Why Mot Is A Mandate And Not A Choice In The Uk?

The MOT- or Ministry of Transport test, is an important test for all the vehicles on the roads of the UK to have some basic level of roadworthiness. A healthy car always promotes safe driving and also plays a part in reducing road fatalities.

The Mot test was first introduced back in the ’90s but was not that effective. It’s been a couple of decades that the government of the UK has realized the essence of the MOT test. Now it has become one of the core tests to check the working condition of the vehicle.

The basic definition of an MOT test would be- It is a maintenance check-up carrie out once a year. Once your vehicle completes three years, it is mandatory for your vehicle to undergo an MOT test. If it fails to do so, your vehicle can be prohibite from running on the roads of the UK.

Guidlines of MOT Test

The procedure will be carrie out by a certified MOT tester who will focus on key areas of the vehicle such as the brakes, lights, and even the windscreen wipers. They’ll also conduct an emissions test to ensure that the vehicle complies with regulations.

Most car owners don’t bother getting their MOT Luton done on a regular basis, and some don’t even bother to fix their vehicle’s major flaws. Being in this situation will only jeopardize your safety and deteriorate the state of your vehicle. Nobody wants that.

When you drive a poorly maintained car at high speeds, accidents are inevitable. It may lose its equilibrium and stability. Driving at high speeds is not a problem for automotive if it has been properly service and passed the MOT test.

What Is The Importance Of Mot Test Is A Very Frequently Asked Question –

Provides Safety – the mot test is more like an annual car check-up, where various elements are being inspecte to make sure if they are working properly or not. If any of the parts are not working, then it is repaire and check again. This way almost all the parts of your vehicle are mobile tyre fitting Luton checked. By checking all the parts, the technicians make sure your vehicle is safe to drive.

Improves Performance-

since almost all the parts like tyres, engines, brakes are inspecte and checke whether or not they are in a working state. It is ensure that your vehicle is able to run smoothly on the roads of the UK. By getting it inspecte, you are fixing all the minor faults that might have hindere your vehicle’s performance.

Increase Fuel Efficiency- if all the parts of your car are working properly, then they will not need to operate under any pressure and hence required fuel in a limited amount.

Improves The Life Of Your Vehicle- it is true that by maintaining your vehicle you can elongate the life of your car. By fixing all the minor and major problems, your vehicle runs smoothly without any problem.

Though Mot Test Checks Many Aspects Of Your Car There Are Parts That Are Not Checked As Well-

Tyres- The most important part of your car. They create the only point of contact hence responsible for grip and traction. There are so many reasons why your tyres can make you fail in the MOT test. If your tyres are unaligned, unbalance, you have an inappropriate pair of tyres, the size of the tyres are unmatch, different brands of tyres, and many more conditions.

Lights- All the lights including headlight, brake light, indicator, and lamp must be properly working.

Engine- your engine should not be oxidize; it should run smoothly without sudden jerks or vibrations.

Seat belts- All the belts in the car should be properly working.

Windshield- No stickers should be stuck to the driver’s side of the windshield.

Brakes- If your tyres provide a shorter stopping distance after applying brakes, your brakes are in good working order; if they aren’t, you should have them checked. Your tyres are indirectly connected with tyres nottingham. The tread of the tyre is worn out, the braking distance will automatically increases and vice versa.

Apart from these parts, all the parts that provide safety are check and if any of the parts is not working properly, the chances of failing at the test are high.

There are some parts that are not check in the MOT Luton like all the internal parts like- coolant, filter, and oil change.

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