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What is the lifestyle in Sydney?

The capital city of Australia and the land of the humongous Darling Harbour, Sydney is a home for 20 million people. With a size exceeding the area of Greater London, the city is also relatively safer than most other happening places in the continent. Being the most populated and multicultural city in Australia, Sydney is an incredible place to live in, ensuring a progressive and high-end lifestyle plus income equality. 

That being said, the University of Sydney has been consistently ranked as one of the Top 50 in the world for quite a while. It attracts students from all over the world owing to its academic prowess, cultural diversity and assurance of a better future. With the city being a safe and secured hub for both locals and international students, parents don’t fret extensively about sending their children to this place for higher education. Student accommodation Sydney, additionally, vouches to offer international students a promising stay away from home. Student housing near Sydney doesn’t only come with a wide range of amenities, but also does it amplify the spark of one’s student life to a large extent. 

What all can you explore as a student of University of Sydney?

The university is famous worldwide for its graduate employability, academic leadership, student experience and extensive research. This is further boosted by intercultural programs and activities, community hall interactions and other forms of co-curriculum. Keeping in mind the surrounding environment and hotspots that can be of utmost importance to students. Student properties have been established across the city.

Student accommodation Sydney has all the hyped and eventful venues at a stone throw distance from the stay. While the world tempts everyone with their Big Ben and Eiffel Tower. Sydney’s primary point of interest for people of all age groups is the renowned Opera House.

The ambience, the lights and everything here is capable of making anyone and everyone’s jaws drop. What’s more? After a prolonged week of early morning lectures and assignments that come with deadlines. Students can have sun soaked bath at Manly beach, explore the Rocks district and visit at Taronga Zoo. For all the sports fanatics out there, the student accommodation near Sydney comes with large stretches of area. Also, if that gets monotonous after a while, feel free to watch the wallabies play in some nearby rugby field. 

A narrower look into the student accommodation near Sydney!

If not a home sweet home, every student craves for a bit of familiarity when they travel overseas. On achieving the same, it’s both them and their parents who are content at the end of the day. 

Student accommodation here is located in calm and quiet streets. Students come from every corner of the world to study in Sydney University. What’s more? Both the University of Sydney and University of Sydney Technology are a mere 30-minute’s train ride from here. And, the station is barely 3-minute’s walk from the property. 

Amenities in Student Properties

The amenities at these student properties consist of laundry services, an entirely equipped kitchen, 24×7 emergency support, fully furnished rooms and even an onsite gym to keep one’s daily weariness at bay. So, after a long day at school, one can get along with their friends and prepare home-cooked meals. There are modern appliances such as microwaves and coffee making machines. You can try making desserts and micowave previous day’s food for dinner if you don’t feel like cooking. Students can also have a movie night-in and stream their favourite classic supported by the superfast Wi-Fi available here.

One can also make full use of the bars and restaurants available within the vicinity for fun evenings, BBQ nights and salsa events with food & drinks in abundance. Michel’s Patisserie is just 4-minute’s walk from Ashfield, making sure not a single student spends dull moments. Grab a chocolate mousse and put an end to all your cravings prior to an exam night! Those crazy about nightlife can have spectacular night outs.

Safety and security is tight in these accommodations with CCTV in every floor & corridor and secure door entry, both in the main entrance and each student’s room. Without an iota of doubt, student accommodation Sydney is where every student aspiring to study in the city. Therefore, without a second thought, book your room here and plan accordingly for a pleasant stay.

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I am Henry Thomas working as a Digital Marketing Manager in University living. University Living is a student accommodation provider all over the world.

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