What Are The 10 Top Phobias?

AN individual’s life is encircled by several phobias, also known as psychiatric illnesses. These phobias are found in both women and men. Here are some of the common phobias in which a phobic person gets extreme fear and anxiety-


Acrophobia is the fear of heights that is believed to be partially ingrained. It can be both biological or evolutionary. More than 6% of people are impacted by this sort of phobia. Getting afraid of heights is normal but people with Acrophobia get anxiety attacks because of heights. Those people should avoid going to high places such as tall buildings, bridges, towers, etc.


Another type of phobia is Trypanophobia which means fear of injections. It’s a condition in which it becomes important to avoid medical treatments. As per estimation, 20% to 30% of people are affected by this type of phobia. At times, the symptoms of this phobia develop so much that it becomes too much stressing.


Atychiphobia means fear of failure that one of the most common phobias that can be seen in people. Everyone is afraid of failure but this phobia makes a person unable to progress in life. The intense fear of failure can also people to avoid any activity or situation from doing that has the potential for an unsuccessful result. When people are not able to overcome their anxiety related to this phobia, they should seek help from psychologists.


This phobia is an intense fear of enclosed spaces. Feeling claustrophobic is a common symptom that can be seen in many people. But, those who’ve intense symptoms find difficulty in breathing properly when they’re in a dark and closed area. Anxiety and fear are often provoked when one feels trapped in a closed space with no way out. As per estimation, it is believed that approximately 5% of the population is having claustrophobia.


Those who fear of driving are known to have xenophobia. Those who’re suffering from this phobia experience extreme anxiety whenever they are behind the steering wheel. This can be similar to acute stress disorder depending on their individual experience. Vehophobia can happen to people who have previously been involved in any sort of vehicular accident. Trembling, sweating and nausea are some common symptoms of xenophobia. And this research is done by our Essay helper, Eddie Broke.

Social phobia

One of the most common phobias is social phobia which means fear of social interactions. This is also known as social anxiety disorder where people find difficulty in making communication with others. People with such phobia avoid meetings, social gatherings, and other events. It is mainly a type of anxiety disorder that can create extreme fear in a social setting. To overcome such a situation, one can go for therapy and consultation sessions can that can help in gaining more confidence.


This is the fear of flying where the phobic person might have intense anxiety in an airplane. This is also referred to as flying anxiety. If anyone is having a bad flight-related experience in the past then this issue might get triggered. People with a fear of flying experience intense anxiety and persistent fear while flying. They also avoid flying if they experience intense symptoms. Anxiety provoking factors of flying are turbulence, bad weather, and bad turbulence.


Arachnophobia is an intense and irrational fear of spiders. The fear of spiders is known as arachnophobia and it is too common. This phobia is of extreme fear of spiders in which people develop excessive fear of creatures. Many people are uncomfortable around spiders but a few experience intense anxieties when they see a spider.


Agoraphobia is a fear of being alone in a place where escape can be difficult. This situation can trigger a panic attack in the phobic person. This type of phobia also includes the fear of specific situations or crowded places. Sometimes, a phobic person fears of leaving their homes. It’s a panic disorder that leads to anxiety. And you can also read more at paiddailyusa.


Mysophobia means an excessive fear of dirt and germs. A phobic person can engage themselves in compulsive hand-washing and extreme cleaning. It’s a type of obsessive-compulsive disorder that requires therapy and consultation. At times, this phobia can also result in people avoiding handshakes or physical contact with other people out of fear of contamination. Mysophobia is a psychological disorder that can be reduced to a great extent with the help of experts.

To sum up

There are different types of phobias that are listed above. One needs to have a clear understanding of all these phobias who are studying psychology. Are you stuck with your psychology assignment? Do you require My assignment Help from expert writers? If yes then consider connecting with MyAssignemntHelpAU which offers excellent assignment writing services for any subject and topic.


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