Top 5 Webinar Platforms With a Free Trial

In the last two years, we have seen a shift in the event industry. Owing to the pandemic, virtual events and webinars have become more popular than ever. We believe the upcoming few years are all going to be about online events and webinars. Webinars are simply defined as seminars being hosted on digital platforms. These platforms go with the name webinar platforms. 

There are several webinar platforms in the industry that allow users to host webinars. In this blog, we will share a list of the best webinar platforms

Hence, without any ado, let us get into the blog. 


  • Mixhubb: 

Mixhubb is an online all-in-one platform that allows users to host immersive and closer-to-reality events. It comes with a 3D interface that allows users to give a realistic touch to their webinars and events. Not only this, Mixhubb is a customizable platform that lets the users design their webinars however they want. Also, it is a self-managed webinar platform that enables the hosts to manage their webinars according to their needs and demands. Mixhubb is an all-in-one platform that has got all your needs covered. So, be it any kind of event, Mixhubb allows you to host them with utmost efficiency and convenience. Also, it is a scalable platform which means that the organizers can use this platform to match their requirements and host events beyond their scale and types. 

Mixhubb comes with a set of powerful tools and features that enable users to execute their ideas and plans in the most seamless way possible. Some tools that Mixhubb comes with are audience interactivity tools, engagement opportunities, recording, screen sharing, etc. Not only this, but it also provides them with live chat options, which enable the attendees to interact with each other. Apart from that, Mixhubb provides the users with networking tools such as Networking Tables and AI-Matchmaking. 

Also, this customizable event platform comes with a free trial for one month; the users can use this period to host an unlimited number of events. 


  • WebinarJam: 

The next platform we would include in our list of the top 5 webinar platforms is WebinarJam. It is an ideal platform for those who want to create webinars to engage with the audience and host interactive webinars. WebinarJam is an expert platform that one can use to host live as well as on-demand webinars effortlessly. Also, it comes with a live analytics tool helping the users analyze their events in detail. comes with a set of powerful audience engagement tools that help the users keep their audience hooked to the webinars and boost interactivity between the speakers and the audience. 


  • JetWebinar: 

JetWebinar is a completely safe and secure platform that makes sure that you host your webinars with utmost safety and security. It comes with a sound interface and protected webinar rooms that require passwords to access the webinars. It comes with live and detailed analytics for the organizers to know and analyze their webinars and strategies in detail. Apart from that, JetWebinar also provides users with audience engagement tools like live chat. These features boost interactivity among the audience and the speakers. Also, these tools promote two-way communication in a rather non-interactive webinar. In addition, this platform comes with a simple and easy-to-use interface as well as reliable customer management. 


  • BigMarker: 

BigMarker is one of the most looked-after webinar platforms, which comes with a set of amazing and diverse features that help the organizers set up their webinars easily and hassle-free. BigMaker has a simple and intuitive interface making it easy for the organizers as well as the attendees to access the webinar. It provides the users with a plethora of tools helping them execute their ideas effectively with utmost perfection. Also, its webcast mode makes sure that the quality of the webinar doesn’t get affected due to bad internet connectivity. Not only this, BigMarker ensures that you deliver your webinars successfully; for this, it comes with integration capabilities, helping the users elevate their webinars. You can host all kinds of webinars with BigMarker. 


  • Demio:

Last but not least, the name that makes it to our list of the top 5 webinar platforms is Demio. Demio is an all-in-one platform that comes with all kinds of features helping the users conduct webinars without any chaos. It doesn’t come with boundations and compulsions such as downloading and installing other software and applications. It comes with customization capabilities that help the organizers align their objectives with the platform, expanding the branding of the webinar. Also, one can host live as well as automated webinars on this platform. To ensure that your webinars are a treat to watch, Demio provides its users with a set of amazing and out-of-the-box tools that help them level up their webinars.


The platforms we have included in this list are our top picks when we talk about the best webinars offering a free trial in 2022. Also, these platforms are trusted by several organizers across the globe. It is due to the fact that not only do they offer excellent features, but they are also easy to manage. You can get your hands on any of these platforms and host exclusive and class-apart webinars. 

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