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Top 5 Luxury Furniture Brands to buy for Living Area

We spend most of our time in our living room; therefore it not only needs to look pleasant to the eyes but must also be comfortable and highly functional. Finding the right kind of designer chair or the right size of sofa set for a spacious living room is a tedious task. For this, you often have to do a market survey in terms of the latest designs, price range, the material used, and your budget. To avoid this dilemma, today we have listed down a few of the must-have furniture items to revamp your living room and furnish it into a luxurious space of the house. 

1-Go exceptional with your coffee table

The first thing that draws your attention once you enter a living room is the huge sized coffee table sets placed in the centre or of the room. Most people like to place the usual decorative items or coffee books, on the coffee tables, however, you can put up some unique objects like classic pots, clay work, or planters which will enhance and juxtapose the items placed on the table. We have a place for you all where you can find just the right type of designer coffee table that will allow you to experiment with such unconventional decorative ideas. 

 “Meeshan Luxe Home” offers a range of exotic and regal looking coffee table sets to revolutionize your living area. The marble top table collection of the coffee tables at the Meeshan store will make a classic choice for your living room. It is so because the marble top always makes the set blend in with the background colour and other furniture sets placed in the same space. Other than Meeshan, you may also want to check out the designer coffee table collection at Habitt as they all have stylish and sleek looking coffee tables in MDF tops with metal supports. Another option for you guys to check out is “Interwood” where you’d find centre table sets, in various designs that are traditional and modern both. 

If quality is what you cannot compromise on, then simply head over to “Meeshan Luxe Home” to take the perfect and trendy set of coffee tables for your living room.

2-Redfine neutral with your sofa set and chairs

If you don’t like too much colour or bold patterns running all over your furniture sets, then you should go for neutral hues only for your living area’s furniture. To make your living room look extravaganza, pick neutral shaded sofa sets or sofa chair sets and add a pop of colour with bold pattern cushions, vibrant throws, side table lamps or rugs. 

Meeshan’s has got a sleek designer chair collection to be added to your living room, for your to relax, sit back and read your comic or sip your tea. They also have an amazing yet exotic collection of two-seater and three-seater sofa sets in neutral shades that will lift the aura of the entire space. 

On the other hand, when you have got ample space in your living room, you may also add a minimalistic dining table chairs set for a causal sitting and eating spot. You might want to check out “Gourmet Furnishers” for the vast range of dining table sets in six-seater, eight-seater, and ten-seater as well. However, in our view, their set of tables appears to be very heavy and gaudy which can be placed in selective settings. So if you want to keep it simple yet trendy, you know where to go-Meeshan Luxe Home. 

3- Keeping it classic and crisp with all white!

If you feel like going against the waves and taking a leap of faith, then go for an all-white theme. For a pristine looking living room, you may want to have all your furniture including console tables, sofas, chairs, and nesting tables in white. 

White is always there for you when you don’t just want to experiment with the ever-changing trends anymore. Check out Meeshan’s luxurious nesting table set in white marble top and bronze metal supports for a royal finish. You can purchase from either of the nesting table set with white marble top in square or round shape. 

On the other hand, “Gourmet furnishers” offers traditional-looking nesting table set in various colours, like ivory, oak, black, etc. Again, Gourmet furnishers seem to offer traditional looking furniture for living space. 

“Urban Galeria” also has a great variety of simplistic and unique designs of these side table sets in both wood and marble tops that will instantly add glamour to your space. They too have bronze and brass metal supports in various designs to create a modern ambience. 

4-Know your place well

Before you decide to furnish your home with stylish and modern furniture items, it’s important to know and realize how much space you have and the way you can decorate it. Now spacious living rooms can fit in large sofa sets, like three-seater sets or ottoman stools. Whereas smaller areas can also be furnished with small furniture items like console tables, nesting tables, or side tables. 

Mirrored console tables are the latest trend as it gives an illusion of more space in terms of length and width. Add this elegant piece of beauty at the side of your living area or in between the sofa chair sets, with a minimal planter set or clay pot to enhance its beauty.  

Meanwhile, a console with a marble table is also a trendy piece of furniture to add to your space if you have a spacious lounge. You may also place it in the entrance lobby or the foyer area. Put on some big sized planters of artificial flowers to add a pop of grace right away. For the latest addition to your home, check out the collection of classic console tables at Urban Galleria, as they have a variety of metal console tables, with marble top table with stylish metallic frames and legs. However, if you have a fixed budget, you can revert to Meeshan, which has a similar collection of these console tables. 

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