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A company with the capacity to meet all your needs and deliver custom orders of large sizes. Our experts know the essence and concept behind your design. execute each design with the smallest attention and detail.

Digital service for embroidery

Custom digitization is a great way to promote your business. Using Willcom helps the digital embroidery business grow. We offer the most hand-crafted and copyable custom embroidery digitizer files for many products, such as bags, uniforms, coats, and cap logos.

Silkscreen printing

The best and most reliable way to screenprint is to create artwork manually in AI (Adobe Illustration). Our seasoned professionals know the value of designs on fabric, jackets, or bags. Everyone wants good-quality prints. We provide an AI service for screen printing without using any automated AI software.

All you have to do is send us a sketch photo and our skilled professionals will convert it to a vector file or whatever format you need with all the little details. And give you a perfect silkscreen printing service with modifications

Size and style

Rubber patch

PVC (polyvinylchloride) or rubber patches are the best choices for rough fabrics or outdoor use. Due to their waterproof nature, these stickers are durable and perform best in harsh conditions such as mud, rain, or pressure. PVC patches work best in military and police uniforms.

But because of the rubber, they are very flexible and soft. It is a unique and modern style. And the rubber with colorful cartoon artwork gives it a flawless, smart, sophisticated look.


If you are looking for stylish and rough-use stickers for your denim jackets, hats, and uniforms, try this 3D PVC or rubber stickers.

Piece of leather

Leather adds style and class to your accessories or clothing. You can choose the size, color combination of the skin patches and get the patches completely customized to your requirements.

So, if you want to show a realistic image of your design, leather patches are the best way to look sophisticated and expensive. You can add a personal touch and choose from our sample or color range. 

Leather patches are mainly applied on jeans, bags, clothes and give an elegant and luxurious look.

Thermal paste

Heat-resistant ceiling stickers or iron stickers are the most traditional and popular of all stickers. Supposing you are looking for the best embroidery patch with glue option on the back, then find our custom iron patch pattern. Our experts combine high-quality threading and turn your design into a wearable industry.

Thermal Ceiling Patches allow you to wear embroideries of the design of your choice. Send us your design and our experts will create the best quality patch for you.

The stickers attach easily to the ceiling or the heated iron and you will love them.

Knitted patch

We wholesale knitted logos, labels, satin labels.

If you like fine yarn and tight-knit embroidered patches, knitted patches are a great solution. You can display your design in high resolution. Due to the subtle and self-contained themes, you can easily show sharp details about your business.

Even if you want to cover 100% of the thread without exposing the background, our experts can make it better for you by giving it a unique and luxurious look. You can choose from a plastic, iron, or glue backing.

Knitted patch embroidery is suitable for small letter designs. 

Sewing yarn

The yarn patches are colorful and handcrafted. They add charm to any type of clothing product. You can decorate items in your wardrobe with these bright yarn patches. The yarn patch will help the design or the fabric has a scratch. It enhances uniqueness and class.

Our experts create the perfect channel patch for you. We offer handcrafted channel patches that fit your business perfectly. We use the finest quality yarn and our team knows the value of color and transforms your design or artwork into beautiful, attractive yarn patches.

Printed patches

If you want to display the original look of your design in a patch style, a printed patch is the only solution.

Printed patches show your design photos. In printed patches, realistic shadows in full detail are easily rendered.

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