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2021 web development trends

The most important word in “Run-Pakistan” in 2020 is “self-isolation”, and in the world – its synonym is “blockade”. These concepts create a new reality in our lives. A reality that extends to the cyber realm and defines the trends of today’s relevant cyber developments. Let’s define some of them with examples of projects we have implemented.

what trend  awaits in 2021

Online Representation Demand

In 2020, many business representatives have gone online, so competition, especially in the field of e-commerce, has increased significantly. This requires that business owners a) decide to develop a website if they have not already done so, b) improve an existing website or even create a new one.

Nowadays, an effective web development Company in Lahore is one that saves the user time. The target audience attaches great importance to speed, so the website should have features that allow quick selection and ordering. Fast loading of the website, filtering according to different criteria and easy and convenient navigation are essential components for usability. Detailed descriptions and high-quality photos convince customers of the excellent quality of the goods/services, and an appealing website ultimately creates trust in the company. All this almost guarantees that the user will not switch to another website. Otherwise, he will go in search of something simpler and more convenient.

g interactive on the site

Interactive and gamification

Users are already tired of the abundance of available information, so a minimalist style in design is one of the trends in 2021, and in terms of website content – various interactive moments: cost calculators, questionnaires, filters, games, etc. An example from our practice. Kitty Polyglot on the website of our web studio – by clicking on the appropriate buttons you can make Kitty draw!

Not all clients creating and promoting web sites are aware of this trend, and demand is slowly growing – but it’s growing!

new features in online stores

New features in online stores

With many businesses going online in 2020, competition, especially in e-commerce, has increased significantly. This requires businesses to a) decide to create a website if they haven’t already done so, and b) improve their existing website or even create a new one.

Today, an effective website is one that saves users time. The target audience places a lot of emphasis on speed, so the site should have features that allow for quick selection and ordering. Fast loading pages, filtering by different criteria and easy and convenient navigation are essential elements of user-friendliness. Detailed descriptions and high-quality photos will convince customers of the excellent quality of the goods/services, and an attractive website will ultimately inspire confidence in the company. All this will almost guarantee that users will not go to other websites. Otherwise, they will look for something easier and more convenient.

teleworking tools

Remote tools

Not only turnover, but also people have moved online. Employers are faced with the need to find or create effective tools for remote downsizing (another word in the 2020 rankings, by the way). Smaller companies are turning to specialized solutions like Bitrix24, while larger companies are creating their own portals for narrow requirements. Even industrial companies are trying to reduce the number of human contacts web development  by moving to self-service kiosks and remote applications. The trend in 2021 is a growing need for accounting and control tools for companies, hence the growing interest in CRM, including deeper implementation of such systems.

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Chatbots are becoming smarter, solving more and more user problems, and becoming more and more popular. Another benefit is that you don’t need to pay a bot a salary. According to experts, the day will soon come when chatbots will be able to completely replace support services.

Of course, the scope of artificial intelligence is not limited to communication with users. On the aforementioned e-commerce site, bots are negotiating with humans, you know. And humans can do more important things in the meantime.


Demand for companies providing a range of services

Another trend in the development of the Internet in 2021: users tend to turn to companies that can create turnkey online businesses web development, that is, they offer a full range of services: Creation of the website, its promotion in search engines, CRM implementation, contextual advertising, integration of the website with the account system (most often – with the 1C program). Within the same organization, interaction between specialists is faster. Complex problems are solved together, which means that the speed of order processing increases.

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