How WhatsApp Spy App Can Help Regarding Newly Announced Features

A spy app should be reliable, user-friendly and, cheap. They are the common features of a standard app and they should be given preference according to the customer reviews. These apps are helpful in so many ways including checking text messages, audio and, video calls, blocking inappropriate callers, etc.

Recently WhatsApp has announced some advanced features. In this topic, we will see how these apps are useful in monitoring those newly introduced plus some common features on the targeted device and how they have created ease and escape for comfort for the parents and employers in monitoring their kids and employees.

OgyMogy WhatsApp spy app has proven to be the most reliable app according to its use and versatile features. From checking the chat history to creating a backup for ‘View Once’ photos and multimedia, it covers up all and give the customer an ultimate level of satisfaction.

Let’s discuss the amazing features offered by this app to analyze how it helped the people at so many steps when technology became so advanced.

Save ‘View Once’ Messages

The recently introduced feature is capable of seeing sent messages only once and then they are deleted without leaving any proof. This is the most dangerous thing faced by most teens and their parents. They send and receive a message that would have no record in the future. Here this amazing app has got you and it shows you even those messages that you could only see once. Now you will be able to see and record such kinds of messages.

Don’t Get Deceived by the ‘Read Later’ Feature

Most of the teens off their ‘Double tick’ option on WhatsApp by installing other software or through jailbreaking. But this amazing app will help you get notified that if they have seen the message after receiving it or not. It deceives you that they will read later and that they are unaware of the messages someone has sent them. But you can confront them by knowing the reality.

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Get Your Control on ‘Delete for Everyone’ Messages in a Conversation

Another dangerous feature is the ‘Delete for Me’ and ‘Delete for Everyone’ options in a conversation. Your kid might delete it and you will be unable to sort out what they have sent or received. Keep your worries behind and install this app to get in touch with this sort of message and conversation by creating the backup of deleted messages.

Have Additional Facebook Information of the Target by Using WhatsApp

Now you can connect your WhatsApp business account with your Facebook account or page. Where this feature has created ease for the users, it also directed towards the danger that anyone who is abusing on Facebook can reach WhatsApp of the person to harm them there. Parents have a huge responsibility in this regard to protect their kids from such harassers. The ogyMogy spy app is best to use for this concern.

Monitor your Kid’s and Employee’s WhatsApp Web Activity

The WhatsApp spy app keeps a strict check on the web activity or browsing history of your kid and employee. You can know what kind of stuff they are watching and wasting their time on. It can be connected to the web through an in-built feature. So, in case your employee is using two devices as a target still you will be able to keep an eye on them through this software.

Reveal Contact Lists

You can reveal all the contacts of the presently discussed app through this astonishing app. So. Now you can decide which contact to keep and which to block. Who is harassing your kid and needs treatment and who is simply dodging them by taking money from them in return for nothing? Bullies can also get caught this way.

Retrieving Deleted-Conversations

The only wrong things are to hide. So, if your kid is hiding from you it’s time to watch them carefully to prevent them from any possible damage. You are so confident about checking their mobiles because there are no more conversations. Wait, what? Didn’t they talk to anyone today since morning? How is this even possible. Grab this amazing app as soon as possible and see their deleted conversations.

OgyMogy WhatsApp app helps you understand newly announced features much easier than any other app. For more information visit their website.




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