What is the 5 best tennis balls Brand for cricket?

Do you like Cricket? I know this is a stupid question to ask for especially when you are residing in India. 


Cricket is not just a Game, it’s a Religion.  


Yes! The interest in Cricket is something that is passed on to Us for years and it will be in the future too. We name our favourite players with Nick Names. 


The famous nicknames of the Indian cricketers are “THALA (MS Dhoni), Sir Ravindra Jadeja and Lord Shradhul Thakur, Run Machine (Virat Kohli), Hitman (Rohit Sharma) and Boom Boom Bumrah”. 


Out of interest, we try to imitate their style at our game. Cricket is the most popular sport in India and it is observed in every nook and corner of the country. 


No Sundays are unfilled with cricket bat and ball. The big shouts in the street for every wicket and boundary. Non-Stricker refusing to come for a single in the last ball of the over. 


I know your feeling bruh. 


The screams and yells of the neighbours still remain in our minds. We transform ourselves into sprinters from cricketers, the moment we break the neighbour aunty’s window glass. 


Wow! Those days are the best moments to be remembered forever. 


Cricket Tennis Ball, the Choice of Street Cricketers 


We prefer cricket tennis ball as the first choice to start the game. The professional game ball is weight and it requires a proper stadium that is not possible. 


The tennis ball is suitable for playing both outdoor and indoor. 


Just a ball is enough to timepass with a game. 


The Cricket tennis ball is weightless and it makes no injuries at the play. The cricket tennis ball is the best and foremost choice to play on the grounds and streets. 


Cricket tennis ball doesn’t require any protective cricket kits and thus it is the favourite choice for many. You would have played many games and tried newer brands. 


Finally, you came out to decide on what brand to use for your cricket game. 


We would like to suggest to you the best 5 cricket tennis ball brands that you can try out to have a nice game experience of all time. 




The #1 cricket tennis ball in the Indian market. Vicky has created its own market for cricket balls. This brand is more familiar to everyone. 


In fact, you would have played a game with Vicky ball. This ball has a great fan following and you can see this brand in every sports shop. The ball is highly durable and it comes with multi-colours. 


The speciality of the Vicky cricket ball is that they offer you varied weights of the ball. This ball is highly preferred in tournament games as it does not breakage in a few games. 


And the ball bounces the same after many games as like it is new. The cricket tennis ball from Vicky is suitable for all sorts of pitch surfaces. 


The ball does not tear within a few games and it is most liked by both batter and bowler.  


Mercury +


Mercury + is the most liked cricket tennis ball in recent times. The ball is available in different weights. Mercury+ tennis ball offers the players to have better control in the game.  


The bowlers can deliver every ball of the desired length thus making the game is interesting to watch and play. The ball offers good bounce even in the worst pitch. 


The price of the cricket tennis ball is low but it is suitable for many games. The batters can hit a maximum of sixers as the ball is suitable for powerplay games. 


Mercury+ is now become the most preferred ball to play the games. It is highly recommended to play cricket with Mercur+ cricket tennis balls. 




Cosco is the #2 cricket tennis ball that is mostly preferred by the players. It has a high brand value in the market as they get scattered to many sports segments. 


The ball is available with different weights as the requirement varies. It has higher sales and it is used for playing many games. The bowlers can use optimum energy to bowl the cricket tennis ball at the desired speed. Cosco ball shows the same bounce over many games. 


The ball doesn’t break so easily and so it is the favorite choice for many players. It cricket tennis ball is suitable for all sorts of pitches. 




Nivia is one of the best cricket tennis balls in the market that offers greater experience. The ball is often considered to be the premium ball as the price is high compared to other tennis balls. 


Nivia is durable as the ball is suitable for many games. The ball has a good bounce and the balls help the batter to take a complete shot. 


Nivia cricket tennis ball is available only in one colour but with different weights. The balls show greater gaming skill as the bowlers can swing the tennis ball that is not possible in other brands. 


The cotton fur in the outer surface of the Nivia Ball retains for many games. 




Head cricket tennis ball is available in the market at an affordable price. 


This ball is suitable for limited games. Head cricket ball has the same features as other branded balls. Head make the game so thrilling even in the rain. 


The ball does not absorb water thus making the team players enjoy during rain. Head is available in different colours with the same weight. 


The cricket ball shows better bounce in all the pitches. 


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