What is SD-Wan And Its Benefits

SD-WAN enable your company to use the best possible connection line. Uninterrupted, faster access or even saving money is just some of the benefits you can enjoy with SD-WAN. It also enables simple and fast application deployments inside your network.Traditional WAN solutions, applications might be blocked or delayed because of the connection quality.

Traditional Wan vs. SD-Wan

SD-WAN is more than just a simple WAN. It manages the traffic of your applications in real time and brings you advanced features like high availability, application level availability or simplified application deployments.

Deploying SD-WAN involves the installation of licensing software on your existing network edge. This enables us to monitor the real time status of your application flows and is also used for automatic failover. If you compare WAN and SD-WAN then difference is clear.

How do you get it?

SD-WAN are implemented on top of an existing infrastructure. You can give us your circuit. We will connect you with your nearest POP using multiple carriers if required for redundancy reasons. We then configure our network edge to manage these circuits.

Different types of network edge are possible depending on your needs. The product range consists of routers, access gateways, firewall appliances including URL filtering functions and more.

If you want us to manage your network edge.  Licenses will be purchased either by the hour or by subscription term depending on your needs and budget. Buying the device itself is also possible without any contract.

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How does it work in practice?

A good example is an e-commerce website. If the connection line breaks in any way, the platform will keep offering its services normally thanks to our SD-WAN solution even if it has to switch to another carrier. The license installed on your network edge will also enable you to manage this change transparently and automatically.

This is because our single pane of glass can manage all your application flows in real time. The cloud platform we’ve developed for this crafted to be extremely user friendly. It allows you to see everything that’s happening inside your network – locations, bandwidth usage, and status of the WAN links.

Benefits of SD-WAN

SD-WAN technology provides multiple benefits such as improved network stability, reduced operational costs, enhanced security and simplified management of your networks.

Many organizations are not yet using SD-WAN technology but are still faced with the challenges of backing up data to an offsite location; connecting remote workers securely back into the corporate network or ensuring consistent application performance across multiple sites.

The use of SD-WAN technology can help organizations to overcome the challenges of traditional MPLS and WAN connectivity. There are however other advantages to using SD-WAN as well:

  • Reduced network outages

SD-WAN technology ensures consistent traffic flows, even in the case of a network outage. A predefined backup path can  used to reroute traffic.

So that mission critical traffic can continue to flow. This ensures a higher level of availability and reduces the time required for network engineers to detect and resolve any issues, which in turn reduces downtime across the entire network.

  • Enhanced security

SD-WAN technology helps organizations protect against DDoS attacks by identifying applications at their core, before traffic flows through the public internet.

The technology provides complete visibility into application performance and protection (application telemetry), which enables prioritization of business critical traffic through automated or user defined policies, thus enhancing security without adding additional devices or appliances.

  • Multi-site connectivity

With locations spread over various geographical areas, ensuring consistent application performance between sites is difficult due to factors. Such as latency across WAN links (including synchronous optical network’s (SONET) and satellite). The public internet, wireless networks and congested links.

  • Simplified management

Many organizations struggle with day-to-day WAN operations due to a lack of visibility and control over their physical and virtual (cloud based) networks.

With SD-WAN technology, organizations can prioritize business critical traffic by application on any link, on demand or automatically through policies within the cloud platform – without the need for expensive network monitoring tools. As such, organizations are able to simplify daily WAN maintenance operations such as fault detection and resolution.

What about Costs & Investment?

SD-WAN are an alternative method for extending your branch office’s data connections into your data center or cloud environment. Rather than investing in separate hardware appliances for each branch, you can implement software-based WAN and cut costs for equipment and support.

SD-WAN also provides the opportunity to use your existing Internet access along with multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) or virtual private network (VPN) technology without adding expensive MPLS circuits from carriers.

Importance of SD-WAN

We’ve already mentioned that SD-WAN is easy to deploy however it’s not just the setup which is easier than traditional technologies, maintaining it is far simpler as well.

There’s no need for hardware upgrades since SD-WAN runs on standard x86 servers; there are no appliances to manage; and you don’t have to integrate complex WAN optimization hardware in every branch office either.

The good news is that all the benefits of SD-WAN technology apply to organizations of all sizes. When considering a network upgrade or digital transformation, consider how you can combine legacy WAN connectivity with modern cloud and virtual services so as to simplify operations, lower costs and increase agility without sacrificing security & performance.

As with any new technology there is a need for technical expertise. So it is advised that you seek the advice of an experienced IT service provider. Who can provide guidance as well as ensuring your investments are as cost effective as possible.

Final word about SD-Wan

SD-WAN promises to simplify your data center links, but before you consider how it works. You must first understand the pitfalls of traditional wide area network technologies.

One of the main features is certainly high availability. Its enables your applications to have a 100% uptime even if there’s any network issue.

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