What’s So Great About Google and it’s Features?

Google is now a well-known global company . Founded in 1996. The company was registered in 1997, the year Rakuten was born in Japan.

In other words, in 18 years, Google has made remarkable progress to reach this scale . Even Apple was founded in 1976 (the first PC prototype), so you can see the tremendous speed.

Google History of Overwhelming Speed

Google is an up-and-coming IT company. Apple’s prototype was developed in 1976, and Google was established in 1997, so there is a sense of speed and ease.

Of course, it’s not a smooth road, but to establish a brand of this magnitude in the IT industry, it’s an enviable activity that attracts attention.

In this article, I tried to summarize the greatness of Google about startups and innovation.

How much did you know? Google is an American company specializing in Internet-related services. We are developing businesses such as the world’s largest search engine, online advertising, which is our main source of income, and software and hardware related businesses. The origin of the company name is a mathematical term meaning “10 to the 100th power”. It seems that it means to find what you want to look for from a huge amount of information. There are various theories as to why the company name was changed to “Google”, one theory is that they didn’t care even though they made a spelling mistake, and another theory that “” already existed at the time of domain registration. There is a theory that numbers cannot be registered as trademarks.

Google Established

Google was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who were both PhD students at Stanford University at the time. The original base was a garage in Menlo Park, California, owned by future YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. The original name of the search engine was “Backrub”. In September of the same year, Sun Microsystems co-founder Andy Bektorsheim invested $100,000. Incorporated as Google inc. In 2000, it was adopted as a search engine for Yahoo!. In 2003, it partnered with Apple to become the default search engine for Safari. The company went public for the first time in 2004, with a market capitalization of $23 billion at the time. In 2008, we announced the first Android-equipped smartphone, and in 2011, we have achieved breakthroughs such as exceeding 1 billion unique users.

1. Google predecessor, the search engine BackRub, listed the phone number of its developer, Larry Page, as a contact point.

In “Frequently Asked Questions”, there is a description that if you prefer to call, click here.

” Backlinks ” , which is also important in current SEO , inherits the design concept from this BackRub .

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2. Google Has Already raised 14 million yen from a major IT company before the company was established, and 3 billion yen in the following year!

A major IT company called Sun Microsystems issued a check for $100,000 (approximately 14.4 million yen at the time’s average exchange rate of 144 yen) before applying for incorporation. Even though the search engine was Google beginning to attract attention as the gateway to the Internet , it was still a tremendous amount.

Moreover, the following year, it received about 25 million dollars of investment (approximately 3 billion yen at that time). It seems that there was almost no sales at that time, so the impact is amazing. Google Doodle is a logo design that changes according to events such as holidays and anniversaries. Co-created by a team of illustrators and engineers. By applying a “doodle” that does not put effort into the logo, it may contain the message that “potential is demonstrated only when you relax and unconsciously.” From simple illustration designs to game-playable animations, there are a variety of playful logos available.

3. Bring in a chef from a famous rock Google band in the second year of Google business

It seems that Google , which had raised a lot of funds and was developing multilingualization , recognized the importance of welfare programs such as securing human resources. 40 employees were evaluated.

4. Incorporating an acquisition scheme in the Google 4th year of establishment

The great thing about Google is its growth speed. In order to maintain that acceleration, we have already begun acquisitions in the fourth year since our founding.

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5. Google PageRank technology also contributes to spe

Even 26 million web page rank pages can be calculated in a few hours on a medium workstation. Google moved its offices to Mountain View, California in June 2000. In October of the same year, major changes were made, such as the launch of the self-serve advertising “Google Adwords Program” (currently Google Ads), which is currently the main source of income. However, despite advertising being a major source of income, Google’s top page has a simple layout with only a search engine and logo. It may be the result of eliminating anything that could get in the way of inspiration, as Google values ​​ideas.

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