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Ways to make money online by shortening URLs with Tweetbucks

You know you can even make money by posting your tweets on Twitter with Tweetbucks. You may need to shorten the link to best fit your tweets, which can be done with Tweetbucks. So you will be able to earn money from this website when you shorten URL using their service which is available for free and you also get some money on pay per click basis. Here is the exact process you need to follow to start making money with Tweetbucks:

Tweetbucks Account: To start making money with Tweetbucks, you must have an account with three websites: Twitter, Paypal, and You must have a Paypal account as PayPal is the only payment method they use to send payments to their members.

You need Twitter to send tweets to your Twitter followers

And of course, you need a Tweetbucks account to shorten your URL and track your earnings from their service. Click the links below if you don’t already have an account with any of these services: Paypal, Twitter, and Tweetbucks.

Use Tweetbucks services: You won’t pay a single penny to use their services. So just go ahead and use the Tweetbucks website to shorten your links and include them in your Twitter tweets. And when someone clicks on your links, you will be paid for each click. You can use your Tweetbucks account to track your earnings and even track how many clicks you’ve generated for a URL you’ve tweeted.

Payment system: Tweetbucks gives us $5 as a gift (signup bonus) when we first create our account with them. But we need to earn another $20 to get our first payment from them because their minimum payout is $25. And they send all payments monthly via Paypal only.

Tweetbucks Bookmarklet Tool: Tweetbucks offers a bookmarklet tool that you can use to speed up the URL shortening process. To use this tool, you just need to drag it from the right sidebar of Tweetbucks in the toolbar section.

Once you’ve placed the bookmark tool on your toolbar

The URL shortener can be used in your Twitter tweets with just one click. And don’t forget to include a special box under the Free URL shortener that will place the ad banner on the page you’re submitting. Currently, the ad frame pays $1 to $2 per thousand impressions.

Affiliate Channels: You can even use their services to earn money from affiliate websites. Let’s say you recommend a search book to someone, you can find that book on Amazon or any affiliate website you use and shorten the link to that search book using Tweetbucks’ URL shortening service. With this, you will get paid per click and you will also receive a certain percentage of the sale price.

Referral Program: We can earn money with them by bringing new members to their network. We will receive 10 percent of the total revenue generated by the members we refer to their network for six months from the date they are approved as Tweetbucks members.

About URL Shorteners

Although URL shorteners have been around for a long time, they have only recently become popular with the advent of Twitter. If you’re wondering what Short links are, it’s an online application that converts a regular URL into a compressed format.

To shorten a link, all you have to do is copy and paste it into the software of your choice, then click “shorten” and you’ll have your shortened link in seconds.

Tweetbucks Brings Affiliate Fees To Twitter Users

Talking about how to monetize Twitter, both from a founder’s point of view and from a third-party perspective, is dominating the web of conversation these days. Tweetbucks, a startup founded by entrepreneur Chris Sukornyk, is hoping to monetize Twitter, Facebook, and FriendFeed users by leveraging affiliate fees and CPCs from ads.

Here is how it works

Tweetbucks has a database of thousands of online sellers offering referral fees (or the money you get from a seller when promoting your product that leads to a purchase), including Amazon, BestBuy, Barnes & Noble, and All you need to do is find a product on a retail website, enter it on the Tweetbuck site, and the startup will automatically shorten (via and convert it into a link is enabled affiliate, refer to the website’s database of online sellers. pay the link fee. You can then add the link in a Tweet, Facebook status update, or FriendFeed message.

Every time people click on your link and your recommendation leads to a purchase, the online seller pays you a commission. For example, the referral fee for Amazon’s Associate’s program ranges between 6%, BestBuy pays 3-4% and CompUSA pays around 6%. Tweetbucks will take 30% of what you earn through each referral leaving you 70%. So if you send a link via Tweet to a Kindle that’s on sale on Amazon for $359 and someone buys a Kindle from the link, you’ll get $15.12 and Tweetbucks will get $6.46. On the other hand, if your affiliate fee comes from a book on Barnes & Noble (which also pays 6%) for a total of $16.76 you will get $0.70 cents and Tweetbucks will get 0.30 US dollars.

Tweetbucks also allows you to monetize any non-retail site

By allowing you to enable “custom ad frames” on the website you Tweet the link to. Tweetbucks displays an ad at the top of your landing page and you earn a rate of change (CPC) per click. You can also customize this ad frame to include a hyperlinked logo of your choice. The compensation from this doesn’t seem to have as much potential as affiliate fees; Sukornyk says profits are in the range of $1 to $2 per thousand clicks.

Tweetbucks gives you $5 free in your account to get started and pays you via PayPal every month. You can also earn a 10% commission on all revenue earned from people you refer to Tweetbucks for 6 months after their approval date. Sending links to friends and followers without them knowing that you will cut their sales is a bit shady. Sukornyk encourages Tweetbucks users to add the hashtag #tweetbucks to the end of any link so that people who click on your link will know what you have in it.

This has some similarities to Microsoft’s controversial CashBack program

Which gives users monetary incentives to click through and buy products from the ads they are shown. But Tweetbucks gives users the power to monetize others (and prohibits users from clicking and buying from the links themselves).

There seems to be an entire double-edged sword problem with Tweetbucks. The more affiliate links you send, the more people buy from that link and the more money you make. But the more links you send, whether via Twitter, Facebook or FriendFeed. The more you hover over that line as spammers fake links to retail sites. And you can become an opportunity if you send tons of links that make you money every day, whether you disclose it or not. I guess it’s inevitable that services will eventually leverage the power of links to Twitter, FriendFeed. And Facebook for monetary purposes.

Advantages of URL shorteners

They make links more manageable

 Because they are long, they are usually very difficult to share in emails, web pages, and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. When URLs are shortened. They are easy to share.

This makes it easier to track and aggregate click data

Recent studies have shown that URL shorteners play an important role in providing data that shows the number of people who clicked on a link. The most clicked link, and other information.

The collected data is of great importance to webmasters and companies. This is because the information shows where traffic is coming from and what people are most interested in.

By collecting data, webmasters and companies can develop products focused on people’s needs.

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