What Are The Pillars Of Remote-First Company Culture?

The remote first culture is a type of company’s culture that is built in the specific concept in which everyone will be working remotely, even if people are working as a team. The main building blocks of this culture are team building, company events, ethics, and values.

All these building blocks are designed by keeping the remote worker in mind. Here, we will discuss the pillars of the remote-first company culture in mind. Take a look at the following points and consider them to increase the work efficiency of your remote employees:

1. Transparent Communication

A company where the employees are working remotely should not feel different from the office-based companies. To make this a reality, it is important to adapt the free communication link for the virtual workspace.

The employees should know where, when, and how to communicate with other employees. They must know the virtual space where discussions can take place, a big decision can be made, and many more.

It is important that remote-first companies should work asynchronously. But they should also give some time for synchronous communication as well. In these types of companies, video calls play a very important role so that the remote employees feel very much connected.

The video calls will make your remote working employee a part of the organization. Asynchronous communication is also important to convey the guidelines to the employees.

For instance, recording the video meeting and providing it all so that all employees can recall the important points of the meeting whenever they want.

In remote-first companies, the employees are working at different time zones. These video meeting recordings can be helpful for them if they cannot be part of the live meeting.

2. Virtual Bond And Support Groups

When people are working remotely, then healthy communication among team members and another employee of the office is not possible. Therefore, the successful remote culture should pay more attention to strengthening up the virtual bonding among remotely working employees.

The remote-first culture companies should take some steps to encourage a positive work environment for the employees.

The best way to strengthen up the bond among remote employees is to schedule virtual breaks. These breaks will let the employees interact with each other.

Also, the company should generate opportunities for raising the casual conversation as much as possible. Provide a dedicated social channel where your employees can do chit-chat.

Also, schedule the social events where the virtual competitions among team members should be organized. It will definitely help in strengthening up a bond with them.

In addition to this, the company should also organize real-life meetings to develop important emotional context among the employees. When they will personally talk to each other, then it will help in enriching their relationships.

The real-life meetings will humanize the remotely working employees. It will make the employee and the organization feel that the remotely working employee are not just a name.

These kinds of meetings will help the people to efficiently talk to each other. Bringing together all your employees in one place is really beneficial for the growth of your business. 

3. Inclusivity, Autonomy, And Trust

Trust and reliability are the two most important factors that need to be considered while setting up a business. Similarly, the remote-first company needs to gain the trust of employees to flourish. The organization should allow their employees to freely work wherever and whenever they want.

Let them be the master of their own space. When the employees feel distrusted or extremely pressurized, then the culture of a company can quickly start eroding. The employees will start stepping out and leave your organization.  

Moreover, the team leads and managers should stay in touch with the employee and take updates from them. Also, they should be available 24×7 to help them.

Always keep in your mind that not everyone is well-suited for remote work. Therefore, before hiring any employee, you should make sure that he/she is comfortable with the remote work culture or not.

Well, trust goes two ways. Employees also need to trust management and bosses so that the remote-first culture can thrive.

Also, the employees should feel psychologically safe. Peace of mind of employees is very important to maintain and increase the high productivity level. Along with trust, transparency is equally important.

Final Words

Along with all those factors which are described above, it is equally important to consider the remote-first culture as teamwork. All employees should work as a part of the organization and a team. Remote work is a new concept and people are looking for new ways to evolve it and improve it.

The remote-first culture needs time for improving. It is the responsibility of the company to make their remotely working employees feel valued and comfortable.

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