What is the Confluence Cost?

The Confluence cost varies depending on the type of plan you want. You can choose from Free, Standard, Premium, or Server plans. You can also choose to use the Confluence data center or go for a server-based plan. Here’s a comparison chart between the various plans. In addition to the Confluence cost, you can also choose the number of users who will have access to your site. If your site has a high volume of users, you might consider paying a little more for your account.

Atlassian Confluence

If you’re considering buying a collaboration solution for your company, Atlassian Confluence may be the one you’re looking for. With its easy-to-use collaboration features, Confluence improves the flow of information and makes it easy to create online spaces where teams can work on projects. You can get a free trial version for as many as 10 users, or you can purchase a Standard or Premium plan at a price of $5 or $10 per user per month.

The cost of Atlassian Confluence varies according to the number of users and the amount of content you need. Free plans are available, but they only allow up to ten users and two GB of file storage. The Standard plan costs $5 per user per month and includes data migration, training, hardware, and maintenance and upgrades. You can purchase a one-time license or a subscription plan, depending on your business needs.


In order to reduce expenses and increase productivity, businesses should integrate Bitrix24 with Confluence. These two software programs have a range of features that enhance collaboration and improve customer success. They both allow users to create workgroups, delegate tasks and organize projects. They also offer free group chat and videoconferencing, as well as document management. In addition to their shared features, these software programs offer many other benefits as well.

Atlassian Confluence has a range of features that are useful to small and large companies, ranging from 10 users to over 2000. Bitrix24 has features that cater to small businesses, online shops, and sales departments of various companies. For businesses that want a unified platform, Bitrix24 offers an affordable, flexible option. There are also many features included in the standard package. However, you should consider that Atlassian Confluence is better for large-scale companies.


While Asana and Confluence both feature similar features, there are a few differences between them. For example, both allow you to create internal pages and thematic spaces for collaboration and teamwork. They also promote collaboration and boost business value. The difference between Asana and Confluence is mostly in the amount of customization available. This article will discuss some of the key differences between these tools and how they can help you decide which tool is right for you.

In addition to their similarities, Asana is slightly more expensive than Confluence. While it is free to use, its free version limits you to fifteen people. It also lacks many of the collaboration features of Confluence, including portfolios. Jira, on the other hand, supports Portfolios and offers an improved mobile app. Although Asana and Confluence are both useful for project management, they are not equally suited to large companies.


While both Confluence and Miro are content management systems, there are some important differences between them. While both offer similar features, Confluence offers more integration with Atlassian products. For instance, you can tag attendees of meetings in Confluence, which allows you to create notes based on the participants’ Miro tasks, deadlines, and action items. You can also translate Miro tasks into Jira issues using Confluence, but there are some differences.

While both Confluence and Miro are web-based collaborative project management solutions, the latter is more focused on online teams. Both products provide similar tools for project management, including visual brainstorming and collaboration. Confluence offers centralized data management and collaboration, while Miro focuses on a visual collaborative environment. If you’re planning to use one or both, you’ll want to compare their features and costs. Miro’s price is comparable to Confluence, and both offer comprehensive guides and helpful blogs that offer in-depth information on how to use the software.

Confluence Cloud Standard

There are several options available when deciding on a pricing plan for Confluence Cloud. Confluence Cloud Premium and Standard costs differ slightly in price, but both include additional tools focused on people working together. The premium version includes an analytics feature that allows administrators, managers, and project managers to track team activity. This tool also enables admins to quickly and easily update permissions. For additional information, visit the Confluence Cloud website.

Confluence is the best project management software Cloud Standard plan costs $5 per user per month and includes all the basic features. The Standard plan also includes advanced features, such as space and page permission control. This plan also includes an archiving tool and enables anonymous access to Confluence spaces. This option is ideal for teams that want to keep their Confluence spaces public, such as those with customer-facing documentation or a knowledge base. You’ll also enjoy 24/7 premium support from Confluence.

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