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Why should you get the moldy FRP panels replaced with PVC products?

Commercial and industrial projects require tough, water-resistant, and mold-free wall coverings to protect the interiors. Regular cleaning is not possible in large and medium-scale commercial applications. That’s why investing in wall paneling is a long-term solution, as you save time, energy, and money in regular cleanups and maintenance. The FRP panels were quite a popular choice amongst businesses, but the times have changed. The FRP wall board performs poorly as they easily attract moisture and starts rotting, molding, and delaminating. In addition, the FRP wall panel is outdated as they underperform and overpromise. Consider switching from FRP to PVC wall panels. The PVC wall material is a better choice in various ways. Here are a few reasons why PVC panels are ideal for every commercial and industrial application, especially for wet and damp interiors.

PVC panels – Build to last for a lifetime

The FRP panels have great durability but only in dry areas. The wet environments with high humidity and moisture levels have caused FRP panels delamination and peeling. The FRP panels with OSB backers have a tendency to attract moisture leading to rotting, molding, and attracting dirt and debris. The FRP panels are not ideal for the long haul inside wet commercial applications like grow rooms, Laundromats, dairy farms, marinas, fisheries, food facilities, and so on. Consider switching from FRP panels to high-end PVC products. The PVC panel board made from 100% virgin vinyl is a better alternative than the moldy FRP. The PVC panels are designed to last for more than 100 years. Once installed, you can expect the PVC panels to last 45 to 50 years without any callbacks for repainting or repairing. The PVC panels are recyclable wall materials and get reused 7x times. The lifecycle of the vinyl panels is around 140 years. High-quality PVC panels from Duramax are built to last and never need replacing.

Lightweight PVC is easier to handle, cut, and install

The FRP wallboard is a light material, but with OSB backers, adhesives and rivets, the heavy-duty installation takes at least 2 days. The FRP panels require at least 2 skilled workers to handle, cut, and install the wallboard. FRP panel installation is cumbersome, time-consuming, and challenging. On the other hand, PVC wall panels are lightweight, and the ½-inch panel requires no backers for the installation. The PVC panels attach directly to the framing and studs, and no glue or lamination is necessary. PVC wall panel installation takes hardly 7 to 8 hours, with only one contractor working on the setup. The PVC panel kits have a DIY installation guide to make the job simpler and hassle-free.

Low maintenance makes PVC a great choice

The FRP wall panel is not low maintenance, as the suppliers claim. The wooden backers attract moisture, and the entire wallboard starts to deteriorate and rot within a few months. The FRP panels are highly susceptible to repairs and need to be replaced every now. Consider switching the FRP panels with high-end PVC wall materials. The PVC panel board is easier to maintain and clean. The plastic PVC panels do not attract moisture, rot, peel, or delaminate. The PVC panels are cleanable without professional help. You can wash the PVC material with a pressure washer or wipe it with a damp mop. The PVC panels devoid of backers do not attract moisture, and the crevices-free wall material doesn’t trap liquids or debris inside them. Occasional maintenance is enough to retain the pristine white appeal of PVC wall panels.  

PVC panels are cost-effective in more ways than one

The PVC wall materials are initially pricey, but they prove to be worth the investment in the long run. While installing FRP, you need to spend extra on additional materials and skilled laborers, which can ramp up the expenditure. FRP panels cost you 40% extra on materials and 50% more on labor during installation as compared to PVC. Even after installation, the maintenance of FRP panels is a huge hassle as you have to call for repeated repairs and the expenses go north. On the other hand, PVC panels are much easier to maintain, and for at least 50 years, you don’t need to worry about repairing or repainting. PVC investment is a one-time affair, and they last for a lifetime.  

Prefer Quality-Assured PVC Panels for Building Sanitized Car Wash Garage

What if your car wash garage shows signs of dampness and filthiness? If you are having difficulty keeping your car wash garage hygienic, you should install PVC wall and PVC ceiling panels. PVC panels are state-of-the-art cladding materials suitable for paneling retrofit and new room construction. PVC panels are thin, plastic materials that help you restore the dull and smudged car wash garage. Installing PVC panels gives a brightening effect to the commercial interiors. In addition, they insulate the garage to prevent moisture absorption inside the car wash garage. Read further to know more. 

PVC Panels are 100% Waterproof-Makes Car Wash Garage Damp-Free

Car wash garages are highly susceptible to moisture. High amount of moisture can eventually affect the maintenance of commercial vehicles. Besides, it increases the risk of contamination. An ideal method to keep your garage free from sogginess is to install PVC ceiling panels. PVC panels do not contain an in-built backer below compared to FRP panels. These panels have pores-free plain that does not absorb moisture at all. 

Apart from that, PVC panels show excellent antibacterial properties. Installing PVC panels keeps your car wash garage clean and germ-free. 

Require Low-Maintenance

PVC panels are undoubtedly easy to maintain. They are good washable wall panels that do not need daily cleaning. They can withstand periodic cleaning and stay in flawless condition without needing repair and replacements. Moreover, PVC wall and ceiling panels have marvelous life span period of 40-45 years, which is simply amazing.

Consider Duramax PVC Wall Panels for Having Low-Maintenance and Effective PVC Panels

Welcome to Duramax PVC Wall Panels. We are one of the leading-edge and eminent manufacturers of vinyl washable wall panels in the USA. We provide you with FDA-compliant and CFIA-certified PVC wall and ceiling panels that stand the test of time. Our PVC panels are guaranteed to give you long-lasting strength and rigidity. Duramax PVC Wall Panels are lightweight that gives you ease of handling.

Get PVC panels from the factory within 2 weeks. Request a quote now. Call Duramax at 323-991-7507. Book a free consultation today.

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