Small Business Campaign Ideas: What Scope of Digital Marketing in Pakistan?

Due to its success with very little investment, many people have chosen this field and it is now playing an important role in their emerging careers. Therefore, if you are considering this field from a career perspective, you should pursue it. However, if you are someone who wants to get results in digital marketing, then you should go for Convex interactive. Digital marketing in Pakistan 2021 has been lagging behind in digitization, but in a short span of time, it has gained a lot of ground. Digital marketing is now playing an important role in the country’s economy and making a difference.

Tips for Small Business Campaign Ideas

When you work for a small business, you are on a pedestal and you have to keep running so you don’t get lost. It’s hard to stay in this race, but not impossible. A few tips are always helpful. Agenda tracking is one of those techniques you need to learn if you want to increase the awareness of your target audience. Using phrases that pay tribute to historical events in your country is a thoughtful way to gain the respect and attention of your target audience.

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Competition on social media

This is a great idea for Memorial Day. You can hold a contest where people tag their photos on social media, then collect them to post on your website. You can also use patriotic ideas such as an essay contest or a Pakistani photo contest.

Hashtag contest

You can also hold a hashtag contest to get your followers involved. You can then ask them to take fun photos of the products you want to promote. Customers love to mess around, so this is a real motivator. You can also consider involving your family and community.

Interactive events

Hosting an outdoor dance or music event is an easy way to engage the audience. If your target audience is young, they will be more likely to take part in such activities. If you create a patriotic atmosphere, a young and energetic group will certainly get good results.

Just for fun

Not all events have to be about products. Why not take a trip to the vegetable garden? At the end of the day, you can even offer games and an ice cream machine to encourage customers to come with their families. If your business is about families and children, this is the kind of event you should be hosting. These events allow families to relax and also help create a positive image for your brand.

Smartphone Coupons

Recent studies have shown that mobile marketing campaigns are more effective than others. They can reduce the number of printed copies and encourage customers to make a purchase. Coupons should be valid for the entire day or weekend. You can encourage regular customers to sign up for your mailing list by offering exclusive coupons and vouchers to new customers.


You can also use this day to raise money for a social cause related to your business. This is a great way to create a very positive vibe for your brand. For example, if you are a soap manufacturer, you can offer discounts on your products and indicate that a certain amount of sales will be donated to “war-affected people” or “education of the poor.”

Final Words

You can also consider partnerships with like-minded companies. For example, a uniform manufacturer might partner with a computer hardware manufacturer to host a large-scale event. This type of partnership can reach a large number of customers and increase sales. These Memorial Day marketing campaign ideas are tried and true and have proven successful everywhere.

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