What Are The Alternatives To A Business Landline Service?

Today, business communications cover far more than just phone calls. Modern companies use email, video calls, WhatsApp, Zoom and other technologies to stay connected to their customers, suppliers and team members.

Because of this, many companies are no longer using their landlines.

In the UK, the existing analogue Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) is set to be shut off in 2025. This makes now the time to start thinking about potential replacements.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the alternatives to a standard business phone line.

Business Mobile Phones

You are probably already using mobile phones in your business, even if you’re not supplying the handsets yourself. Every one of your employees almost certainly already has their own handset. With a mobile phone, you can make or receive calls no matter where you are.

Many cloud-hosted VoIP platforms (more on those below) can run as an app on a mobile phone. This allows you to use a separate business phone number without needing to carry a separate business mobile device with you.

Recent innovations in mobile device security have removed some of the risks of running a bring your own device environment. Microsoft Intune can be used to remotely monitor and even remotely delete sensitive business information from an employee’s device. You can also keep certain data partitioned from the phone’s main storage, preventing it being accessed by third-party applications.

Video Calls

The way businesses work has radically altered in the previous year. For example, we’ve seen enormous growth in remote work and a boom in video calls and video conferencing.

Video has helped us all stay more connected, from team meetings, to keeping up with colleagues. Even as workplaces begin to reopen, many have already seen the advantages of video calls. A significant number of businesses are likely to continue using them in the future.

If you are going to be making a lot of video calls, you need an internet connection with sufficient bandwidth. You will need both high download speeds and upload speeds. On slower connections, running multiple video calls simultaneously can lead to latency becoming an issue.

If your current connection wouldn’t be able to handle this, it’s probably a good time to upgrade. Consider installing a broadband leased line. Leased lines are dedicated connections between your premises and your internet service provider (ISP) with a static IP address.

Leased lines are also uncontested, meaning that unlike standard home or business broadband, they are not shared by any other users. Because of this, you should receive the true speed that the line is advertised as providing.

VoIP Calls

Voice over Internet Protocol is an effective alternative to landlines. VoIP converts analogue voice signals into packets of information which can be sent over the internet.

Modern VoIP platforms offer far more than just calls. Many of them are fully unified communications platforms offering voice calls, video calls and instant message, all from a single interface. With the addition of an SIP trunk, you can still make and receive calls on the existing landline network.

Cloud Hosted VoIP

Cloud hosted VoIP allows you to access your VoIP platform of choice from anywhere with an internet connection. A cloud VoIP solution is an excellent choice for businesses with employees who are frequently away from the office.

Cloud-based phone systems do not require any ongoing maintenance. Your service provider is in charge of the initial setup as well as any faults or upgrades.

This allows you to stop worrying about your telecoms and instead focus on building your company.

Off-premises, cloud-hosted VoIP is also more resilient in the face of disaster. This is because, unlike an on-premises PBX system, there is no single point of failure. Therefore, your entire communications system would still be usable even in the event of a disaster rendering your office unusable. For this reason, VoIP telephony plays a key role in most disaster recovery plans.

Traditional Landlines

If your landline is still vital, you might not be ready to give it up just yet. As well as more contemporary telecoms solutions, most enterprise telecoms providers will have a selection of business landline bundles. These providers may still be able to save you money on your landline.


Contact A Business Telecoms Provider Near You

Are you considering replacing or supplementing your business landline with one of the solutions listed above? You should contact a business phone and broadband provider near you. They can help audit your business’s existing telecoms and determine when and how to replace your landline. They will also supply ongoing telecoms technical support.

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