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Top 5 Digital Marketing Institutes Who Provides Placement [List]

You have the advantage to carve out a niche for yourself in this competitive field of online marketing thanks to the several digital marketing courses offered in Kolkata. There are many prospects and potential in the online world. Given that Kolkata is one of the most populated metropolises, taking a course in digital marketing there can lead to employment chances across a variety of industries.

The people of the nation refer to Kolkata as the City of Joy. To develop knowledge and comprehension, it is a place that is constantly willing to adapt to new changes and cutting-edge educational models. You can take use of a variety of options provided by digital marketing courses in Kolkata to grow as a successful web marketer.

Academy of Digital Marketing

A well-known digital marketing institute in India, Academy of Digital Marketing, employs trainers in Kolkata. A faculty is a prestigious group of lecturers from different digital fields who are thought leaders in the field of digital marketing.

All of them are well-known authorities in digital marketing, analytics, SEO, and social media. With the use of case studies in the reference materials, they have a well-thought-out plan for delivering both academic and practical information.


They also prepare the students for the placement process in addition to the various Certification tests. Students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and startup owners who want to publish their abilities in digital marketing for business growth and development are welcome to enrol in the course.

  • 100% employment aid on all industrial gurus’ professional digital marketing training courses
  • Certified Google professionals
  • real-world, worldwide projects and hands-on instruction
  • support following the course, top-notch advanced study resources, and case studies
  • Modern facilities and flexible class times allow working professionals to study when it’s convenient for them

Digital Marketing training


8 months long, including 148 hours of theory and 160 hours of practise.




  • Overview of digital marketing
  • Use of social media
  • Images and video
  • Facebook management and advertising
  • Affiliate Promotion
  • Project management for email marketing
  • Communication with clients
  • SEO methods and recommended practises.


Top industry professionals make up the faculty. They offer lots of help in passing internationally renowned tests including the Facebook Certification, Hubspot Certification, and Google Ads. To remain current in the employment market, the syllabus is revised and given top priority.

W3 Web School


Comprehensive expertise on the various elements of digital marketing is provided by W3 Web School. They have creative and enjoyable methods for teaching students. The instructors are highly qualified and possess outstanding practical knowledge of the various components that go into a successful Digital Marketing strategy.


They have developed teaching methods that are industry- and job-specific and aid in a better understanding of the course’s practical components.


Their programme includes corporate training with independent trainers, workshops, and online training in classroom settings. A few knowledgeable teachers guide candidates for digital jobs at every level.


In addition to their extremely specific Digital Marketing course, they also provide a focused module on advanced PHP site design. WordPress HTML HTML SEO Joomla Drupal Oracle, Java, opencart, and content creation.


Digital Training Course


Content of a Digital Marketing Course


  1. Overview of Digital Marketing
  2. Designing Websites With WordPress
  3. Overview Of Search Engines
  4. Off-Page Improvement
  5. keyword analysis in the marketplace
  6. Regional SEO
  7. Reporting on SEO
  8. Recovery of Penguins
  9. Dispatch Marketing
  10. Shopper’s Google Ads
  11. Certification for Google Adwords
  12. Video Marketing
  13. Social Media Marketing
  14. Mobile Advertising
  15. Email Promotion
  16. Internet Analytics
  17. Beginning as a Freelance Worker
  18. Managing Online Reputation
  19. Audience Feedback
  20. Conversion-tracking
  21. Traffic Statistics
  22. Character Development
  23. Conduct Reports
  24. Adsense by Google
  25. Instagram Marketing
  26. Internet marketing


Additionally, they give you a thorough understanding of the more than 40 instruments that go into business-related digital marketing strategies and planning. These technologies include Hootsuite, Google alerts, LinkedIn, Search Console Followerwonk, Hubspot Certifications, Facebook Business Manager, Google AdWords, and more.




W3 Web School offers refund options to students who are dissatisfied with the course and boasts a 98% pass rate.


For students to fully grasp what the course at W3 Web Education School comprises, a demo session is available, just like at every other reputable Digital Marketing Institute.

Karmick Institute


One of the digital training institutes with a highly well-equipped infrastructure, modern computer systems, and internet access is Karmik Institute.


One of their key features is strengthening learning by providing students with support around-the-clock. Live overseas projects are implemented very successfully, and placement aid has a 100% track record.


It is crucial to create a teaching strategy that places a strong emphasis on helping students—even those with non-technical backgrounds—understand the nuances and complexity of Digital Marketing components.


Karmick Institute ensures that the course is created in a way that enables students with backgrounds outside of information technology and other technical professions to completely understand the ideas of digital marketing.


Advanced Digital Marketing is the course name.

3-month course duration

The following are taught fully across 10 modules, along with test support


  1. Overview of Digital Marketing
  2. Avenues for Digital Marketing
  3. Optimization for search engines
  4. Use of social media
  5. Internet Advertising
  6. Content Promotion
  7. Tracking Web Analytics And Visitors
  8. Email Promotion
  9. Affiliate Promotion
  10. Marketing With Video On YouTube
  11. Twitter Blueprint
  12. Certification by Hubspot
  13. Over a Week’s Time, Live Projects


Along with advanced courses in digital marketing, Karmick Institute also offers PPC, Facebook Ad Management, Google AdWords, Microsoft Ad Center, and Google AdCenter.



