Types of Private Jets: Which One is For You?

The aeroplane rides onward in the space between heaven and the Earth like a graceful bird with silver wings. It slices through the soft and fluffy cushions. Always on sleek and perfect tracks. It lands on the brightly lit tarmac with its big wheels, kissing the Earth with joyous bounces.

You can make this ride extra special by flying private. Privacy, unparalleled comfort and time savings are some of the additional perks of private jets. Private aviation companies in Dubai offer a mesmerizing river of smiles brightly reflected in the sun. Cozy sleeping areas, contemporary hot showers, lavish board rooms and plush seats with spacious legroom are exclusive features that come with the type of private jet you have booked.

While planning to buy your own private jet or wishing to charter one, you must recognize which type suits your needs and requirements the most. Your decision will ensure a pleasant, comfortable and enjoyable trip.

We have listed the specifications of different types of private jets, which will help you make a decision precisely.

1.  What Is Closed Within a Very Light Jet?

The most recent and exciting addition in the private aviation industry is the smallest – Very Light Jet (VLJ). They are cost-effective to operate and easier to maintain in comparison to the standard light jets. Also, they are usually offered as an alternative to piston and turboprop aircraft.

They are ideal for short-haul distances or a maximum flight time of three hours. They cannot manage the range the light jets offer. However, VLJs can give them a competition in terms of speed, like a turtle winning the race against a rabbit.

Owing to the fact that they use shorter runways and lands in areas often inaccessible to commercial airlines, they are given the name ‘Compact Light Jets’. Moreover, these jets can accommodate around four to seven passengers and can bear the weight of a reasonable amount of luggage. But they do not have room for a cabin attendant.

2.  What does a Mid-size Cabin Jet have to offer?

Mid-size private jets are a reasonable choice for travellers who desire a much larger capacity. It guarantees a much more luxurious and well-rounded mix of comfort and value. Also, these jets come in a wide range of options in terms of speed, flying range and comfort, making them feasible for both short and long-haul flights.

It offers a fashionable interior and a comforting capacity for five to ten passengers. It comes with amenities such as an ample luggage compartment, fold-out divans, stand-up cabins, an enclosed shower, a refreshment center and an onboard lavatory. In addition, people who want to keep connected to the Earth and be productive can benefit from its Wi-Fi capability.

These jets are more cost-effective in contrast to heavy jets and can use smaller airports.

3.  Boasting Significantly Larger Cabins

Elite travelers can enjoy flying in a cotton-cloud sky if they book a heavy jet like Bombardier Challenger 605. Heavy jets offer a few upgrades such as first-class seats, spacious legroom and pull-out tabletops. That is not all. Private aviation boasts their exclusively larger cabins that can accommodate around ten to more passengers.

It will have you praying for minutes to get longer due to its higher level of aviation comfort, exclusivity, elegance and privacy. All the executive features such as flight attendants providing in-flight catering, entertainment space, warm sleeping areas, Wi-Fi availability and enclosed bathrooms will have you spellbound.

Most importantly, these super king-size jets have a travelling range of 4,000 miles and a flying capacity of more than nine hours.

4.  Lavishing Executive Liners/Bizliners

As the word ‘executive’ suggests, these private jets are the most expensive aircraft in the aviation market. It is because they offer a high level of customization, specially modified for business travel or personal use.

You will pay to experience the richest experience, capturing a glimpse of the elite lifestyle. Along with splendid interiors, spacious private suites, ensuite showers and an onboard cocktail lounge, it offers a range of exclusive amenities. These amenities include conference rooms, spacious dining areas, walk-in closets, overhead storage compartments and a full gallery managed by flight attendants.  

They are ideal for intercontinental flights or flights that last for more than 10 hours. It means that they can navigate higher altitudes and operate in almost every weather condition.

Are You Chartering or Owning a Private Jet?

Just like Emirates Airlines, chartering or owning a private jet is a lifestyle. Dubai private jet services will have you drooling once the jet is in the air. It will provide you with the most extraordinary and unforgettable experience!

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