Why Do We Worship Laxmi Ji and Ganesh Ji On Diwali?

In India, Diwali, a celebration of lights and a lesson in the triumph of virtue over evil, is widely observed. We clean our houses, do rangoli, make Diwali sweets, decorate with Diwali Diyas, and conduct Aarti to ask for blessings. Even though Diwali occurs on the Ashwin month’s Amavasya, it is still regarded as a good day. In October or November, we shall celebrate the homecoming of Lord Rama after 14 years of exile, just as we do every year. We’ll dress up in traditional attire, exchange Diwali presents, and carry Laxmi Ji and Ganesha Ji Murtis home with us. But wait, don’t you think we should be asking Lord Rama’s blessings? 

Why Do We Worship Laxmi Ji and Ganesh Ji On Diwali?

As the years pass, we begin to ask our family and friends why we worship Maa Laxmi and Ganesha on this day rather than Lord Rama. You can buy diwali gifts online and make the festival more special.

On Diwali, why is Maa Laxmi worshipped?

Many people are unaware of the significance of worshipping Maa Laxmi and Ganesha Ji on Diwali, which we shall explain today. There is a tale in the book Kartika-Mahatmya about a poor Brahman who sought counsel from a priest. The priest requested that the Brahman worship Maa Laxmi for her to shower riches upon him. Because Vishnu Ji is now asleep, Laxmi Ji will rain compassion on the Brahman and provide him with the riches he needs.

Vishnu Ji sleeps from Asadh’s 11th lunar day to Kartikey’s 11th lunar day. Thus Diwali is the most auspicious night in between. People desire success, riches, and luxury in life now that we are in Kaliyug, also known as Rajo Guna. To appease Laxmi Ji, it was also stated that they worship Vishnu Ji instead of directly approaching her.

People worship them during Diwali because Vishnu Ji is sleeping and Shastra advises pleasing Maa Laxmi directly. It is also stated that if you worship Vishnu Ji to satisfy Maa Laxmi, the riches you get will cause you to propagate Krishna awareness, which is difficult to come by in today’s world.

As a result, you attempt to satisfy Maa Laxmi personally and create your Karma. Depending on your actions, Karma will send you to hell or paradise. This hypothesis no longer answers why we worship Maa Laxmi on Diwali, but rather why we worship Maa Laxmi and Ganesha Ji together.

On Diwali, why is Ganesh Ji worshipped with Maa Laxmi?

Maa Laxmi was chatting to Vishnu Ji one beautiful day, emphasizing how she may use her abilities to make anybody prosperous. She seemed to be bragging about her achievements, but it sounded more like a self-centered person speaking to Vishnu Ji.

As a result, he tried to lower her ego by saying that women who have never experienced parenthood are incomplete, which saddened her. She approached Maa Parvati and requested that she bestow Ganesha Ji onto her, bless her with motherhood, and complete her. Ganesha was her favorite God, and she wanted to adopt him.

Maa Parvati was not pleased with this since Maa Laxmi does not have a permanent residence and may be unable to care for Ganesha; nevertheless, Maa Laxmi promised Maa Parvati that if someone did not worship Ganesha, she would not rain her compassion on them.

Ganesha would be worshipped beside her every time, and she would always take excellent care of him. As a result of this, Maa Parvati trusted Ganesha and allowed him to accompany Maa Laxmi. As a result, whenever we mention Maa Laxmi, we also mention Ganesha Ji. This is one of the reasons why Laxmi Ji and Ganesha Ji murtis are placed during Diwali.

Another argument is that riches without wisdom are like chocolate without teeth. You’ll never know what to do with the money you’ve been given, and to make the best choice, you’ll need wisdom, which you may get by worshipping Ganesha Ji. We worship Lord Ganesha before making any investment or beginning any job because of his knowledge and intellect.

He is the God of success and fortune, and we need his knowledge and judgment as we amass riches and luxury. As a result, Lord Ganesha and Maa Laxmi are worshipped jointly to remove impediments and restore equilibrium. You can order & send express diwali gifts delivery and make the festival more special.

Last Thoughts:

To please Maa Laxmi and Ganesha Ji, we clean every nook and cranny of our home, sprinkle Gangajal, make mouthwatering Diwali sweets, decorate with earthen lamps and Diwali Diyas, make flamboyant rangoli, use flowers for decorative purposes, exchange gifts with friends and family, burst crackers, and perform Aarti.

This is Kalyug, and riches and luxury enslave us. On Diwali, we bring Laxmi Ji and Ganesha Ji Murtis to achieve that riches and luxury. Wishing you a pleased and safe Diwali!!! We hope this blog has answered your questions and that you have a happy Diwali this year.

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