What is an online digital publishing platform and why you need it

The current world is much more dynamic and fast as compared to the past. Almost every field and industry has been transformed for the better and turned out digital. In the same manner, the publishing industry has experienced some latest innovations that have changed the face of this industry forever. Modern people love technology and digitization. They are highly comfortable with laptops, tabular computers, and smartphones. They want to read publications on their digital screen. An online digital publishing platform is the need of the hour. Publishers and entrepreneurs that want to create digital publications and want to move from traditional paper publications to online digital publications can simply do it with an online digital publishing platform.

Traditional publishers or digital publications?

The trend of online or digital publishing has been continuously growing and after the COVID19 pandemic, this trend has seen a sudden spike. People around the world have become extra conscious about the virus and thus they have abandoned paper publications and adopted digital publications. Traditional publishers that are purely dependent on paper publications are seeing a marginal loss and that is the reason why the majority of them turned partially or completely digital in order to survive in the present market. Readers are fearful of dealing with conventional paper publications.

Further, with the rising popularity of social media giants like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more, people keep themselves updated with the latest news and happenings. These social media giants come up every day with new and engaging features so as to keep people connected with one another. Short videos and infographics which are the key elements of digital publishing are circulated widely on social media websites.


Surfing the internet via smartphones and tablets has become common these days. Not to mention, today’s people are glued up all day long with the screens of their mobile phones. As a result, it becomes very crucial for modern publishers and entrepreneurs to create content that is mobile-friendly. Further, Google and other popular search engines give weightage to mobile-friendly content when it comes to ranking them on their search results. A lot of marketers and entrepreneurs find out that mobile-friendly websites get more traffic as compared to websites that are not mobile-friendly. A modern online digital publishing platform works on HTML5 technology i.e. highly mobile-friendly. HTML5 technology makes the content smoothly workable on all mobile devices be it iPad, iPhone, Android phones, and more.

Because of the growing numbers of mobile internet users, apps like digital magazine apps are also growing in numbers. People today are following things and a do a lot more on the go and this becomes only viable with the help of mobile apps.

A few benefits and features you can expect from a quality online digital publishing platform are discussed below:

Find out important things about your readers

With the help of a quality platform. You can find out important details about your readers that can prove really beneficial for the growth of your business and customer base. The best thing about digital publishing is that you can know more about your readers even if the size of the readers is very large, you can keep track of them with ease. You can easily find out which images and topics of your content caught their interest. You can track what devices they used to go through your content.

Also, you can find out what are their location, gender, and age. Speak of the online digital information you need and it is possible in the world of digital publishing. These crucial metrics allow you to tailor your content in a manner it gets the most views and engagement. Further, as you know which ads in your content get the most clicks, you can tailor your future advertising campaigns so that it pulls more return on investment next time.

Give your readers something extra

The days of just plain text and images in the content are long gone. With the help of an online digital publishing platform, you can provide your readers and subscribers with multimedia interactive content. The importance of videos to make the content engaging is very much talked about of late. With videos, you can provide your readers with the knowledge of your company’s recent products & services.

Further, with videos, you can teach them many important things with ease. Fortunately, in the globe of digital publishing, you can easily implement high-definition videos in your content. Not only videos, but you can also add animations, pop-ups, and more to your content. To further engage your readers you can add live polls and games to your content. Literally, the possibilities are limitless.

Simple advertising money

Unlike paper-printed publishing, you can let the simple advertising money roll into your bank account with the help of digital publishing. You do not have to hire a dedicated marketing and advertising team to rent or sell your ad space. Further, you do not have to do any hard work for it. An online digital publishing platform lets you make an advertiser index to get advertisers for free space in your digital publications. Easy advertising money for you!

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