Why short circuits should be taken seriously?_ Causes, Dangers, And Prevention of the short circuit by the emergency electrician.

Short circuits are such a serious situation any homeowner can face in their homes. It can terribly pose threat to your family because of its security checks. The emergency electricians usually suggest having proper knowledge about the electrical safety of your house.

First thing first, if we talk about the definition of the short circuit, it is mainly the absence of deprivation of the electrical resistance in the circuit. The conductors that are providing the electrical supply to the circuit sometimes fail to provide enough resistance to maintain a smooth flow of current. This results in the sudden increase of the electrical current within the circuits. This sudden increase in the voltage can be dangerous for the wirings and ultimately result in a short circuit.

Major causes of short circuits

Here we will cover a few major causes of the short circuits within the homes that is mainly related to the wiring system.

Broken/damaged wirings

The internal wirings of the circuits and outlet can be damaged due to multiple reasons. due to constant blackouts, energy deprivation, and any electrical spark, the wires inside the insulation can be broken. The insects, rats, and other such tiny creatures living in the holes of the circuit can bite the wirings and result in broken cords. Sometimes the loose connection of the wore can also result in a short circuit.

Damped wirings

The wires coming in contact with water or the moisture can be seriously threatening as it can lead to severe electric shocks. The live wire if due to any reason comes in contact with water, it can damage the working of the wires, and as result, the current flowing would have no resistance. As a result, there are chances of having a short circuit.

Outdated wirings

The wirings of the old houses that are not updated for so long can become loose because of the passage of time. This loose connection results in decreased resistance. This can be one of the main reasons for having short circuits, frequently. An Electrician Near Me in Redhill can help you to update the wiring system of your old houses.

Why a short circuit is dangerous for your home?

The lasting effects of the short circuits can be felt on the appliances or devices connected to the outlets. The sudden inflow of electrical current through the cords of the appliances can burn or damage them. the normal functioning of the appliances can be damaged.

It can result in smoke, and burns and the ultimate result can be a fire.

Short circuits can create the scenario of getting electric shocks from the outlets.

It can cause circuit breaker tripping.

The whole internal wiring system of the house can burn resulting in you a big loss.

The wirings that are not insulated properly can also be a reason for short circuits. An Electrician Near Me in Redhill can help me provide the best services and guidelines in this regard.


As we have explained the damage of the short circuit that can be fatal in some cases, it is of utmost need to get a solution for this problem. According to the emergency electrician, installing a circuit breaker or a fuse can help as it cut off the power supply when notices extra current. Also, to protect the outlets a grounded GFCI outlet can be a smart choice. Make sure to keep the wires insulated properly and keep them away from the water system. keep a check on the leakage of the water to avoid any contact. The electrical and plumbing system must be kept separated.


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