Who Can Apply For The Dubai Golden Visa?

A long-term resident visa called a ” Dubai golden visa ” allows foreigners to live, work, and study in the UAE without the requirement for a native sponsor and with full possession of their companies in the mainland United Arab Emirates. It will be automatically renewed after being granted for five or ten years.

The UAE Golden Visa: What Is It?

Foreigners are permitted to settle permanently there thanks to a statutory certificate termed the “Golden Visa”. Since there are many different visa programs offered by the UAE, people can apply for the one that best suits their needs.

The most common is the UAE work visa, which offers a resident permit for 2 or 3 years if a firm sponsors an employee. One year of residence is provided by the UAE freelancer visa, which is another option.

The fact that the UAE golden visa allows residency for 5 to 10 years, meanwhile, is its most intriguing feature. For foreigners who want to reside in the UAE and don’t want to bother about renewals so frequently, this is quite alluring.

Nevertheless, the UAE authorities have strict requirements surrounding who may obtain this certificate. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand your eligibility, Dubai golden visa price and the application process. In this article, we show you how to work in Dubai while on a visitor’s visa.

Who Is Qualified?

The requirements for a golden visa vary on how long the visa would be valid. It is given to investors, business owners, researchers with specialized skills in many areas of science and knowledge, and brilliant students with potential scientific aptitudes.


A minimum of AED 10 million in public investment is required of applicants for 10-year visas. The investment can take the form of a deposit into a local investment fund, a partnership in a firm with shares worth AED 10 million, a business setup in Dubai with a capital of the given amount in the UAE, or a total investment of at least AED 10 million in each of the aforementioned sectors.

The requirement is that at least 60% of the total investment must be made in industries other than real estate. Investors requesting a five-year term must invest in a property with a minimum gross value of AED 5 million. The investment should be kept for at least three years and the sum should not be lent.

Individuals With Unique Talents

They are qualified for a 10-year visa. These persons include scientists and knowledge researchers, such as physicians, specialists, scientists, and innovators, as well as artistic and culturally creative people. The spouse and children also benefit from the visa. In the UAE, all categories must hold a current work contract in a high-demand speciality.


They qualify for a five-year Dubai golden visa. This group covers people who have an ongoing project with a minimum investment of AED 500,000 or who have the endorsement of a recognized business incubator in the nation. An extended multi-entry visa with six-month validity for the entrepreneur is also available. The spouse, children, partner, and three executives are all included on the long-term visa.

Excellent Students

They are also eligible to apply for a five-year visa. These include secondary school pupils in both public and private settings with a minimum grade of 95% and university students both inside and outside of the nation with a graduating with a credit GPA of a minimum of 3.75.

Factors Behind The Development Of The UAE Golden Visa

The golden visa was implemented to promote the UAE as a location for commercial investment and to promote regional economic growth. The visa was established to honour long-term residents and their contributions to the advancement of their nation.

By providing them with a long-term visa that is valid for 10 years and may be renewed, the golden visa is a way to acknowledge and thank them for their commitment.

How To Obtain A UAE Golden Visa?

The golden visa UAE application processes listed below must be followed if you wish to apply for a golden visa in the United Arab Emirates:

Step 1: Apply for nomination. Within 30 days, a legitimate government authority will examine your application. The conclusion will then be communicated to you through email.

Step 2: After your nomination is accepted, you will receive an email with a link to a page where you may submit the necessary paperwork for your visa.

Step 3: The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship will assess your application. The Golden visa will then be given to you.

How Long Does It Take To Nominate Someone?

You will get an email informing you of the results of your nomination application within 30 days. You will be sent a link to upload the necessary papers for the visa after your nomination has been accepted.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship will verify your application within a few weeks of the upload of your supporting documents, at which point your visa will be issued.

If you already have a place to call home in the UAE, you will be issued a temporary one-month visa. During this time, you must convert your temporary visa into a resident permit.

Reasons for Making the UAE Golden Visa Available

The goal of creating this kind of golden visa is to promote this nation as a location for foreign investment. It will promote regional economic growth as well. This visa can be used to recognize citizens who have lived in the country for a considerable amount of time.

Any long-term inhabitants who have made contributions to the improvement of the nation are likewise recognized with this honour. Long-term travel is allowed with this kind of visa. Ten years are allowed for its use. The actual Dubai golden visa is renewable once every ten years. For everyone who wants to spend a few years living in the UAE, it will be an exciting experience.

The Dubai brilliant visa accompanies a few benefits. For land financial backers, it is conceivable since a self-supported visa has no limitations on going inside the locale. With laxer rules, more individuals will apply for this visa and enter the Dubai housing market.

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