Valuable Items in Your Auto Parts

Follow us as we indulge you on a tour of your most valuable auto part Australia. We’ll go through each section, highlighting the essential items. Having a reasonable level of mechanical aptitude and some crucial tools suitable for the task will be pretty beneficial. Let’s get start!

Valuable Items Inside your Car

Your Navigation System with GPS

When your automobile was new, these sophisticated built-in navigation systems were a highly pricey choice. Even though Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have made it simple to utilize your smartphone for in-car navigation, these built-in GPS systems still have some secondary market value. The final market for these systems is existing owners of the same system who require new components such as the touchscreen. Post your stuff on a local owner’s forum, Craigslist, or contact local vehicle recyclers.

Your Audio Devices

When most drivers utilize their audio systems in their cars daily, the systems eventually fail. You can sell your automobile audio system for money if it is in good working order. It will be considerably easier to sell an aftermarket system installed in a range of automobiles.

Your Airbags

When an airbag breaks following a crash, it must replaced – unless the vehicle is damage, of course! Because every car sold now comes with several airbags, a considerable secondary market has evolved, especially given the high cost of brand-new airbags. The airbag (in the steering wheel hub), the front passenger’s airbag (within the dashboard on the passenger side), and, if installed, the driver’s knee airbag (inside the lower dash on the driver’s side) is the most easily accessible airbags in the car. The primary purchasers are auto recyclers and body shops.

Seats for you

Over time, vehicle seats subjected to a great deal of abuse. The padding collapses, the upholstery wears down, and the frames disintegrate. Many owners of older automobiles are on the lookout for new seats for their vehicles.

Valuable Components on the Outside Of Your Car


Today’s automobile bumpers are very complex body elements. Modern bumpers, which are no longer the plain metal bars of the past, integrate perfectly into a car’s body, merging its front- and rear-end appearance. Bumpers are frequently the first thing to damage in an accident and, if badly crushed, will require replacement. Because new bumpers are expensive, buyers and body shops are looking for used alternatives. You can sell them to a vehicle recycler if they’re in good condition.


Fenders expose vital body elements located at the four corners of a vehicle that are frequently damage or destroy in small and large collisions. Because used fenders are usually repainted to match the rest of the affected car during the repair process, they are desirable and practical as replacement parts.

Your Tailgate, Rear Hatch, and Trunk Lid

These body components, all of which can be found towards the back of the vehicle, are regular victims of rear-end collisions (along with the rear bumper). For those types of repairs, many automobile owners and body shops are looking for secondhand versions.

Your Car’s hoods

The hood of a car is likely to damage in any front-end accident. Because hoods are meant to crumple to absorb collisions, a lot of hood damage is irreversible. If your hood is in good condition, it can use as a new hood on someone else’s vehicle. The excellent part is that you get cash for it!

Windshields and other types of glass

Windshields and other automotive windows frequently smashed. Glass in a car can shatter by accidents, extreme temperatures, flying stones, hail, storm debris, high winds, baseballs or golf balls, and even break-ins. This has resulted in a massive market for auto glass replacements. Used auto glass is the most cost-effective option for individuals who do not have enough insurance coverage. Try vehicle recyclers or auto glass companies to locate a market for yours.

The Lights In Your Headlights And Taillights

Headlight and taillight assemblies are becoming increasingly sophisticated. These parts are pretty expensive when purchased new, hence used versions will hold some value. Your headlight components will be worth even more if your automobile has pricey HID, Xenon, or LED headlights. Many vehicles use expensive LEDs, even in taillights. Replacement is the only choice when these expose elements on the front and back of a car are hit. Automotive recycling yards are your greatest bet for a buyer.

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