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What Should I Do To Improve My Vocabulary?


Reading in conjunction with a dictionary is one of the best ways to stumble upon new vocabulary. Undeniably, reading is the most effective way to acquire new vocabulary. Reading will definitely help you improve your vocabulary as well as your grammar and presentation skills. Reading novels or books on contemporary topics will help you learn new vocabulary that didn’t exist a few years ago.

Improve Your Writing

Learning the origin of the words you use can be very effective in strengthening the connections in your brain. And guessing the meanings of vocabulary you will encounter in the future. Identifying and understanding these language nuances will help you better understand. How to use the words you have learned in communication with other people. Even if you don’t speak English fluently in a meeting, linking words to a real situation will help you remember them.Pay attention to real examples of the words you are learning as you review them to learn how to properly use the words you are learning. Once you have a certain number of words in your vocabulary list. Try looking around the world for examples of their usage, for example: Try looking up root words, prefix and suffix, website and how root words are used in other words.

You can find specialized glossaries such as these emotional or descriptive words. By etymological vocabulary I mean vocabulary made up of words whose origins can be identified and explained. Only by looking up a word in a dictionary can you learn its exact meaning, spelling, alternative definitions. And find other useful information about it. A dictionary will usually give you an example of a word in a sentence, showing you how to use the word in everyday conversation and work. English is full of synonyms, homonyms, homonyms, and other confusing words that seem to make learning especially difficult.

Practice using new words in conversation

While there is no magic way to remember words, the larger your vocabulary. The easier it is to associate a new word with words you already know and thus remember its meaning. The more you go back and learn words, the better you can remember them and use them yourself in writing and speaking.This may slow you down a bit, but your better understanding of each new word will eventually speed up your learning of other words, making reading easier. To quickly add to your vocabulary, try to learn at least one new word every day. To maximize your vocabulary. You need to develop the curiosity to learn new words every day.

It will be very difficult for you to study words month after month without a firm feeling that they are worth it. That a larger vocabulary will help you in your studies and work. And that this can lead to a more interesting and fulfilling life. Despite what some websites and vocabulary teachers may tell you, reading is not necessary to improve your vocabulary. Come to think of it, there are opportunities for expanding your vocabulary all around you, so you spend time reading and listening each day to understand new words, and then develop a system for incorporating those new words into your writing and speaking.

Develop a  habit

There are many online and face-to-face courses you can take to improve your written vocabulary. And learn how to use new words correctly. Using the techniques outlined in this article. You should be able to discover and learn new words to expand your vocabulary and improve your use of English. Use these seven tips for learning new words to communicate (speak and write) more clearly and concisely…an easy way to improve and expand your vocabulary.

The important idea is to find things to read that you enjoy and read as often and as much as possible. Always keeping the idea of ​​learning new words in mind. The variety of your reading choices can help you increase your vocabulary as you see new words from different writers using different writing patterns. To build a solid foundation for your vocabulary, it’s good online reviews helpful to understand the roots of words. By understanding words in depth, you can increase your vocabulary exponentially.


Having a large vocabulary can help you choose the right word or phrase for the situation. Allowing you to easily communicate your ideas, concerns, solutions, and more. Many books come close to expanding vocabulary by teaching you the parts of words – prefixes, suffixes, and roots. And showing you as parts of words – prefixes can combine to form many different words. This advanced form of learning will test your mind and give you a new set of words to use that are practical. And give your writing the clarity you need. Discovering the meaning of words in this way is the natural way of learning a language, and reading offers. The best opportunity to experience this natural way of learning.

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