What Is the Best Design App for iPad?

Graphic designers love the iPad Pro 12.9. Its Apple Liquid Retina display is the most advanced technology of its kind, bringing designs to life and vividly portraying colors. In addition, the iPad Pro 12.9 is a perfect size. Its screen is large without adding bulk. But, which apps will breathe life into your creative designs, transforming your inspiration into reality? We’ll walk you through the best design apps for your iPad Pro 12.9. You will also find the five best accessories to bring the artist in you.

1. Graphic (Paid)

Graphic from Picta is one of the most powerful graphic design apps on the market. In fact, Graphic allows you to create designs that can be transferred into Pages documents, included in Keynote presentations, or used with iBooks author. However, it does not come cheap. You can download the app for $47. Despite this, it provides all the tools you need to create any design, ranging from a technical drawing to a painting.

Its professional drawing tools include brush and pencils for drawing and sketching, shape creation tools, and a featured pen tool to make custom shapes. Rotate, shear, or scale your designs or join, disconnect or connect paths. In addition, Graphic has an easy-to-use but complex layer feature that you can use to style and fill. Or, create shadows and add glow effects.

2. Pocket Palette (Free)

Colour is a crucial element in graphic design. The right color can elevate a branding campaign to new heights. Pocket Palette is the app to find, create or search for the perfect shade. For example, you can create palettes from scratch or find inspiration in the app’s samples. Or is there a particular shade you need to work on or fall in love with? Import the photo into Pocket Palette and let it find the shade of your dreams. You can do the opposite and match a palette to an image.

Undoubtedly, you are always in control with Pocket Palette. Adjust the colors with the RGB, HSB, or Hex Codes value sliders. It is simple and easy to use. Pocket Palette has a clean, simple aesthetic that makes it a pleasure to use. In addition, the app is free.

3. Autodesk Sketchbook (Free)

Autodesk Sketchbook is royalty in the world of design apps. In fact, amateurs and professionals love this award-winning app for its versatility and wide range of professional features. Aside from being easy to use, AutoDesk Sketchbook is free.

Autodesk Sketchbook’s user-friendly interface gives you the freedom to focus on your work of art. The app offers various brush types, including airbrushes, markers, pencils, watercolors, and smears. You can customize each brush to your design’s needs and build complexity with its system of layers. Precision becomes a breeze with the app’s rulers, stroke tools, and guides.

4. Astropad Standard (Paid)

Astropad transforms your iPad into a drawing machine. Its main feature gives you the freedom to paint in any creative tool or app on your iPad. This means that you can use it with Corel Painter, Pixelmator, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, and many more. However, Astropad requires a Mac to work. The app mirrors Mac’s screen to your iPad, allowing you to use the touch screen to paint, draw, sketch or design.

You can get the whole drawing experience while taking advantage of the iPad’s shortcuts. Or customize your own. Astropad has the stellar image quality and works wirelessly or via USB. In addition, it works perfectly with Apple Pencil, giving you a more comprehensive range of motion. The app costs $30.

5. Vectornator (Free)

If AutoDesk Sketch holds rank in the design world, Vectornator rules supreme. More than two million people downloaded the app, which was listed as the App of the Day. Vectornator brings together all the tools and features needed by any graphic designer. With its intuitive user interface and precision, this app automatically raises the bar of your work.

Rotate, scale, order, mask or group your objects or create vectors with the shape, brush, node, and pen tools. Use the typography tool to outline text import fonts while fully controlling line height. Vectornator has a library with more than 80,000 icons to choose from and a color picker that allows you to customize your palette.

Top Three Accessories for Graphic Designers

1. Brush Stylus

Although almost all design apps include a brush feature, sometimes nothing can replace the real thing. A digital painting brush stylus gives you complete control over each stroke without the mess it leaves behind. In addition, you can quickly correct any mistake without ruining the design.

2. iPad Case

Although a case may be the last thing on your list of items required for designing on your iPad, it is one of the most important. Find an iPad case that can act as an easel while protecting your device. Zugu cases fit the bill perfectly. Not only do the covers offer major drop protection for your iPad, but you can set the case to 10 different angles. Each slot has a magnet, securing the case firmly in place. The Zugu iPad Pro 12.9 case also wirelessly charges your Apple Pencil and has a snug case to keep it safe.

3. Keyboard

A keyboard transforms an iPad into a laptop and makes typing so much easier. A Bluetooth keyboard gives you the whole experience and is easy to pack to take with you on the go.

4. Screen Protector

Your iPad screen takes a lot of hits – whether from your fingers, stylus, or brush. A high-quality iPad screen protector from Zugu gives you peace of mind. Not only is it durable and made from 0.25 tempered Japanese glass, but its antibacterial properties keep you safe. In addition, the screen protector is fingerprint and smudge resistant, keeping your device clean.

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