Why Is Plastic Surgery on Upswing?

These days, people, especially teens, love spending hours in front of a ceiling-to-floor mirror and experimenting with hairstyles, makeup and outfits. In this entire process, insecurity sparks in their minds, and they begin to count out flaws in their appearance. This sudden wave of gloominess steals their confidence and the glow of their face.

As a result, they see plastic surgery as a solution to change their appearance in the mirror and regain control of their lives. Along the road to the plastic surgery clinic, you will encounter a woman saying, “I have very low self-esteem”, 14 days before her breast augmentation surgery. On your way back, the same woman would be bursting with happiness and confidence.

In the routine of teenagers grooming – waxing, plucking, body training and skincare that was once the regime of adults, add cosmetic surgery. It is gaining popularity as people are shelling out money to change their appearances. Having said that, let’s explore the reasons behind this sudden surge of plastic surgery’s popularity.

As Confident As a Falcon Committing to the Flight in Air

People began to have plastic surgery because they were always afraid to hike to the highest peak and take a flight. For instance, a man struggled mentally due to his weight. He could not find the courage to take off his shirt on a beach and feel in control. However, liposuction seemed to give a sense of control which a temporary motivation to hit the gym couldn’t deliver. He began to feel comfortable in public gatherings.

In another scenario, a nurse wants to boost her confidence through rhinoplasty. She was not satisfied with the shape of her nose since she was 13 years old. At 21, she went under the knife to feel comfortable in her people-facing job.

Hence, it can be said that when you are satisfied with your physical appearance, your bones are flooded with positive energy and confidence. When people who are a bundle of insecurities book a plastic surgery appointment, they feel as confident as a falcon’s flight.

A Positive Relationship with Mental Health

Plastic surgery alters a patient’s body image, which ultimately improves the patient’s quality of life—people who go forth with cosmetic surgery report an improvement in their critically troubling mental health.

The surgical solutions reduced the worrisome signs of anxiety, social phobia, self-esteem, stress, depression and life dissatisfaction. They leave the clinics’ premises jumping and hollering in joy because the surgeon has swept them clean of gruesome horrors of bodily flaws. Hiding behind the curtains is no longer their favorite hobbit as the feel-good feeling is pumping through them.

Beyond Aesthetic Benefits, Believe it or not!

Believe it or not, plastic surgery offers wonderful physical health benefits. It is more than a simple vanity project as it helps you restore balance in your body.

For instance, a woman struggling with damages to the abdominal wall due to multiple pregnancies can benefit from tummy tucking. Similarly, breast reduction surgery provides relief from neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain and headache due to the weight imposed by the breast volume on the neck and trunk. It encourages them to engage in intense aerobic exercises without any hesitation.

In the case of rhinoplasty, the patient experiences an improvement in the functioning of their nose. The obstructive breathing problems arise from deviated nasal septum or enlargement of the turbinate. Hence, surgical treatments have medical benefits which are often overlooked while debating.

The Pressure Cooker of Quarantine

The specific environment of quarantine created due to the Covid-19 pandemic also acted as a booster for the plastic surgery trend. Lockdown has provided people with the time to think and research their options, especially if they were considering getting surgery previously.

Moreover, lockdown gave them the time to stay at home and heal comfortably. They also had the option to cover their face with a mask when they stepped into public.

Other than this, being alone at home sparked their negative thoughts and poor evaluations of themselves. As a result, it lowered their mood, and insecurities sowed a seed in their minds. Plastic surgery presented itself as a golden ticket in Wonka’s chocolate bar as their alternatives were no longer attractive.

A Life-changing decision!

There are multiple factors that you should consider before booking an appointment for plastic surgery. You must create a “best plastic surgeon Dubai” list and evaluate their services and use cases. Consult a reliable surgeon who has experience of years in the field and makes you feel comfortable. These steps are essential because it is a life-changing decision!\

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