Why buy Winter and Summer tyres?

Are you confused about whether to put on the tires that work all year round but perform only moderately or to get specialised tires for each season of the year? Well, then the internet has done its job.

If you still find it a little confusing to choose from the thousands of options, Tyres Earlestown is the best bet for you. For most car owners, the car tyres are not the ones that are getting the most attention. Even though those are the parts that take care of the safety and security of not only the car and its passengers but also the people that are on the streets. You as a car owner must have a very clear idea of what you are using for your car. Depending on the quality of products and parts of your car, its performance and maintenance might vary.

Why Choose season-specific tyres?

Well, having specific tyres fitted for your cars that are fit for a particular season is a luxury. It is not a practical option for the majority of car owners.  However, it does have its benefits and drawbacks. Having different tyres for different seasons is a luxury. These tyres have special modifications that make them apt for each season.

Summer Tyres

These tyres have highly detailed treads.

For those that are unfamiliar with the terms, treads are the deep trench-like narrow depressions that run along the circumference of the tyre. This is to prevent aquaplaning.

Tread blocks are the raised surfaces on the tyre. These are the parts that are physically in contact with the road surface. This part experiences the frictional force that has the grip on the road.

Aquaplaning is the phenomenon where due to the film of water over the surface of the road, the tyre loses contact and hence grip of the road. This makes the driver lose control over the movement of the car. This situation is the foundation of a horrible and gruesome accident.

Hence tyre companies design special summer tyres that are adapted to avoid aquaplaning to the maximum extent.

Since these tyre are built to increase grip, they make it easy for the driver to manoeuvre the car.

This is just one of the most important adaptations since the UK is characterized by its rainy summer weather. These tyre are made of material that does not get heated quickly. Since during summer the temperature of the road is already on the higher side, the tyre are engineered in such a way that they do not get heated with continuous friction from the road.

Winter Tyres

These are also designed to avoid aquaplaning but in a slightly different way. These tyres are specifically designed to be able to cut through snowy roads. These types of tyres have specially designed tread patterns that help in increasing the grip of the tyres on a snowy road

Since the temperature in the UK can drop down to sub zero levels, these tyres are also made with special ingredients that do not crack and get dehydrated in very cold temperatures. These tyres provide great control and flexibility even on snow-covered roads.

Why All-Season Tyres Then?

Even though having tyres made especially for a particular season might seem like a grand idea, in reality, it poses certain problems.

The summer tyres are not the safest in winter. On the other hand, winter tyres are an extreme overkill for summer. There is no meaning to put so much money into buying something that does not serve the purpose well or is doing too much.

Other than that, having to change the tyre every four to five months is a lot more time-consuming than it seems. The car owner must have a lot of time in hand to carefully do the job.

Having to completely utilize a tyre in five months to get your money’s worth, means that you have to use the car almost daily. If not, then your seasonal tyre is money that went down the drain.

This is why all-season tyres are a sweet middle ground. They are not specialized for any particular season. You can have them on your car, throughout the year, whether you use the car every day or not. To have the best experience and the smoothest ride, Cheap Tyres St Helens is your best friend. Enjoy the best of both worlds while also saving some of your money to spend on yourself.


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