What Would be Better for Weight Loss: Muscle Training or Functional Workouts

Weight loss is a goal that requires patience. What irks the most is that people fail to understand why they are aiming for weight loss. It has specific benefits and therefore needs a detailed plan. 

Your trainer will let you in on the two core training concepts for losing weight: functional workouts and muscle training. How do you know which workout plan is best for weight loss?

Muscle training and functional workouts boost the metabolism of the body. Improved metabolic rates mean you have a chance to burn calories. However, they also have some differences in the way they help with weight control. For instance, any form of muscle training is more about building your lean muscles and counteracting any age-related muscle loss.

Here’s a detailed guide to help you understand these concepts better:

What are functional workouts?

Functional workouts target several muscles and muscle groups at the same time. It includes exercises in which your muscles get to interact with each other at the same time. These exercises are called compound exercises and help improve coordination and movement.

Functional workouts involve core training. The aim is to offer personalized plans for the fitness studio gym

Why choose functional workout for weight loss

If you’re someone who struggles with lifting heavy weights, then functional workouts are a boon for you. Doing everyday physical activities like taking the stairs instead of the lift might sound nice. However, that does not mean everyone is capable of doing it.  Well, age matters here!

Functional workouts prepare you for these small everyday tasks and improve your fitness. Moreover, while physical activities like taking the stairs may help you, they are not ideal for burning calories. Functional training, on the other hand, will help you drop some pounds effectively.

Benefits of functional workouts:

  • Improves the quality of your bodily movements.
  • Reduces your efforts for physical tasks.
  • Prevents/reduces chances of developing injuries.
  • Makes movement easier.
  • Increases physical performance.
  • A functional workout engages the whole body.
  • Improves balance and coordination for your body. 
  • Provides mental peace and soothe your body.


What is muscle training?

Muscle training has a bad rep because people don’t understand how important it is for your body. Building and retaining muscles is a mark of good health. It helps with weight control, and some studies suggest that it may help build new bones.

The goal of muscle training is to build up muscles and counter age-related muscle loss effectively. It builds your strength and helps you lose weight.


Why choose muscle training for weight loss:

The goal of muscle training is to reduce your weight while simultaneously building lean muscles. It includes strength training. Muscle training is also known as resistance training, strength training or weight training. 

As opposed to functional workouts, muscle training increases your muscle strength. Your body learns to adapt to resistance like weights. It also helps you maintain muscle tissues. As for weight loss, a study suggests that your muscles burn calories three times more than fat. Toned muscles mean better metabolism and more controlled body weight.

Benefits of muscle training: 

You should choose muscle training if you

  • Want to improve the strength of your body muscles.
  • Improve bone health, density and prevent the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Indulge in long-term fat loss or weight control.
  • Build more lean muscles in your body.
  • Reduce the risk of injuries to your body.


The bottom line: what should you choose for weight loss?

To conclude, the weight loss journey looks different for everyone. It is best to ask your trainer for recommendations instead of blindly following workout plans. The goal is to find a middle ground instead of learning towards one workout plan.

Functional workouts and muscle training both target your body fat in different ways. However, both aim to improve the general fitness of your body. By understanding the concepts, you can make better choices about your fitness plans.

Workout plans for weight loss rarely work out. To nobody’s surprise, people make ambitious fitness plans and fail to follow them. 

Reminder: Workout plans give the best results when you work in tandem with a trainer. Having a trainer means you get customized workout plans, even if you subscribe to online workout classes


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