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Wordpress vs Blogger which is better?

Choose blogger or wordpress for blogging? WordPress vs Blogger which is better This question keeps arising in the mind of almost all new bloggers .

In this article, we will know whether you should go with a blogger or with WordPress from the beginning . You will also learn about the security of bloggers and WordPress and which platform you should choose according to your budget.

In today’s time, almost all bloggers make their blog to earn, so we will also talk about which platform we will be able to earn for a long time while staying more and more secure.

Blogger is a free tool developed by google. On Blogger, you can create your own blog for free with the help of a basic theme.

Here you can use blogger’s hosting, blogger’s only domain for free, but will be in your domain. If you want to remove blogspot from your domain then you will have to take a custom domain.

Blogger vs WordPress which is better?

Anyone can develop their blog on blogger, you do not need much experience here. On the other hand, if we talk about WordPress, then WordPress is a CMS which means a content management system.

With the help of themes and plugins available on WordPress, you can develop any kind of website.

You will not be able to customize bloggers much, there is no plugin here, which is a little option for bloggers, you will be able to write articles using the same.

On the other hand, if you talk about WordPress, then you will also have to buy hosting and domain on WordPress. Apart from hosting and domain, plugins and themes are free here, but later you will have to buy themes and plugins to make your theme more attractive and to make your blog post SEO ( youtube guide )more advanced.

To create a blog on WordPress, you will have to learn a little bit like customizing the theme or using plugins. With the help of plugins on WordPress, you can customize your blog as you like.

Blogger vs Wordpress:-

SEO definition

There are limited options to do SEO of your article on blogger, you will not be able to do much SEO.

On the same WordPress, you will be able to SEO your article well, with the help of the plugin, your blog post or article starts ranking quickly in google.


If you talk about ownership, then the ownership of the blogger is with google, if they see any deficiency in your blog, then they can suspend your blog anytime.

On the other hand, if you talk about WordPress , then you will own the ownership of your blog here because the hosting is yours, you can manage it however you want, it completely depends on you.

If we talk about updates, then there has not been any update in Blogger for many years, whereas if we talk about WordPress, then every month there are some updates or changes coming here whether it is small or big.


If you talk about security, then blogger is a product of google because your hosting is with Google, you get SSL certificates from Google on blogger for free.

So here the chances of losing your website are negligible, even if the hacker tries to hack your website, then Google itself deals with it. At the same time, you are the owner of hosting on WordPress, you have to buy and install SSL certificates, so here you also have to do the security of your blog yourself.

By the way, you can strengthen the security of your blog by connecting your WordPress blog to cloudflare or there are many plugins for this. So here in Blogger vs WordPress which is better only WordPress comes ahead.

Loading speed

If your domain name server has to be connected to cloudflare, then it also strengthens the security of your blog and the loading speed also becomes faster.

On the other hand, if you talk about bloggers, then here you do not have any facility to increase the loading speed of your blog, for this you have to compress the image you have to put in your article.

Adsense approval

If we talk about Adsense approval, then the myth of many people here is that Adsense approval on bloggers is received quickly but it is not like that at all.  The same rules are there for the blogger in both of them, the same is also on WordPress to get approval of Adsense.

You should have 10 articles on your blog on blogger or on WordPress, pages of privacy policy, disclaimer, about us, contact us should be created and then you get approval of Adsense. To get Adsense approval initially, you can write your article as long as 15 hundred to 2000 words.

Because when you apply for Adsense approval then your blog is checked manually and the content of your blog article is checked.

Blogger vs Wordpress for making money:

If we talk about Adsense revenue, then the myth of some people is that there is more earning on WordPress and less on bloggers, but there is nothing like this.

Here the revenue depends on your position, where did you place the ad, where is the traffic coming from social media or organic traffic, so there are many such factors in generating revenue.

Blogger vs WordPress – appearance

If you talk about appearance, then you will not get many options on blogger, you will not be able to customize it according to your own. Whereas on WordPress you get unlimited options, you can make your website as you want with the help of a plugin.

If you talk about speed, then you will get good speed in blogger, there is no problem in terms of speed. Where WordPress depends on you, how is your theme, where have you taken the hosting from, which plugin do you use to customize your WordPress blog.

Blogger vs WordPress which is better – Which is better

And now in the end we know that with whom we should go blogger or wordpress.

So if you are a hobby writer then you can go with a blogger and if you want to earn money from your blog for a long time and you have little budget then you should go with WordPress.

You can earn money as a blogger too, but as I mentioned above here you will not get much option to customize your blog. If you do not have the budget, then you can start with Blogger in the beginning and later shift to WordPress.

But to shift from blogger to wordpress, you need a good knowledgeable person or else there are many problems. So if you have a little budget, then you go to WordPress from the beginning.

Is our future in blogger or wordpress?

So even though we have understood that we should go with blogger or WordPress, let us now also know whether our future is in blogger or in WordPress.

So as I mentioned above, there has been no update in Blogger for a long time i.e. for years, while on the other hand some small or big update keeps coming every month in WordPress.

But this is not happening with bloggers, it seems that in the coming time google is going to stop bloggers completely.

So from this point of view, our future is on WordPress itself, I told you earlier that you should choose WordPress from the beginning and I am saying the same even now.

Because if you choose a blogger thinking that you will switch to WordPress later, then there are many problems in switching from blogger to WordPress, for this you will have to take the help of a knowledgeable person.

You will not have to make a huge budget for WordPress, it takes a little for hosting and a little for the domain and your blog is ready on WordPress.



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