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Why are Americans choosing USA-made vinyl panels above everything else?

Not all wall materials offer 100% moisture resistance, which can become a big problem for commercial interiors. Therefore, the need for USA-made vinyl panels have been on the rise because they are resistant to moisture and humidity. Although FRP and drywall are quite common choices, the vinyl wallboard is soon getting more recommended for its exceptional durability and strength. Duramax is one of the leading manufacturers of PVC panels in the USA. The high-quality panels are most favored for reasons as follows.


Waterproof wall panels


USA made vinyl panels manufactured at Duramax get made using 100% virgin vinyl. The panels are unaffected by moisture and not vulnerable to water vapor, which means the panels are ideal for grow rooms, dairy farms, laboratories, Laundromats, and places where humidity can be a reason for wall dampness. The vinyl panels are non-porous and offer great resistance to moisture. Unlike drywall and FRP panels that absorb moisture and swell up, the vinyl wallboard sheds off the excess water and remains dry. The panels don’t allow moisture seepage at all. The wall panels have no wooden backers that would attract moisture – thereby destroying the walls and ceilings in the long run.


Durable panels are an added asset


Wall panels need to be durable. Changing the drywall and FRP every few years and repairing them every few months can get pretty expensive. A durable wall panel is a one-time investment and also a hassle-free solution. USA-made vinyl panels are extremely durable and can last for 45 years or even longer. The panels have a unique webbed inner truss design but offer exceptional durability, resilience, and strength. In addition, Duramax PVC panels do not require any repairs, refinishing, repainting, and replacements for a long time, which makes them more cost-effective than FRP or drywall.


Easy to maintain


Commercial sectors like hospitals, nursing homes, and labs need to have clean wall panels. However, maintaining the FRP panels is a big hassle. The rough FRP panels are delicate, and you cannot use abrasive cleaning agents to clean them. In fact, the FRP panels are not strong and impact-resistant, unlike the vinyl wallboard. On the other hand, PVC panels are simple to clean. The vinyl panels are resistant to chemicals, and you can easily use bleaching agents to wipe them clean. Again, the vinyl panels can also be cleaned with a damp mop and strong detergents for maintaining the white and pristine look. Vinyl panels are generally resistant to stains and have no crevices to harbor filth and bacteria. The smooth panels don’t allow dirt, debris, or dust to stay on their surfaces. The dirt and dust usually glide down the panels, and even the stains don’t last long enough.


Certified wall panels are ideal for commercial kitchens and restaurants


If you have a restaurant business or run a commercial kitchen, then investing in FDA-compliant panels is ideal. Duramax panels are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified, and adhere to the standards laid down by FDA. Not only that, Duramax panels have to undergo a mandatory quality check by the experts before getting dispatched and shipped to the respective customers. FDA-complaint wall panels ensure complete safety and hygiene inside the commercial kitchens and restaurants.


Hygienic wall panels


Grow rooms, dairy farms, shipping containers, meat processing units require anti-bacterial wall panels. The PVC panels are resistant to mold, mildew, microbes and bacteria. It’s because the PVC panels don’t absorb moisture and remain dry, thereby restricting the growth of mold and mildew. Excess humidity can also lead to mold growth, posing a serious threat to respiratory health and other hygiene conditions. Bacterial infestation damages edible goods and also leads to various diseases. Installing hygienic panels that are certified and easy to clean is essential for maintaining cleanroom sanitary conditions inside the unit.


Wrapping up


Duramax PVC wall panels are ideal for commercial sectors in the USA. Americans usually prefer wall panels that are easy to install, clean, and offer great durability. PVC panels are a one-time investment that covers and protects your walls from water, fire, high impacts, and abuse. The panels never mold, rot, absorb water, and require no repairing for at least 45 years. Get the custom-made PVC panels from Duramax. The panels come at factory-direct rates and get shipped within two weeks. Request a quote now.

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