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It would not be wrong if we say Spring Clinic is the best mental health clinic in Multan. It is working for a while and has made enough name for itself in this little time. This is the time when people have started giving importance to mental health and consider it as a serious problem that needs to be addressed and requires medical assistance.

Talking about western societies, the concept of visiting psychiatrists and psychologists for taking therapies has prevailed over the years. In the west the idea of visiting a shrink is normalized. Almost every other person needs a doctor or a therapist who could listen to them and advise them, which they need the most.

Almost everybody needs a shrink today

Well, I guess that is the truth. As we are living in a digitized world that has greatly changed and influenced the dynamics this world runs. No doubt, technology has made man’s life much easier but along with that, it has influenced or rather triggered many things which disturb humans mentally and the alarming thing is we don’t even realize that there is something wrong happening.

The strains and the pressures of today’s world are very different and voluminous, and they impact people differently. This could be a major reason for people to get mental problems. And such scenarios demand a visit to a psychologist for help.

The trend is changing in Pakistan

Well, that’s about western societies, speaking of Pakistani society, the problems are a bit different. People here firstly, don’t give any importance to mental illnesses and think of it as some mental influence, which will get better with time. They also have the perception that visiting a shrink for the sake of obtaining medical help is a waste of time and there are many taboos attached with it as well. The biggest taboo attached with it would be,

What will people say about them?

This is one of the greatest fears people have while seeing a shrink. What will people say? That “Have you gone mad?” This is the basic problem that people are not much aware of, they think everybody who visits a psychologist or a psychiatrist is a mad person and mentally sick. Society or should say the large part of the society boxes the people up as mad. This shame somehow restricts people from visiting a psychologist even if they want to.

So, with all this, we realize that we need to educate people that taking help from a shrink is not at all a bad thing but it makes the life of the people better. Well, now the trend and the mindset of people have changed a bit. Today, people are more open to visiting a psychiatrist. If they feel that something is wrong, it was not like this a few years back. Now, in almost every big hospital in Pakistan, there is a psychiatry department that is actively working to facilitate the patients. 

Spring clinic is the best mental health clinic in Multan

Spring clinic works under MASH, Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital (best hospital in Pakistan) and it was inaugurated very recently. Let me tell you a little bit about MASH. It is one of its kind tertiary health care units in Multan. Which is super equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities which comply with international standards. MASH is supported by MAST Mukhtar A. Sheikh Trust and its vision is to not only enhance the living standards of the people of Multan but south Punjab.

Therefore, it also opened a Spring Clinic which has its own. The clinic is fully devoted to the treatment of mental problems. From anxiety and depression to major mental illnesses like schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, and other such illnesses. The clinic has well-experienced and competent psychologists and psychiatrists who are internationally known. The doctors use updated techniques to treat patients. 

Why is Spring Clinic the best health clinic in Multan?

Let me tell you why I say Spring Clinic is the best mental health clinic in Multan because it doesn’t only treat patients but also educates people about mental illnesses. The Spring Clinic has also spread awareness among people. On the matter and convinced them that it is perfectly normal to see a psychiatrist for any mental issue. Hopefully, the days are approaching soon, when people will visit a psychiatrist without thinking what will people say? 

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