Why Companies Choose Remote Support Over On-site IT Support In New York

For a long time, on-site IT support was the only option available to businesses. The IT department was another in-house department, just like accounts or human resources. This often meant that businesses were employing multiple IT technicians to be present on-site, just in case something went wrong.

However, in recent years there has been a rise in the use of remote IT support from managed IT services providers. This is why there are over 100 managed IT businesses in New York.

We’re going to take a look at some of the reasons why businesses would choose one type of IT support over the other.

Hopefully, by the end of this article you will have a better sense of the pros and cons of each support type

and will be in a better position to choose which one will best fit into your business operations.

Why Would Companies Choose On-Site IT Support Services?

Exclusive & Bespoke IT Help

As an on-site IT engineer only works for your company, they learn the specifics of what your business requires from your IT.

They can train on the exact software, hardware and operating systems you use every day and make their IT support decisions with a wider knowledge of the different elements of your business. You will however need to pay them 5 days a week, even when nothing is wrong with your IT.

A Personal Relationship

As your on-site engineer will be a full-time member of your team you will be able to build a genuine relationship with your on-site engineer and ingratiate them into your company culture.

This also means that you don’t have to explain the same things multiple times to different engineers each time you have an IT issue.

Why Would Companies Choose Remote IT Support?

Instant Help

Due to the increasing prevalence of cloud-based technologies in business, most IT issues can be resolved online.

Remote IT support technicians can normally log in to the online portal of whichever service needs attention and make the necessary adjustments there.

Failing that, they can provide assistance over the phone or using a remote access tool like TeamViewer to take direct control of a device.

Every minute of downtime your business suffers equates to lost profits. In a crowded metropolitan area like New York City,

waiting for an IT engineer to make their way across town through busy traffic can increase this downtime. Conversely, remote IT support is nearly instant and businesses which use remote IT support generally endure less downtime. Therefore, considering how crowded the traffic is, it’s no wonder why most NYC IT support is remote IT support.

No More Wasted Man Hours

Rather than paying for one or two full-time IT employees to be on-site permanently, waiting for something to go wrong,

you can contract a managed IT services provider and get access to an entire team’s worth of knowledge. When the IT provider’s team aren’t working on your IT, they’ll will be working on another of their customers. This allows them to charge less than in-house IT teams, while giving you an improved service.

Access To An Entire Team

Businesses which choose to hire their own on-site IT support team struggle to find one or two IT experts who can cover the breadth of information technology used in a modern business.

However, when you choose to work with a remote tech support company,

you gain access to the expertise of an entire team. This will include senior, experienced IT engineers as well as first and second line technicians.

Save Money & Space

Because managed IT companies provide remote IT support services to dozens or even hundreds of businesses,

they are able to spread the cost of their tools, workforce and technology across their entire client base.

The result of this is that remote managed IT services are almost always less expensive than building your own on-site IT team.

Unlike on-site support, remote IT support doesn’t require any physical office space. Given the high costs of office rent in NYC, choosing remote IT support can offer a real cost saving.

Peace Of Mind

Handing responsibility for your network security and computer support over to a third-party can give you peace of mind that your IT is being handled by experts. This can help you focus more of your attention on growing your business and increasing your profits.

Hopefully this article has been a useful overview of the key differences between remote outsourced IT support and on-site IT support solutions.

If your organization is looking for IT support and business technology solutions,

you should try to find a reliable and cost-effective IT support provider in your local area.

While most of the IT support you receive will be remote support,

it’s important that an on-site engineer can be dispatched to your premises quickly if they are required.

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