To Promote YouTube Videos To Get More Subscribers [Latest]

Bringing your videos to where your audience is already gathered is the best method to connect with them. You may embed YouTube videos on your website, link to them in your newsletter, share them on social media sites, and more because sharing them is so simple.


Another great strategy to share your material is to promote your videos in relevant internet groups. Are you a member of a Facebook group or Slack community for your industry or specialty? Find the groups you may share your movies with to reach a wider audience.


Pro tip: Rather than attempting to create new channels to promote YouTube videos, it is always simpler to capitalise on what is already effective. With the Referring Traffic measure in your YouTube Analytics dashboard, you can see which channels are currently producing the most engagement with your video. You can use this metric to determine which traffic-sending sources are most effective for your channel.

Request channel subscriptions from your audience.


Your YouTube organic reach is correlated with your subscriber numbers. Your videos will receive more views as soon as you hit publish if your channel has more subscribers.


particularly if those subscribers have notifications set on.


Increasing your subscriber base is a task that requires different strategies than raising your views, yet both are intertwined. We offer a thorough instruction on how to increase your YouTube subscriber count as a result.


It’s standard procedure to close a video by asking viewers to “like and subscribe,” but many YouTubers, like beauty expert Patricia Bright, also add this request as a graphic.


Activate embedding


Enable embedding to give your admirers the opportunity to assist in promoting your work. Your video will receive more views as more new viewers see it (and maybe even snag a new subscriber or two in the process).


Go to Youtube Studio and choose Content to enable embedding. Tap Edit after choosing your video. Toggle Embedding on or off by selecting it.

Increase the watch’s timer.


Even though YouTube counts any time spent on a video longer than 30 seconds as a view, encouraging people to stay longer has advantages.


YouTube will understand that you have some high-quality content if you can persuade viewers to watch your video for a longer period of time. Additionally, the Youtube algorithm favours videos with a higher Watch Time, providing you an advantage in the recommendation engine.


Have your videos transcribed


When you include captions in your videos, you make your material more appealing to the 69 percent of people who watch mobile video with the sound off as well as viewers who have hearing impairments.


Having a transcript also gives you the option of translating your video, which makes it accessible to viewers throughout the world. global perspectives! Do you have any idea?


You only need a.txt file to follow the instructions on YouTube’s help website for creating a transcript file.


Upload your video when it’s appropriate


Dropping your video when your largest audience of subscribers is online will ensure that they all get that wonderful “new post” notification as soon as it goes live.


But what if it happens in the dead of night? Or perhaps when you’re away? That’s where a scheduling tool like Hootsuite can really shine. Set your video to release at the precise moment you’ve chosen in accordance with your content calendar, and then carry on with your life.


With Hootsuite, you can quickly expand your YouTube audience. In the same location where you manage your other social networks, you may schedule videos and monitor comments. Get a free trial now.


Compile playlists


You want them to stay on your channel and watch a lot of your stuff. You can choose which video the viewer is suggested to watch next by creating playlists.


This simple technique raises the likelihood that a visitor will watch more than one video. The more the value YouTube places on your channel, the higher the view time, which raises your rating.


Nearly all of the channels mentioned in this post have playlists, and you can find suggestions for their videos to the right of the video that is presently playing.


Amelia Munday offers practical suggestions for creating playlists:


“Connect relevant ideas and topics. All of this may be supported by search analysis. Try to comprehend the problems, concerns, and inquiries that prompt consumers to look for your video material. Then arrange them appropriately.


It all comes back to research in the end. Utilise the resources that internet marketing has to offer after learning about your audience and your rivals. You’ll discover that determining what precisely works for you frequently involves trial and error and some experimentation.

Work along with others


Many YouTubers noted how beneficial taking advice from others has been. YouTube is also a community. YouTubers seek each other out for support and inspiration.


Similar advice comes from Ryan Stewart of The Blueprint Training:


“Interacting with other YouTubers in my niche by enjoying, commenting on, and sharing their videos with my own followers has proven to be a really effective strategy for me. By fostering relationships with other creators and raising interaction rates, this ultimately boosts both parties’ views. ”


Bonus Advice from a Person Who Identified Particular Audience Needs


“Like other people, I didn’t have a lot of views right away after starting the channel. However, the quantity of views and subscribers surged after the names and descriptions of the videos were translated into several languages. The watch time has increased by 1,000%, I’ve seen.

Improved Traffic


Working with a well-known company might increase your customer base and drive traffic that you wouldn’t have otherwise. This is especially true if the company wants you to tell your group about their product.


Greater Engagement


You and your fans can engage more effectively by marketing products that are already well-liked by your audience or that you are aware would benefit them. They will start to engage with your content much more regularly since they can relate to you better.


Increased Income


Several YouTubers that participate in product placement campaigns receive payment in some form, including cash and free gifts. On the other hand, paid product placement increases channel traffic, which could result in more passive income.


Advantages of Free Promotion


The modern-day digital equivalent of word-of-mouth marketing is organic YouTube promotion. In the digital age, getting more eyes on your material and getting them to pay more attention is a difficult task. On YouTube, millions of channels compete daily for the best reach, engagement, and exposure.


The following are some explanations for why organic YouTube promotion still reigns supreme despite all the aforementioned challenges:


It’s Free!


The best thing about organic YouTube promotion is that it offers a 100% return on investment because you gain from it without spending any money on sponsored content or paid advertisements.


For aspiring YouTube stars without a significant marketing budget, this is one of the most crucial advantages. To succeed in the content environment, they just need to play by the algorithm’s rules.


Appears more genuine


Your YouTube videos may seem more authentic and trustworthy to your audience because there are no obvious economic benefits to be gained from your content. They would be aware that your videos were made only for the purpose of harmless expression and not to serve hidden business goals.


Longer lasting


While sponsorships have their own specific terms and conditions attached, paid promotion on YouTube is limited by the amount of available funds and the length of the advertisement. This limits the opportunity for content creators to engage in unrestrained content development. On the other hand, organic promotion pays creators over the long haul.


Keeping a constant channel is one of the best methods to maintain organic reach. When visitors subscribe to your channel, they anticipate regular updates with new content. By maintaining YouTube subscriber engagement, you can foster loyalty.

Add videos to the appropriate pages of your website.


Did you know that 84% of consumers claim that watching a brand’s video persuaded them to buy a product or service? You can reach new audiences, direct users to your YouTube channel, reduce site bounce rates, and perhaps attract new customers by embedding videos on your website.


Consider Lisa Bardot of Bardot Brush. Although Bardot has an amazing YouTube channel and is an expert in Procreate and digital art, she also embeds YouTube videos on her website.


By doing this, Bardot broadens the audience for all of her films, regardless of how her viewers found her—through social media, YouTube, or another platform.


Don’t wait for your videos to get popularity.


Although YouTubers’ growth will be gradual and consistent, every new YouTuber began out exactly where you are. Every popular YouTube channel started out from scratch, and success was only achieved via constant work, clever marketing, and community development.

Make a strategy for advertising your videos and channel, follow it, and you’ll soon notice an increase in your audience and subscriber base. Additionally, you can use your videos and descriptions to entice viewers to subscribe by email once they’ve already done so.

Final Reflections


Our most recent example should reassure you if you were concerned that video marketing wasn’t the best strategy for your industry or company. When you adopt the proper strategy, you may build your own place. Simply continue learning and inquiring. With the most up-to-date and reliable online traffic statistics, Similarweb can be of assistance in this situation.

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