Why Content Writers For SEO Are Growing In Demand

If you have ever thought about the best way to engage in SEO content writing services and whether or not to buy SEO articles, or to just write it all up yourself? Then this is the post you need to read right now. These writers are highly coveted, and on this page, you’ll see just a bit as to why. 

Good Writing is Good Sales —- for Any Business or Brand

When you need a content writer for SEO, be it a top-notch, certified, niche–experienced SEO article writer, or perhaps just a basic blogger starting out, writing is selling. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. And the ability to write up a good piece of content is the ability to verbally sell whatever you’re promoting. Ever seen those juicy burger billboards on the highway and had your mouth watering for more, just as you read each word on display and looked at the photo to go along with it? Case in point. 

Not everyone is gifted in sales, and the demand for good SEO sales writing likewise is there…. just as it is for good sales. Got the ability to write clever pitches, reports, case studies, blogs, press releases and more? If not, hire! 

Not Everyone Specializes in SEO

That’s where having the right SEO content writer can make all the magical world of difference, so to speak. Knowing everything from keeping things at keyword density (8 % or such, depending on the need) to using the right primary and secondary keywords in each piece is crucial. It is, in fact, the difference between sink or swim here, so don’t take it for granted —- and an expert who has been trained to use programs like SEM Rush, to name just one among countless out there, is certainly an asset to have. 

To add, true, proven SEO experts know the ins and outs of Google, in most cases. They have studied its many algorithms and internal workings in relation to what ranks first at the top of each search query and why. Take their expertise for it. It can’t hurt to base yourself in their shoes for a sec and see all that they’ve learned in the industry; ask for their prior customer reviews as well, if unsure.

Many People Hate Writing

Let’s face it: the demand is there for the sole fact that people either can’t or simply hate putting words on a page, and especially words that sell and drive a specific target audience in for more. And this lack of creative drive, in many, has fueled the need for hiring more and more writers across multitudinous verticals. Writing’s an abstract activity as well, one that not everyone is trained to do or, simply put, interested in doing. That’s okay! That’s where writers come in.

Writing is work. It is a skill that takes many hours of practice to really master, and not everyone does, even after countless hours behind the keyboard. Some call it a “left-brain skill,” something only the most creative-minded minds ever really get to grasp. If you’re more mathematical or technical in nature, then it’s likely writing is not your strong suit. Hence the need for someone to write compelling ads, stories or other types of copy for you. Why not employ a pro to do the dirty work for you, one who enjoys it? 

Quality Writing is Time – Consuming, So Why Not Outsource? 

On that same note, yes, it also takes up quite a nifty little chunk of your time when you stop and think about it. Yes, of course, there is the initial draft —- but how many people do you know that stop there? And it takes time. There’s just no way of getting around this.

But of course, time is money, as you have heard it said before. Save time, and you’ll be saving money. So get someone who is highly skilled and has a solid portfolio in SEO writing to do it on your behalf, and heck, you might even come to find that they deliver all the wording in record time and to your vocabulary & syntax satisfaction as a whole. Now, would that not be nice, for a change?


Reach out to WriterArmy for your next quote or project consultation. It will help you get started in the right direction. They are based out of Seattle, WA and hold experience in writing about multiple industries. 

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