Tyre Safety Myths That Must Be Debunked Soon

Tyres, you know, are a critical safety component of your car. Your car cannot even move an inch without tyres. They are the car component that makes your ride a smooth one. The tyre industry has evolved over the years. Bridgestone tyres Peterborough now come with so many added features, which makes maintenance a lot easier. 

Tyres cannot last more than 8 years no matter how expensive they are. However, as a new car owner, you might have come across some misinformation regarding tyre safety. This would damage your tyres further rather than protect them. Below find some of the notable ones.

New Car Tyres Should Always Go At The Front

If you are looking for new sets of tyres for your car, you might have often heard, placing the new tyres at the front would increase your performance. This is completely wrong and actually, installing tyres at the rear provides you with greater hydroplaning resistance. The front-wheel axle cannot provide optimum hydroplaning resistance, and your vehicle would become a lot more susceptible to skidding on wet roads.

When you place new tyres at the back, hydroplaning would happen at the front wheels before it reaches the back one. Understeer is a condition that is easier to rectify than oversteer, which could jeopardise your safety. When going for new tyres, if you cannot purchase all four together, it would be best to check all the old tyres and observe their tread. Tread is important as it ensures grip and control while driving. 

New Tyres Can Never Deteriorate 

This is one of the biggest myths you would get to hear about tyres. New tyres indeed come in healthy condition, and good ones will last for up to 8 years. However, external factors alongside your driving habits have a huge role to play in determining your tyre’s longevity and condition. The main reasons behind tyre damage would be wear and tear, which happens only when your tyres have faced the harsh roads for a long time. 

The ageing of your tyres could also speed up if they are kept exposed to sunlight, rain and cold. New tyres can get damaged early if you do not give them the care they deserve, including keeping your vehicle in a garage, checking the tyre pressure frequently and getting the tyres rotated. 

The Sidewall Mentions Recommended Tyre Pressure 

The tyre pressure which you see marked on the sidewall of your car’s tyres is not the recommended tyre pressure. It is the maximum tyre pressure at which your car tyres would be able to safely operate even when loaded to maximum capacity. The recommended tyre pressure would be mentioned in the car manual or the door placard. 

Abiding by this, your tyres would last long. However, if you have changed the car tyre size, the recommended tyre pressure would change as well for which you should be talking to your tyre dealer. 

Excessive Pumping Causes Tyre Bursts 

Often car owners have heard that excessive pressure inside your tyre could cause a tyre blowout. However, the maximum pressure mentioned on the car manual and the tyre’s maximum pressure is completely different. This is the maximum load that the tyres could take. Chances that your tyres will burst if you exceed that number are rare. 

However, you must follow your tyre’s recommended pressure as mentioned in the car manual. The new car tyres are always more robust and durable than the older ones; however, remember too much pressure could potentially decrease your tyre’s performance. Therefore, these are some of the tyre myths, which should be debunked.

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