What is Linux and what are its features?

.In this post, we will talk about Linux and know what it is, how it can be used and how it is different from Windows.

Many questions must have arisen in your mind about Linux. Such as how to install Linux, how to use it and why it is useful. If you want to know the answers to all these questions. Then definitely keep reading this post till furthermore. So let’s know about it.

What is Linux?

Linux is also an operating system like Windows. Which was developed in 1991 by Linus Torvald. A famous computer engineer, it is an open-source and free (FOSS) software. Nowadays there are many types of linux. Distribution is available. By Linux Operating System, we mean any Linux Based Distribution. Apart from this the word Linux is also used to denote only Linux kernel.

Since Linux is free and open-source, its source code can be used in any commercial and non-commercial way under the GNU General Public License. You can modify the software that comes under the GNU license for free, or you can even sell it by changing the logo and name, only the condition is that the software modified by you will also come under the GNU license.

What are Linux Distributions?

Distributions are also called Distro in short because it is an Open Source Operating System that is why it has so many distros available but the most popular among them is Linux Distro Ubuntu which is a very good and very easy to use Distro, it is our It is available for free, you can download it from its official website, apart from this there are many good Linux distros available like Debian, Fedora, kali linux, Manjaro etc.

A Linux Distribution is made up of GNU Software and Linux Kernel. GNU is basically a Collection of many Free (Open Source) Software which we can use with any Operating System in Parts Linux Distros Included in most Tools like GNU C. Library or GNU Bash are parts of this.

What is OS (Operating System)?

Operating System is a system software that acts as an interface between the computer and the user, we can give commands to our computer only through the operating system, it operates the whole computer. A computer cannot be used without an operating system, if you want to get any work done from a computer. Then it is very important to have an operating system in it.

Without this, other software cannot be installed in the computer because the operating system itself transmits the commands and information of other software to the necessary hardware, if a computer does not have an operating system then it cannot even be started.

What is Kernel?

The Kernel of any Operating System is that part or code that interacts directly with the hardware. It is the lowest part of the OS. When the computer is started, the operating system loads the kernel into memory and then. Loads the rest of the system. The kernel acts as a translator between the software and the hardware in a way. It works to deliver the commands given by your software to the hardware.

What is open-source?

Open-source means that you can modify the code of the above mentioned software according to you. It means that the source code of open-source software is easily available to everyone. Use it according to whoever you want. And can see or even change. You don’t have any problem with it. Developers around the world keep improving all the open-source software in the world. So that they become more reliable and updated.

Features of linux:-

There are many such features of Linux, but we will talk about some of them, about which everyone must know.

  • Open-source: Linux is an open source OS, which means that its source code is available for free to everyone, which anyone can use and see according to their own, through which developers from anywhere in the world who want to contribute to open source. They can increase its functionality and improve it further.
  • Portability: Here portability means that linux supports all types of hardware, many Light Weight Distributions are also available so that we can easily install it in old computers also.
  • Free: Linux is available absolutely free for everyone under the GNU GPL License, you can download and use it for free.
  • Multi -Tasking: Multi-tasking means that in this a user can use more than one program, task or software simultaneously.
  • Multi-User
  • Secure

Difference between Linux and Windows:-

By the way, we should not compare these two OSes. Because both are right in their own place and both have their own uses. But then there are some things which you must know.

  • Linux is a free operating system and you have to pay for Windows.
  • It is an open source whereas Windows is a closed source (Proprietary) OS. Its source code is not available to everyone.
  • Linux is available in many forms, which we call Distro, from which you can choose according to your need. Only one version of Windows is currently available.
  • Linux runs on any hardware but Windows requires a little more memory.


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