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Why does the Window Air Conditioner Smell Musty?

Musty smells cause bacterial growth increase, which set up on the duct, evaporator coil, or in the leak pan or drain line of your air conditioner. The window air conditioner smell musty when the evaporator coil is in an airless and dark position, so all types of must and mold can rise, which causes that irritating, musty smell. There are some steps you need to take to find the source of the musty AC smell and how to fix it, including:

  • Check if your AC drain hollow is full
  • Check for numb evaporator coils
  • See if there is too much moisture in your vents or ducts
  • Recognize if there is a blockage in your condensate line
  • Dictate if your AC unit is not the right size for your home

Five Reasons Why Your AC Smells Musty

As you wait for your window air conditioner trainer to come, it is helpful to analyze the problem to guide them to where the potential problem is present. It will speed up the activity and make sure your HVAC unit is repaired the first time accurately and your home smells fresh once again.

Here are five common reasons your AC has a musty smell and where you can see to decide if that is the issue.

1: The Drain Pan is Full:

Because your AC unit erases steamy air from your home, it causes water droplets to fall into the drain and drip pan. This part of your HVAC system goes through simple wear and tear. Which means its functionality will decline over time.

Now, an ineffective drip pan can gather mold. The drain causes the smell in your home when the unit is working. Your local HVAC trainee can change it with a new one to erase the smell.

Where to Look:

 The drip pan is present directly below your system’s evaporator coils. 

2: Frozen Evaporator Coils:

Your window air conditioner emits warm indoor air; erase the moisture while cooling it. And it also cycles the air back directly and goes back to vents. Unobstructed airflow is necessary for this process, so air filters must be clean. Debris and dirt cause blockage of airflow. It causes water droplets from the moist indoor air to grow upon the evaporator coils, and As the AC unit’s refrigerant cools the air, these water drops freeze. Your HVAC trainee will require letting the condenser coil defrost and change the filters to restore a large amount of airflow. Air duct sanitizing in Marietta provides the best services; observe your system correctly before sanitizing and cleaning.

Where To Look:

The evaporator coils are present near the inner side of the air handler, where the blower fan is in your unit.

3: Excess Moisture In Ducts Or Vents:

Suppose you smell something musty; try as soon as you switch on the AC unit. There is a chance that mildew and mold have formed their way into your ductwork.

Mold displays can cause upper respiratory health issues, so call a professional HVAC trainer as soon as possible. Your vents and ducts will require performing duct repairs and cleaning to remove the musty smell for good.

Where To Look: 

Your ducts are fixed to the vents in your home. Some ductwork may be in a crawl space or the ceiling, so a technician will need to access it to ensure the mold problem is not huge. 

4: Blocked Condensate Line

Next to the condenser unit, the condensate line is the unit in a small pipe, mostly made of PVC. The condenser unit is the part of your air conditioning unit present outside of your home. Its work is to drain water from the drip pan into your storm drain and landscaping. 

It is also one of the best places for mildew, mold, and sludge to grow up because of its small size. The condensate line turns into blocks, and of course, a musty smell in your home. Commercial air duct and dryer vent cleaning in Marietta provides air duct and dryer vent services. It is an essential part of maintaining health and your home.

Where to Look:

 The condensate drain line is a small pipe that runs from your home interior to the outdoor part of your unit.

5: Incorrect AC Size for Home:

Your AC system ideally requires it to be the correct size for your home. If it is too large, the air can rotate too quickly; it leads to a lack of dehydration and an increase in extreme moisture. If it is too small, it will turn on and off continuously, causing premature failure.

Ask your HVAC mechanic to check if your air conditioning unit is the right size. HVAC unit sizing is more related to your home’s square footage. Your service technician will also observe the number of people who live there, your home’s insulation type, and your requirements depending on your local climate.

Where to Look: 

Ask your service technician to assess your system.

Why Are Musty Smells An Issue?

Whether you notice the smell of rotten eggs, dirty socks, or mildew, it is spread from your ductwork; all smells express an underlying problem with your AC unit. Sometimes, your HVAC unit may absorb a burning smell as dust at the start of the heating or cooling season. It has been fixed in your unit burns off. If you smell rotten eggs, it means you have a dead animal in your vents or gas leakage. A musty smell or dirty sock smell means you may have a mold issue.

Air duct sanitizing in Marietta, GA, is now stabilized and is no longer expanding at historical rates. A musty smell mostly means there could be a suitable substance present in your air conditioning system. Because your system is a moist and dark place, it is a production ground for bacterial growth. It means that your AC is diffusing dangerous mold spores into every room of your home. These spores can cause serious health problems. Mainly these health problems occur if one of your family members suffers from allergies.

Homeowners should not ignore such smells coming from their HVAC systems. The best way to solve your smell issues is to call a professional air conditioning technician to assess your system. Commercial air duct and dryer vent cleaning can give professional service, fast response time, a Quote or Schedule Service, and Residential and Commercial Services.

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