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I bet that everybody is aware of the importance of tires to vehicles. But did you know that tires are of different types? If not, don’t worry I will tell you about different types of car tires based on several factors. Factors include car types, their usage conditions, and types of roads. There is a wide variety available for various types of vehicles.

Sports tires

Do you use your car in Pakistan for racing purposes? If yes, you will need to insert sports tires. These tires are for fast cars with powerful engines. They help give more traction and control while driving on highways and other types of roads. That may not be in good condition.

They tend to have stiffer sidewalls which can grip the road better without flexing too much while cornering at high speeds. This allows the driver to turn at faster speeds while still maintaining control over the vehicle itself.

The tread pattern on sports tires helps in dispersing water on wet roads so that there won’t be any hydroplaning. But remember that sports tires are not for driving on gravel or snowy tracks.

Low Profile tires:

There is a reduction in the overall body height of these types of tires because there is a lower sidewall profile. It can reduce the overall vehicle weight by up to 50% which allows the car in Pakistan to accelerate and brake with ease.

However, this also results in less contact area between the tire and road surface causing poor handling over bumps and uneven surfaces than regular types of tire since they will have more flexing during cornering manoeuvres at high speeds.

Low Profile tires can also provide an increase in fuel economy as it reduces the overall weight of the vehicle. However, the lower sidewall profile of this type of tire does not perform as well as regular types of tires on wet roads as water does not get dispersed easily resulting in hydroplaning.

Therefore it is advisable to drive carefully while using these types of tires during periods where there is a high probability of rain or snowfall.

Folding Bead Tire:

These types are without reducing their size due to folded bead design. They come with a  disadvantage because the tires of your used car in Pakistan need to be replaced separately and it results in a higher cost of replacing them.

Folding bead types can also expand if there is any kind of puncture. you will not notice unless you check for this or get your tire pressure checked at regular intervals. Because the car owners would not feel anything unusual while driving. This type of tire does not perform as well as other types in terms of traction.   

Street/Sport Truck Tire:

These are for truck types that require high-speed performance and even slight curves. They have performance characteristics suited for fast speeds on highways. Here they have less flexing while maintaining excellent handling capabilities when running at top speeds.

Sport truck tire has great traction on wet roads because of ridged sidewalls designed to keep the tire firmly placed on the road. 

All-Season Tires:

All-season tires perform well under most types of weather but usually do not excel in any one condition such as snow, dry or wet roads. Since all seasons tires tend to perform equally well in many conditions they do not experience much flexing while cornering at high speeds. This makes them ideal types of tires so that may use in sub-zero temperatures where there is snow or ice on the road.

Their performance capabilities are also furthered by run-flat types. That has a special inside construction with stiff sidewalls which give less rolling resistance while moving forward. This type of tire can take more time to break in though and does not perform as well as regular types when starting from the stationary position due to stiffer sidewalls.


We hope by reading this article, you have gotten a comprehensive knowledge about various types of tires. Remember, you can never insert one type of tire on any used car in Pakistan. Tires should be chosen depending upon your needs. 

Therefore it is advisable to drive carefully while using these types of tires during rainy periods.

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