What are the Common Causes of Male Fertility Issues and How to Treat Them

As per a recent study, it has been observed that millions of couples are facing infertility problems. Also, infertile couples are unable to conceive a baby in natural ways. Among infertile couples, the infertility of males plays an important role. In other words, males are also facing infertility issues along with females. However, there are several reasons behind male infertility like abnormal sperm blockages, low sperm production, illness, chronic problems, lifestyle, and so on. Indeed, infertility is very stressful and irritating. Don’t worry because several treatments are available to cure infertility. Here are some common causes of male infertility:

  • Sperm disorders: – One of the most important causes is the problem with sperm. In other words, growing and making sperm is a critical problem for a male. Sperm may not grow completely; the odd shape of sperm, improper movement of sperm, azoospermia, etc are the major causes in males. Alcohol, drugs, smoking, and some medications may be the reason behind low sperm count. All of these problems are the major causes of male infertility.
  • Varicoceles: – These are the types of swollen veins available in the scrotum. It is also another cause of male infertility. Usually, varicoceles affect the growth of sperm by clicking them. In other words, varicoceles turn the flow of blood in the body (from belly to your scrotum. Due to the warmth, the testicles are unable to develop sperm. All of these cause low sperm counts in males.
  • Immunologic infertility causes : – In many cases, a male’s body creates antibodies that affect his sperm badly. Antibodies arise due to injury, infection or surgery. According to the experts, antibodies help sperm to work and move normally. But, still, it is a cause behind male infertility.
  • Retrograde ejaculation: – It is a situation where sperm turns back in the body. In other words, the sperm goes back inside the body rather than ejaculation. Retrograde ejaculation is a situation in which your sperm sends into the bladder rather than the penis. When the nerves and muscles of your bladder do not work properly, retrograde ejaculation happens. It may be possible that your semen has normal/common sperm. But, the semen is not able to release from your penis to reach the vagina. In this way, males are unable to make their female partners pregnant. This kind of infertility is mainly caused by certain medications, surgery, or other problems related to the nervous system. 
  • Obstruction: – In this situation, the travelling of sperm may be blocked. In other words, there may be a blockage in the route of sperm that causes infertility in males. Several causes are responsible for this situation like continuous infections, vasectomy (surgery), swelling or other defects related to development, etc. In such a situation, any part of the reproductive tract in the male may be blocked. Hence, sperm is not able to release from testicles during ejaculation because of the blockage.
  • Hormones: – In our body, a pituitary gland is responsible for making sperm in testicles. But, due to some hormones, the gland is unable to produce the best quality of sperm. Hence, poor quality of sperm always leads to low sperm growth. In such a situation, you can consult at the best fertility centre in Bangalore
  • Chromosomes: – According to scientific research, sperm involves around half of the DNA for the egg. However, changes in the number and texture of chromosomes badly affect fertility levels in males. That is why; it is really important to maintain the structure and numbers of chromosomes. 
  • Medication: – Several medications change the production of sperm in a male’s body. Medications for certain health problems are responsible for male infertility. Treatment for arthritis, depression, digestion problems, anxiety, infections, cancer, and high blood pressure is the main reason behind infertility in males.  

How to Increase Fertility in Men

Are you willing to know how to increase fertility? Apart from treatment, there are several tips through which you can increase fertility. Here are some of them for your assistance:

  • First of all, you have to avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, and using drugs or other harmful items.
  • Your daily lifestyle plays an important role in increasing fertility. You have to avoid unhealthy foods or habits. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and increase fertility.
  • Also, you should maintain a healthy weight and try to escape from obesity.
  • Don’t go with vasectomy or other harmful surgery.
  • You also have to avoid all those things that can lead to the heat in the testicles.
  • Take less stress and always be happy.
  • Don’t use heavy metals, toxins, and other exposure to pesticides. 

Last Words

In reality, infertility is a common problem in both males and females. But, you can go with several treatments to cure your infertility problems. Also, you can go with other ART (assisted reproductive technology) methods to treat infertility. IVF (in vitro fertilization), ICSI, IUI, etc are the examples of some ART techniques.

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