AIDM, which was established in 2001, is most likely one of Kolkata’s oldest and best Digital Marketing Institutes. According to the Advanced Institute of Digital Marketing (AIDM), their goal is to not only assist you in developing your knowledge of digital marketing, but also to help you think critically and establish yourself as a leader in your area.


At AIDM, there are three different digital marketing programmes.


  • Program for Digital Marketing Certification
  • Professional Digital Marketing programme
  • advanced digital marketing programme.


Advanced Digital Marketing Program is the name of the course.


Timeframe: six months (72 models are taught)

They offer job-oriented skill development that is industry-specific to assist you in developing into a skilled professional in digital marketing.



  • The Digital Marketing Introduction
  • Website Overview
  • Basics Of Digital Marketing And SEO
  • Optimization for search engines
  • HTML and CSS-enabled WordPress Content Management System
  • Basic Keyword Analysis And Research
  • Optimizing the page Off-Page Improvement
  • Penguin Recuperation
  • Website Revenue Generation
  • Internet Advertising
  • Reporting on Campaign Management
  • Using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn
  • Marketing on Instagram, Pinterest, and Quora
  • Google Analytics
  • Special Reporting
  • High-Tech Segmentation
  • Filters and tracking for e-commerce
  • pages viewed
  • Event Monitoring
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Extensions to Ads
  • Email Promotion
  • Internet marketing
  • Content Promotion
  • a case study
  • Video marketing is only one of many such important fields of study.

The 36 courses that make up the Professional Program in Digital Marketing are taught in-depth over the course of three months.

The Curriculum consists of


Overview of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Content Writing and Strategy, Social Networking Bookmarking, Blogging, LinkedIn And Other Social Media


Twelve fundamental modules of digital marketing are covered in the month-long certification programme.

The course covers core concepts in digital marketing that require in-depth comprehension, such as the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, social media optimization, keyword research, and SEO.

One of India’s top training centres for digital marketing is AIDM. It offers excellent support and placement aid to its students.

Online Marketing Institute


The Internet marketing school offers thorough and advanced training in digital marketing to prepare students to meet industry requirements and follow current trends.


Professionals skilled in digital marketing are in high demand right now. The goal of internet marketing schools is to close the talent gap in the field of digital marketing so that graduates can contribute significantly to the company’s expansion in a favourable way.


Both theoretical and practical expertise are taught in internet marketing schools. Theoretical understanding aids in a deeper comprehension of concepts, and practical expertise aids in the successful use of Digital Marketing components in company.




Small batch sizes, live sessions, instructor-led practise on actual worldwide projects, backup lessons, batch flexibility, doubt-resolution assistance, placement support, simple EMI options, numerous useful Certifications, Advanced Curriculum


The seven locations of the Internet marketing school are in Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, and Siliguri.



Program for Digital Marketing Certification

Premium Digital Marketing Program

A total of 20 modules, 12 Certifications, an advanced competence level, and 70 hours of instruction make up the digital marketing certification programme.




  • Overview of Digital Marketing
  • Planning and creation of websites
  • Development of E-commerce Websites
  • Optimization for search engines
  • PPC Marketing
  • Display Advertising Online
  • Marketing on Facebook and Other Social Media Platforms
  • Affiliate Promotion
  • Adsense by Google
  • Internet marketing
  • Lead Generation is one example.


The 130 hours of training for the premium programme in digital marketing include 30 modules, 16 Certifications, and skill levels in the advanced category as well.


  • The Coursework
  • Blogging
  • Overview of digital marketing
  • Fiverr Project Knowledge
  • Data Studio by Google
  • Managing Online Reputation
  • Content Promotion
  • Drop-Shipping
  • How to Find Freelance Work on Upwork-like Digital Marketing Platforms
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Internet marketing
  • Marketing for WhatsApp
  • Quora Advertising

Digital Marketing Courses in Kolkata

DSIM -4.8/5


The first and best Digital Marketing Institute in India is the Delhi School of Internet Marketing. In 2018, it inaugurated a new location in Kolkata.


When it comes to providing Digital Marketing training and other specialised training in the field of Digital Marketing, DSIM maintains the highest level of quality. Since its founding in 2011, it has trained more than 16,500 professionals in more than 550 batches.


Classroom and online training sessions are the two learning modes.


4 and 6 month training periods

Masters of Digital Marketing course


The course covers Black Hat Techniques, Kunal’s masterclasses, Advanced Optimisation and Marketing Techniques and Strategies, as well as the Digital Marketing training.


Professionals with distinction, such Kunal Chaudhari, Vipul Garg, and Vaibhav Kakkar, make up the faculty.


Additionally, you have access to 15+ Certifications, including Google, Facebook, Hubspot, Rankwatch, and the Delhi School of Internet Marketing Certification, and Rs 76903 worth of free products.


Curriculum (21 Modules, 111 Hours) (21 Modules, 111 Hours)

  • Overview of digital marketing
  • Planning and creation of websites
  • Email Promotion
  • Adwords on Google
  • Creating leads
  • Internet Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing on LinkedIn
  • Other Social Media Marketing Different
  • Video Advertising
  • Internet marketing
  • Content Promotion
  • Managing Online Reputation
  • Affiliate Promotion
  • Blogs and Adsense
  • How to Make Money from Freelance Projects Among Other Things

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